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Thrune does not respond to Adonara's comments. The tenor of the crowd grows increasingly more hostile. At this point someone in the crowd picks up a piece of manure at throws it at Thrune. It misses but Thrune spills his wine.

Enough of this!

[i]He calls down to a woman standing at the doorway of the Opera House

Nox, run them off, arrest them or kill them. I don't care which!

At this point several men and women throw off their cloaks, revealing matching armbands and truncheons, showing they are members of the Chelish Citizen's group eager to mete out some 'justice' to the rioters.

"Ah, my adoring little chickadees. I am sorry to say I have not yet adapted to your quaint, country ways, being accustomed as I am to the sophistication and learning of Egorian. Nonetheless, know I have heard you concerns, and that I appreciate your valued feedback, and I know we shall eventually find a mutual understanding in the fullness of time. I take pride in updating Kintargo's quaint, outdated laws to the modern standards the city deserves, and strengthening its ties with the empire in these cruel times, but obviously I have approached my duties too aggressively.

You say you chafe at the presence of nonnatives in positions of power? That authorities not of this city have no place as its leaders? That you will not be yoked by intruders? Your lord-mayor hears you. And so it is with a heavy heart that I issue this proclamation, in response to your demands: all ship's captains are hereafter banned from leaving their vessels and setting foot on Kintargo docks or streets, under pain of...let's say...squassation!"