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Aric/Red Raven is indeed an interesting and unique character, I am intrigued. :)

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Is anyone able to video portions of this playtesting? I understand why this would not be possible for a new product, as this is a new approach to an existing product could we see some action as a taster?

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I am hoping that the universal base set box takes a similar format to the current adventure path base sets. I am assuming that the universal base set will be added to over time as future development takes place. Since we already have storage solutions in place for this size of box we would not have to wait for storage solutions to appear.

I am interested to see what type of packaging we will get for the new adventure paths as well... many questions.

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A Harrower deck is something I would enjoy without question! Also, no doubt quite a few other yet to be explored, classes. No doubt I'd buy them all... but there is no balance currently with product releases.

I am pleased to hear about future plans for this game (see Playtest New Version thread). Personally, I hope to see at least a few barrier, monster, scenarios, mini-path pack releases in the future.

It will be interesting to see the release schedule next year. I am not sure I will be able to spend on more than one pack release per month. Given that we will have a new adventure path and some form of universal set I am assuming that it will be difficult to fit in character set packs as well. Maybe the plan is just to add a character to every pack similarly to the Ultimate packs (who knows, I'm just guessing here).

In previous years when the adventure path schedule release has finished we have had the Character pack and Season of... releases. I am assuming that new products (to link with the universal set) will be released during this timeframe. Just how much character-based content we will see in the future remains to be seen.

Good luck with the Harrower Deck though, it's right up my street.

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Parody wrote:
Moving to something similar for multiple smaller boxes or combining them into a larger storage solution (Paizo+UltraPRO already sell a themed one) wouldn't be that difficult for those who have to take their game places.

These storage systems are difficult to get hold of in the UK and once shipping and customs are added they become prohibitively expensive, so this is not a realistic solution going forward for those of us somewhere else in the world. The changes Paizo want to make are supposed to reduce costs for us (hopefully), suggesting we all have to buy a separate storage solution for this game is a backward (and expensive) move since we do not currently have to do this.

We already have +6000 cards for this game and at least another +600 Class Deck cards will be added before the release of the next base set. This game is as big as most historical CCGs and it's getting bigger all the time. This is why suitable storage solutions for me are a big issue. The current big box does a good job of holding and differentiating my cards in an easy to understand manner i.e. by adventure path (themed if you like).

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An interesting discussion, I've only just bought the last Adventure Deck for MM (I have the previous 3 seasons as well). It is costly and prior to reading this thread, I was considering this especially when you factor in buying the 'season of...' cards from drivethru and 'season of...' scenarios from Paizo and the class decks.

I agree with some others here, I have more characters than I can ever use and a lot of choice in the way I want to play. What would get the most out of my 4 seasons boxes would be new stories/scenarios to play from the base sets I already have. I am hoping there will be a second (and 3rd etc.) set of season scenarios for all existing sets. More adventures, locations, and a variety of winning conditions (e.g. align the clock towers at each location or convert at least half of the monks at the monastery to a chosen faith by challenging their faith in some way). This could add/dovetail in with storylines and provide more interest to everyone.

Look at the drivethru 'season of...' card packs, none of them are over 110 cards (I believe without checking). Why are these not becoming a produce that could merge in with class decks to become a new produce line that adds adventure/season packs to class/other packs. You need only check that you have the required base set to use the pack you are interested in buying. This way I wouldn't have to pay Paizo and drivethru to get a single complete product (season of...) like I currently have to.

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Are these 'Seasons of ...' ever going to be printed as a set in either soft/hard cover format? PDF's just aren't my cup of tea. I've just bought the Season of Shackles card set and I would ideally like to work off of a nice printed materials in book form. I have been holding off on purchasing the PDFs for some time hoping that a printed edition would become available.