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Full Name

Baroness Annara Utoxier-Lee


Human [Zhodani lineage]


| Stamina 27/27 | Lifeblood 11/11 | AC 15/11/14 | F+4 R+2 W+6 | Init +1 | Per: +6 | PSI 14/14


Psy-Corps [Noble3/Marines2]





Special Abilities

PSI Trained / Noble


Psycorps Agent

About Baroness Annara Utoxier-Lee

Xeno-Ambassador [Baroness] Annara Utoxier-Lee
Noble of Tentatha [Baroness] Psy-corps [Agent] [Cross trained Diplomat and Marine Officer*]
*MCUF winner for Bravery.

Short Description:
This 33 year old married woman is 6'2" tall and very slender, not strikingly good looking but still with an air about her of nobility. White Hair and deep vividly blue eyes (a Zhodani lineage trait) she is a Noble by birth. She's an Diplomat Corp, Xeno-Ambassador who cross-trained as Marine Officer and specialist Psionic Agent. Her clothing is expensive, eligent and simple. She has access to the highest level tech from her Family's business. On her home world she is famous as one of the "Light-bearer" crew.

An insightful, trained diplomat, relaxed and caring of others. When working she is methodical, logical and diligent. A skilled political mover and calculator who works to keep the family and cultur interests intact. She is easy to joke anseems happy with her life.

Ranks in order.
1: Diplomatic Corp, [Xeno-Ambassador]
2: Noble [Baroness]
3: ex-Marine Officer [Lieutenant Major]

the numbers:

Str - 10 +0
Dex - 12 +1
Con - 11 +0
Int - 18 +4 [16+2race]
Wis - 12 +1
Cha - 12 +1
Edu - 14 +2 [15-2world+1Marine]
Soc - 18 +4 [+1GM+1Level]

Psi-Points MAX [14] Replace 1/hour of normal activity and no PSI use.

BAB +3 [+1Nobel+2Marine]

F+4 [+1Noble+3Marine]
R+2 [+1Dex+1Marine]
W+6 [+1Wis+3Noble+2Marine]

Lifeblood 11
Stamina 27 [4+5+3+6+9]

Experience Level 5 cap, [23,000xp in total]


As a Marine Officer and Psycorps [Agent] the Baroness has access to a number of Armour systems.
* means she owns it.

In the Field [Ambassador]
Ballistic/Reflec warn under a Nobles suit +Fake Psionic Shield hood.
(TL10 Utoxier-Lee New design) [light] 4kg speed 9m.
AR6 Touch 11 FF 14 [Ballistic] DR6/ Laser DR8/ [Hood for head,]
This Light body suit tailored from ballistic cloth suit and reflec cloth. Looks like a nobles outfit. The fabric absorbs impact energy, laser attacks and spreads it over the body or feflecing it, which can result in bruising. However, cloth armour is highly useful and versatile – it can be effectively concealed under/or in normal clothing although observers making an Investigate or Perception check DC8 to notice something unusual.

MW Helmet Heads-Up Display [TL9]
Ballistic Cloth/Mesh/Ablat
With HD linked to comms, tracking Targeting sites for Laser.
Combat Mesh AR 6 DR6/ Ballistic (TL9) [Chest DR12 - not head] 8KG
Combat boots, .

MW Vacc Suit (TL 9):* AR4 on top of suit.
The vacc suit or space suit is the spacer’s best friend, providing life support and protection when in space. A vacc suit provides a breathable atmosphere and protection from the extremes of temperature, low pressure and radiation typically found in a hard vacuum, for six hours.

Ablat Business suit (TL 9): [Light] DR 10/Laser [Per location]
[dos not cover head, hands, feet]
A ablat armour is made from a material that ablates (vaporises) when hit by laser fire. Each laser hit on ablat reduces its armour value (versus lasers) by one, but the armour is cheap and easily replaceable.


--Hand to Hand--
Hand TH+3 DMG 1d6+0 (NL)
Foot TH+3 DMG 1d6+0

As a Marine Officer and Psycorps agent the Baroness has access to a number of TL 9 weapons systems.

MW Snub Pistol [TL9]* [Utoxier-Lee Corp New design]
Weight 250g Range 18m Damage 1d10 (Piercing) Size: S
Laser Sight +2 Close range TH +7
Has a attachable Silencer
*Laser dot pointer +2 to attack at close range
Snub Pistol Clips x5
2 clip Normal rounds.
1 Clip Tranquilizer Rounds
1 AP Ignores hardness 10
1 HE Rounds 3D4 DMG 5' area

+knife + Taser

MW Heavy/Magnum Autopistol
(TL9) [Utoxier-Lee Corp New design]
TH +7/+5 Cost Cr 500 Weight 1500g Range 65m Damage 1d12 (X2) (Piercing) Size: S + Laser Pointer. [ROF 1/3/15] 15 clip x5
Clips AP1/HE1/N2/T1
*Laser dot pointer +2 to attack at close range
Folding stock.

