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Another novel by Robin Laws? I'll pass...

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Qwilion wrote:
Try this LINK

N'wah, somewhat off-topic, but are there going to be more paper minis for the Legacy of Fire AP?

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sanwah68 wrote:

Hi there,

I am just about to start running this and was hoping that the sets would continue to flow. We got the first two modules covered and then silence decended on the land of Leagcy of Fire. Does anyone know if the paper minis are going to be produced for the rest of the AP??

Pretty please...

Otherwise I have a lot of painting of minis to do :)

Does anybody know whether there are more paper minis to come for the Legacy of Fire AP?

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I live in New Haven. I don't own a car (poor grad student), but if you would be willing to travel to New Haven I'd love to play...

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varianor wrote:
Interested! Availability is...freakin scarce. (Work in Hartford. Live further away than that.)

Hi Varianor,

I'm a poor grad student and don't own a car, so playing outside of New Haven wouldn't really work for me. I guess coming all the way to New Haven would be too much of a hassle for you? If not just email me at

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I'm looking for gamers interested in Pathfinder or maybe other RPGs such as Shadowrun. I'm willing to host if the group isn't too big, and I'm usually free on weekends and most evenings.