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Name : Theron
Race : Human
Classes/Levels : Ranger (Demonslayer) 7 - Self-Created Mythic-Tier 1
Adventure : Sword of Valor
Location : Drezen
Catalyst : Soltengrebbe
The Gory Details :

Movie plot spoiler:
After using his terrifying breath weapon as a swift action (expanding a use of mythic power) and full-attacking poor Theron, there were nothing left but shreds.
They burned him ,while the Cleric praised his glorious sacrifice :D

Hey, thanks for ur answers.
I can see, i should have provided much more information about my group.

- 5 players
- 25 pt-buy

- A Dwarven Paladin ( Not optimizing at all , takes what he likes)
- A Human Gunslinger ( High optimizer)
- A Human Cleric of Desna (Optimizer , not so serious like the gunslinger)
- An Elfish Magus (Not optimizing, but takes hints from the gunslinger)
- A Human Sorcerer (Optimizes like the Cleric)

They can take feats and spells from every book available...didnt see why not ( give me a hint why you limit it? )

What would YOU do in my situation? Cancel out all mythic stuff?

My plan was to play it completely non-mythic ( Either with he epic-levels or with regenerating heropoints)

So i printed all 171 pages of ur document today and took a glimpse at Descari and Baphomet. Man..i cant imagine them defeating one of them without the mythic rules.

But to be honest, we dont have any experience in high-level-gameplay. The highest chars we had were lvl 13/14 , tier 1 mythic.

I really need some help here, i dont want the AP to fail due to failed balancing.

Hello everyone ,
i am pretty new to this board but playing Pathfinder for 2 years now. (20 years of P&P tho)

First i have to say : Impressive work @ Scorpion :)

Well...i am preparing to gm Wotr and already bought all related stuff (Mythic rulebook just was released here in germany).
After i prepared like 50% od the first book a member of my Rotrl-group gave me the hint to get some impressions for the AP in this forum.
Well...i did. And now i am really feeling insecure about how to gm it.

We dont have any experience with mythic play beyond tier 2 (we applied it in a selfdesigned adventure) and what i learned here about the balancing shocked me.

I read all related threads in here and came to the conclusion to gm the AP without mythic rules , using the "epic levels method" somebody suggested.

Long story short : What do u think : Can i use ur splendid statblocks even without mythic pc but endung up lvl 25/26?

Seccond Question : If u had to gm the ap again , what would u do regarding balancing?

Thanks for all advices!