Clips x20
10 clip Normal rounds.
5 AP Ignores hardness.
5 HE 3d6 DMG 5'

MW Survival Knife 50Cr
Belt 1d4 TH +4

MW Body Derringer [Hidden on body] [TL9]* [Utoxier-Lee Corp New design] [Light]
Cost Cr 600 Weight 200g Range 5m TH+5 Damage 1d6+1 (X2) (Piercing+wounding) Size: T DumDum rounds [2 in barrels 4 in handle 1r Action to reload] range 15m

MW Small blade [Hidden in Clothing]* (TL9) [Utoxier-Lee Corp New design] [Light]
Cr40 0 50g - 1.5/3 meters 1d3 TH+4/+4r

MW Ceramic Psionic darts [3x20] [Free]
10g per Dart DMG1d2 [Range/TH Special PSI-talent]
Poison Loads - 1 per dart
1: Toxic - Fort save v DC18x2 - 2 rounds or death.
2: Tranquilizer - Fort save vs. DC15 or fall unconscious
3: paralyzation - Fort save v DC20 1d20+5 Mins paralyzation

Tazer - 20 Charges^ (TL9) [Utoxier-Lee Corp New design] [Light]
3d6 None Lethal DMG 5' range, on belt. +3TH [Touch attack].
^Incapacitates. 1d3+1 rounds


MW Light Laser Rifle [TL10] Cr 11,500 [-1000Cr] [Utoxier-Lee New design TM]
TH +7 DMG 3d10(x2) [Laser] Range Increment 60m/120m** ' ROF 1 CrFree 6kg 4Kg + Custom build.
Light Power pack 2Kg 50 Shots Cr600 [Chargeable 4 hours]
**Scope [Day + night + long Range HT+2 over 60m + 2x range increment, Close range laser Spot +2TH under 60m
Carry case, Power pack Back pack.
Built to order, the Laser Rifle is state of the art for her home world. Built by her company, short lighter than normal and well made.
[note: Lose move action wile using scope for long range]

RAM Luncher (TL9) [Utoxier-Lee Corp New design] [Light]
Range 200M Max 1000m ROF 1 DMG see round. 18lb
RAM* Rounds
Frag 6D6 6mr x40
HEAP 4d6 3mr x40
Trq 6m 3mr x20

Feats and Traits:

Human Feat x1
1: psi Training
Bonus feats x5 [used for PSI]
1: PSI-Talent -> Clairvoyance -> Sense.
2: PSI-Talent -> Telekinsis.
3: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> Detect life.
4: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy
5: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> Read Surface Thoughts.
6: PSI-Talent -> Teleportation

PSI Free PSI feat.
1: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> PSI Shield.

Armor Proficiency Light
Armor Proficiency Medium
Armor Proficiency Vacc suit
Weapon Proficiency (Marksman)
Weapon Proficiency (Swordsman)
Weapon Proficiency (Combat Rifleman)
Weapon Focus(cutlass) Weapon Proficiency (Laser)

NOBLE - Starting Feats
Armor Proficiency (Vacc Suit)
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Weapon Proficiency (Swordsman)
Weapon Proficiency (Marksman)

World Feats
Vehicle (Ground – Wheeled)
Trust Fund - 4500Cr a mouth From Estates

Zhodani lineage:
Your Zhodani lineage means if you test Psionic you gain the Psionic Mental Discipline - Autohypnosis [Int/Edu]
Benefit: You have had some basic training in mental control. Autohypnosis is always considered a class skill for you, and you get a +1 trait bonus to Autohypnosis checks.

2: Planet Noble House Utoxier-Lee
You come from one aristocratic family's that rules the plant,
you again access to higher level Tech.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility) checks. In addition, gain access to +1 Higher Tech Level Equipment with the GMs approval. [TL9]

3: Diplomat
You know how to handle delicate communications with different groups of people.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks.

Paranoid Noble
You believe that someone or something is always out to get you, so you have a hard time truly trusting anyone. Red Faction, the Press other houses.
Effect: Anyone who attempts an aid another action of any type to assist you must succeed at a DC 15 check instead of the normal DC 10 check.

