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Full Name

Beauregard Truthpelt




Witchwarper 3







Special Abilities

Nuar Abilities, Witchwarper stuff




Private Eye/Bounty Hunter

Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Constitution 11
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Beauregard Truthpelt

Beauregard Truthpelt
NG Male Nuar Bounty Hunter Witchwarper 3
Str: 14, Dex:10, Con:11, Int:12(14 with Ability crystal), Wis:10, Chr:16
KAC:12 EAC:13

Fort +1,Ref+3 Will +3

HP 15 SP 21 Resolve: 4

Fisticuffs (Natural weapon)+4 (d3+6)
Called handaxe +4 (d4+5)

Survival: +8(+12 to navigate w/kit)
Diplomacy: +9
Perception: +6/(+10 to search w/kit)
Mysticism: +6
Profession Private Eye/Bounty Hunter +6(+10 with kit)

Feats: Skill synergy-Piloting and Perception; Iron Will

Witchwarper: Infinite worlds 1st level, Paradigm Shift (Shift Resistance)

Languages: Common, Nuar, Akitonian, Ysoki, Vesk

Race Stuff: Darkvision 60, 40’ move speed, can charge without penalty, +2 piloting and Survival

Gear: (Called Infusion)Handaxe, Freebooter Armor, Spare commlink, spare flashlight, Profession Kit (Bounty Hunter), Trapfinder's Kit, Broad spectrum scanning kit, orienteering kit, aura detection kit, Datapad, Field Rations, Hygine Kit, 5 sets regular clothes, Mk. 1 healing serumx2, Gear maitanance Kit+5 UPBs.

My name is Beauregard. Beauregard Truthpelt. And I’m a private eye. And, I guess now, one of those newfangled witchwarpers.

My story’s a strange one. Starts off on Akiton. I don’t know what possessed a pair of Nuar to settle down on a dying world, let alone raise a kid there, but that’s what happened. I grew up like everyone else on Akiton, poor, dirty, with nothing to do but look at piles of junk. It wasn’t much, but it was home. Growing up I was the kid to know in the neighborhood. I was big, leastwise next to all the Ysoki, but I also knew how to calm down fights. I got myself a reputation as a guy who could get to the heart of the matter and find stuff out.

I got outta there first chance I got.

When I was thirteen I joined the Akitonian reserve militia as a pilot. Yeah, I flew in the Swarm war. I wasn’t any fancy flyer or anything, wasn’t born to it like some of the flyboys. I mostly ran supply ships and transports, but yeah, I saw my share of combat. Probably best time of my life. Only time so knew where to go or what to do, that’s for sure.

Then the war ended. They didn’t need that many pilots anymore and so I was cut. Back on Akiton with a severance package that could just about cover a bottle of good scotch, I was at a loss again. So I fell back on old habits and piled all my money together to open a hole-in-the-wall private dic business.

That when fine for a decade or two. Never made much more money than to keep the lights on and buy neutra-paste. Then, last year, I get this big case. It was from some Witchwarper finstitute on one of the moons on Liveria. Seems one of their students had killed or. . . disappeared three other students and was on the run, and they were hiring every private dick they could find to track him down.

So I fly there, and as they are giving me an orientation about all his cockamamy powers, and explaining these ‘Reality Stabilizers’ which is all over my head, something goes wrong. I dunno what it was, a power surge, or a dimensional breech or something. Next thing I know is that I wake up and feel different. Kinda hard to describe. It’s like I can see shades of other versions of me. And they are all detectives. Sometimes I get clues from what they do, sometimes it’s the other way around.

Well, anyway, the docs at this “Institute of Extraordinary Minds,” patch me up and send me on my way, none the wiser, and I start searching for this guy. I get a lead from another me that he’s in the Starfinders. At least, he is in that universe, maybe in this one, maybe not. So I join the Starfinders in hopes of tracking this guy down.

My life has gotten a whole lot more interesting in the past month or two.