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I've got two ideas that share the same concept but would be slightly different mechanically.

Concept - Hank Wilcroft, oracle with the ancestor mystery. He's a PI as a day job but is annoyed that most of his clients only want him to chase down cheating husbands. He lives above a pharmacy in South Harlem with no family and few friends except for the Hungarian couple that run the pharmacy. Maybe he's got an ex-wife out there somewhere. Haven't decided on that yet. By night, he fights supernatural crime with the help of his mostly-well-intentioned-but-sometimes-misguided ancestor spirits. He received his powers after finding the cricket bat and a series of old journals in his grandma's attic after witnessing her being murdered by a couple of demons.

Option 1 - No secret identity
He puts on a leather trench coat and carries a cricket bat when he goes out but he's not really well known enough to worry about a secret identity. People he helps might not recognize him but his mom would. He's a superhero in the same way that Buffy Summers is. She's Buffy Summers at school and Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she's fighting the undead. No real secret identity here, but it's not as if Hank advertises either.

Option 2 - Secret identity
Something visibly happens to Hank when he puts on his coat and grabs his cricket bat. The influence his ancestors exert on him during that time changes his appearance way, almost on the level of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde but without the mental block and personality changes. In this form (need a cool name) Hank rids the world of the supernatural forces of evil

Hi everyone! I just got the green light from Cellion to post here and introduce myself as your 5th player. I don't have a character rolled up yet, but it sounds like it'll be a few more days before you meet me in-game.

It looks like you might be down a pilot? I have an idea or two floating around that could address that. Is there anything else the party might be wanting that I could look into?