Race human.
+1 feat at 1st

Alternate Racial Traits: Human
Silver Tongued:
Human are often adept at subtle manipulation and putting even sworn foes at ease. Humans with this trait gain a +2 bonus on Leader, Diplomacy and Bluff checks. In addition, when they use Diplomacy to shift a creature's attitude, they can shift up to three steps up rather than just two. This racial trait replaces skilled.


Starting Skill Points:
Levels 3x[6+4+1] + 2x[2+4]= 45
Fever class +3 [Noble]
Skill points 45 Ranks 45 used


+5 Acrobatics(+1dex, +1rank +3Class)<
+8 Appraise(+4int, +1rank +3Class)<
+11 Bluff (+4Soc +1Ranks +3Class +3trait)<
+8 Bribery (+4Soc +1Ranks +3Class)<
+4 Climb(+0str, +1rank +3Class)<
+4 Craft (all*)(+4int, 0rank)<
+- Disable Device (+4int, 0rank)
+12/+20 Diplomacy (+4Soc +1Rank +3class +4 Trates +8 wile using read thoughts)<
+1 Disguise(+1cha, 0rank)
+- Escape Artist(+1dex, 0rank)
+3 Heal (+1wis 0rank +2Item)
+8 Intimidate (+4Soc 1Rank +3Class)<
+8/+10 Linguistics(+4int 1rank +3Class +2Item)<
+5 Perception(+1wis, +1rank +3class) <
+0 Ride (+0Str 0ranks)
+1 Perform [All] (+1Cha 0Rank)<
+4 Profession (Acting) (+4Int +0rank)<
+6 Sense Motive(+1wis, 1rank +3class +1trait)<
+1 Sleight of Hand(+1dex, +0rank)
+5 Stealth(+1dex, +1rank +3Class)<
+5 Survival(+1Wis +1rank +3class)<
+4 Swim (+0Str +1rank +3Class)<
+5. Drive [+1Dex +1Rank +3trained]<
+12 Leader [+4Int +1Ranks +3Class +2Trate]<

Knowledge (cascade) Skills : [+2edu +0Ranks] Unless Ranks
+6/+8 K\Engineering (+2Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+6/+8 K\Geography (+2Edu, +1Rank +3Class)<
+6/+8 K\History (+2Edu, +1rank) 3Class)<
+6/+8 K\Mathematics (+2Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+6/+8 K\Local (Homeworld) (+2Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+6/+8 K\Nature Sciences (+2Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+7/+9 K\Nobility (+2Edu, +1rank +3Class +1trait)<
+2/+4 K\Religion (+2Edu, +0rant)<
+6/+8 K\Physics (+2Edu, +1rank +Class)<
+6/+8 K\psychology (+2Edu, +1rank +3Class)<

Technical (cascade) Skills ALL [Stat+4 if no Ranks
+6 T\ Communications (+2Edu, 1rank +3class)<
+6/+8*T\Computer (+2Edu, 1rank +3Class)<
+6/+8* T\Admin (+2Edu, 1rank +3Class)<
+6/+8* T\Law (+2Edu, 1rank +3Class)<
+5 T/Demolitions (+1dex +1Rank +3class)<
+2/+4 T/Tech (any) (+2Edu, 0rank)<
+8 T/Gambling (+4int, +1rank +3class)<
+5 T/pilot [Drop ships] (+1wis +1rank +3class)<
+- Use Alien Device (+1Cha 0rank)

NOTE: With 1d10 Minutes use of her PDA, gets +2 item added to K\X rolls from Knowledge and trained DB software

Psionic skills.
+9 Concentration (5L+4INT)<
+6/+8* K\Psionics (+2Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10 Autohypnosis (+4Int +1Ranks +3Class +1Trate)<

PSI: Spheres Affinity
- Teleportation. [Ranks 5]
- Telepathy [Ranks 4]
- Clairvoyance. [Ranks 2]
- Telekenisis [Ranks 3]

45 Total.

Class Noble [Xeno-Ambassador:

Annra served for 4 years as a diplomatic attache, wile cross training with Psy-corps. And marines, now reactivated as a Xeno-Ambassador.

On home world, Noble is basically a Scion of one of the founding houses. Noble titles are much like the modern world, they have meaning socially, but not from a 'I can boss around people on the street' standpoint..

BAB +1
Bonus feat [used in cross trained PSI Talent]
NOBLE - Starting Feats
Armor Proficiency (Vacc Suit)
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Weapon Proficiency (Swordsman)
Weapon Proficiency (Marksman)

Campaign Feat -
Trust Fund/2 Family business
Terms 1 -> 4 years -> Noble Level 3

Duty Assignment: 1d20 ⇒ 12 Diplomatic Post
Survival DC (4): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22 Social Test 4000Xp
Promotion Check DC (21): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10 No promotion
XP Bonus DC (8): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11 Success
Bonus XP: 1d4 ⇒ 4 4000 XP bonus, 4000 XP base
Character has reached 8000 exp, [cap at 7000xp] maximum to start game, mustering out
Cash Benefits: 1d6 ⇒ 2 50,000 credits
Material Benefits: 1d6 ⇒ 1 High Passage, invalid to start, 9,000 credits

59,000 credits,
7,000 EXP, [8000xp]
Age : Starting Age + 4 years

Class ex-Marines L2:

Enrolled -> Auto
2 Tour -> 8 years -> Marine level 03 -> Rank - Lieutenant Major/Force Commander [Fleet]

Marines starting Feats
Armor Proficiency Light
Armor Proficiency Medium
Armor Proficiency Vacc suit
Weapon Proficiency (Marksman)
Weapon Proficiency (Swordsman)
Weapon Proficiency (Combat Rifleman)
Weapon Focus(cutlass) Weapon Proficiency (Laser)

1: Bonus Feat used for PSI skill.
2: Bonus Feat used for PSI skill.

BAB +2
saves F+3/R+0/W+2
X2 Bonus feat + Starting feat
[used in PSI Talent]

Weapon Proficiency [Lasers]
Survived x2 +8000XP
Decorated [MCUF] +2000Xp
Bonus +1000Xp +2000Xp = 3000Xp
Promoted x2 +2000Xp
Total = 15000Xp

4 years Posting Raid
4 years Ship Troops
Commission Officer Yes
Promotion yes X2
Award medal
Cr 10'000Cr
Weapon [Laser Rifle] 1kCr + [10kCr added from self]
Weapon [PSi-Darts + Toxins] 1000Cr
+1 Edu
High Passage 9000Cr

Lieutenant Major [retired]
8 years in the service.

Psycorps L0:

NOTE: her Capability to Teleport is only known to her, she keeps it a closely guarded secret.


Annara is Psionic, [Zhodani heritage trait].
Tested as a child of 13 and find to have a PSI ability, she was sent by the Family to be trained by the planets Psy-corps.
Finishing at 21 with the equivalent of a Masters in Psionic Diplomacy and OTC training.

PSI-Corps Rank 00 [Agent]

PSI score [14]

Spheres Affinity + psi Training skill levels.
- Teleportation. [5 ranks]
- Telepathy [4 ranks]
- Clairvoyance. [2 ranks]
- Telekenisis.[3 ranks]

PSI-Trained Talents so far.

Clairvoyance ->
1: Sense Rank2 Cost 2PP + Range time 30 Seconds.

Telekinsis ->
1: Telekinsis 1g 1pp 10g 3pp 100g 5pp +Range 60 Seconds.

Telepathy ->
1: PSI Shield, Always Cost 0 Rank 1 Always on.
2: Detect life 2pp+ range 60 Seconds.
3: Telepathy 2pp Rank 2 60 Seconds [Read surface emotions] Lie/note Lie etc
4: Read Surface Thoughts, read surface thoughts of a subject Cost:3 upto 60mins

Teleportation ->
Rank 5 [Body weight only] Cost Range - 2pp contact to 8pp 50,000Km

The Difficulty Class for saving throws against psion powers is 10 + the power's level [Rank] + the psion's Intelligence modifier.

1: psi Training
1: PSI-Talent -> Clairvoyance -> Sense.
2: PSI-Talent -> Telekinsis.
3: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> Detect life.
4: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy
5: PSI-Talent -> Teleportation [body Wight only]
6: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> Read Surface Thoughts

PSI Free PSI feat.
1: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> PSI Shield.


Zhodani lineage:
Your race back ground gets you a Class Skill Psionic Mental Discipline Autohypnosis [Int/Edu]
Benefit: You have had some basic training in mental control. Autohypnosis is always considered a class skill for you, and you get a +1 trait bonus to Autohypnosis checks.


Weapons Locker
MW Laser [Sniper] Rifle + Dot/scope [Class item] 13,000Cr
MW H Auto Pistol 450Cr
MW Snub Pistol 350Cr
MW Body Derringer 380Cr 1/4Kg
MW Survival Knife 250Cr
MW Ceramic Psionic darts [10packs x6] Cr--
MW RAM* Lurcher + Rounds Range 200m ROF 1 DMG see round 400Cr
MW Auto-Shot gun 200Cr
MW [Ceremonial] Fine foil 1Kg 250Cr

RAM* Rounds
Frag 6D6 6mr x40 750Cr
HEAP 4d6 3mr x40 650Cr
Trq 6m 3mr x20 400Cr

Auto-Shot Rounds 200


Body: Jump suit Ballistic/Reflect weave 2500Cr TL9 DR4/ Ballistic DMG [dos not cover head]
Vacc Suit TL9 9000Cr Max Dex +0 SP-5 AR+4 8Kg Speed/2
Helmet + HUD linked to Laser Scope/night site

Other Items
Wrist: Personal Chronometer, Para-Cumpus, [GPS ship] + Communicator + TL9 -- 350c 0.3 kg

Belt Monoculars Cr25 1 kg
Cold light Torch x2 40Cr
Cameras Telly Photo x20 200Cr
Recording Devices 300Cr
Travel Case with clothing 30Cr
First Aid Kit 250Cr
Combination Mask 150Cr

PDI-Hand Computer (TL 9) [Computer/1] min to use 3000Cr
A hand computer is a portable computer system with considerable processing power. It is more powerful than a computer terminal, and can be used without access to a network. A hand computer costs twice as much as a normal computer of the same TL but can he held in one hand and operated with the other.
Database: [Specialist books DB] [+2 Kn-skills, 1min use time] A database is a large store of information topics that can be searched with a Computer check or using an Agent.
Built in Mic [Short range]/HD Vid-Camera/mem-stick reader/Data link
Displays data. Using a computer without an interface is a Formidable (+6 DC) task.
Security programs defend against intrusion. Rating 0 is Average (+0 DM).
Difficult (+2 DC Computer Hack) difficulty
Translator: TL9
Translators are specialised Expert systems that only have Language skills. The TL 9 version just provides a near-real-time translation.
All weather shock case. 200cr

Kept in Medical kit,
a one use Syringe replicaters 1x dose.

PSI drugs
Note: Danger of overdose if 3 used with in 3 days
Fort DC 6. If fail 3d6 lifeblood loss and Fort DC16 fort or -1 PP loss perm

Bust x 20 +5 PP if low +3 if PP full [pill]
Double x 20 +8 if Low PP +5 PP full [pill]
Special x3 18PP + hour for 18 hours then 4 hours then down again.
AUTO OD, DC5 fort not to OD

Combat Drugs

Combat Drug x5 [TL7] 3,250Cr
+4 Str +5 Life Blood 30 rounds
then DC15 fort or Stamina becomes 1.

Slow Drug x2 [TL8] 10,000Cr
30 rounds X2 speed X2 actions in combat round,
then DC15 fort or Stamina becomes 1.

*Medical Drugs (TL 8):
(20 doses) Heals 3d6 Stamina, 1d4 Lifeblood. If the Medical Drug is taken more than once in a 24-hour period there is a high risk of overdose. The user must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC20) or immediately fall unconscious (reduce Stamina to 0) and suffer 3d6 Lifeblood damage.


Armoured Roster SUV
TL [9]
Agility: +2 [Manoeuvrability +1]
Size Large Car -1
AC 15 -1+2+4
Passengers/Crew: 2 [3]
Off-road: 40kph, Very Slow: 0-20kph, Slow: 21-40kph, Cruising: 40-90kph, Fast: 122-224kph, Maximum: 160-250kph
Design Specifications
Installed Components
Size Large
Amour, weave + Reflective + MEP shielding, DR 12/
Cost EP Range Damage SI
Fuel Cell engine Fuel 150 - - 750 km - 18
Passenger Seats (2) Cargo 40lv
Seances, Anti Flare, 250m spots.

In Car
Cold light Torch x2 40Cr
First Aid Kit 250Cr
Binoculars Cr25 1 kg
Breakdown Kit 200Cr
Cameras Telly Photo x20 200Cr
Recording Devices 300Cr
Weapons -> see
Travel Case with clothing 30Cr

Assents and Wealth:

The Baroness Annara has a large estate, grounds, stock and shares, But they are part of the family's trust wealth and as such she has access and use but not sell any, Her husband oversees the trust for thier two children. This all acts as a trust fund [4500Cr a mouth]

Her husband lives on the estate and looks after her two children.

Starting 50,000 Diplomat +18000 mustering out + 15000 Classes)
= 73000 credits.
TAS Membership trust fund @33 = 4500Cr a month.

Cash 33,750Cr


Baroness Annara Utoxier-Lee Back ground:

Baroness Annara Utoxier-Lee was born into one of the planets clan family's. A family that owns and run Utoxier-Lee Industry's corp. A family with a very strong Zhodani lineage. This can be seen in their looks. Often tall and slender. She and her three brothers head the board, with her husband Fernando acting on her behest.. Tested as a child of 13 for her PSI talent. She was enrolled into the PSI-Corps Academy. She