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Off to Chicago now, so might be a little slow to post over the next couple of days...

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What an amazing start to your storied career as a DM on PbP, Euan. Thank you for inviting me to participate, and facilitating new friendships on the West Coast. I toast you all today with warm mead, warm thoughts, and warm memories of the past two years, and the enjoyment of shared storytelling.

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Barael receives Dandi's look, and smiles gently.

Bluff: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25

You are a beautiful enigma, Dandi. I will stand by you through every dark corridor, and be your breath when you feel suffocated. Speak your mind, and know that I share it.

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Barael thought he was tired. That was before Dandi begins to speak. As she elaborates the announcement, he at first tries to stay on top of the her argument. Noble Chel?! Spouse?!?! Coru... His eyes widen, as if seeing Dandi for the first time.

That is... quite the regal pronouncement. A decree. She just decreed. She looks at ease doing so. She looks good doing it, too. Barael smiles, his eyes relaxing, as he takes it all in.

When she bring about the third prong of her decree, Barael bites his tongue reflexively, his lips almost pulling away from his teeth, words bubbling to the front of his skull. What are you...?! Barael leaves his gaze on her, but allows part of his attention to wander to the sound of answers yet to come.

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Barael first hands the Fangs to Dandi, then turns to Fondo as he holds out the portable hole. He takes the hole, then lets Dandi return them to it once she's done ruminating about their fate. Once returned to the hole, Barael tucks it away as he hears Neolandus and Vencarlo approach. He watches Fondo ready himself, and wonders how this will go.

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"All... a bit tired... sure has been a long day..." Barael places a couple of the Fangs in Dandi's hands, a brief look of encouragement to inspect them with the eyes of someone wise to the ways of magic.

"Speaking of which... how do we destroy these things?"

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Barael yelps, as he watches Fondo set the Fangs on the blood-stained floor. "Are you out of your mind?! The blood! Careful with the Fangs and the queen's residue!" Barael tumbles across the room in order to pick up the Fangs, and inspect them for any sign of blood transference.

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Barael rubs his eyes. "Speak your mind to Neolandus then, Brov. Let him speak his mind on you and your appeal to the position. Once you've done that, meeting with Glorio seems ill-mannered."

Barael moves to the corridor, and calls to Neolandus for his return. "Neolandus!! We are done chatting! Please, return and hear us out."

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"I don't think his pickled mind is planning on that, Long-Lived. He'd actually want to talk with Glorio, and size up his intent." Barael turns from Briar to Fondo.

"Do you think Glorio would vie for the position regardless of your nomination? I guess that becomes clearer as Neolandus moves this forward. Shall we take an audience with Glorio here? I'd rather not return to the Arcona Estate."

Barael looks to Fondo for his assent, then tries to locate Vencarlo and Neolandus for further discussion.

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Barael listens to Fondo state his intentions. As he mentions 'wererats', Barael finds himself stroking his forearm, smoothing back the hair, realizing slowly that Argente has balanced herself on it while he maintains crossed arms. It is her hair he strokes.

How far we've come...

"Leaving the world behind? Quite the opposite, Brov. The world awaits. In your company, we've traveled through Shoanti lands, traveled across orc lands, breached haunted castles, reached the cliffs of exotic cities... quite a world, and only visited in crisis, force fed to us, under constant threat. What that world must be, when one has the time to savor it, taken in with deep, confident breaths." He takes one of those breaths.

"True, I once aspired to the Guard, but no longer. I played at Knights and Knaves, and dreamed of a time when the queen herself would knight me in front of all those who pushed me around. Honestly, I thought it was the only way I could rise above my station. Now, look at us. We've been left to our own devices, in the queen's audience chamber." Barael stirs his free hand around. "Us." He points at Fondo, then the queen's recent seat.

"We defeated Lamm together, then Andaisin... all the way to Ileosa herself. We gave Korvosa a second chance, against some pretty heavy odds. Can't that be enough? Saving everyone's lives? Like Nik said, we can always return, if we need to confront a new threat. I can't continually play the game of Thralls and Thrones. We forged nothing. We killed a viper in the weeds, and should probably suggest they cut down the tall grass. Neolandus suggests the sickle begins with the establishment of the House of Lords."

Less talking, more scritching.

Barael remembers his rat, and goes back to scritching, while focusing on Fondo.

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"From what I gather, none of us, save you, will step up to challenge Glorio's assignment to the Throne. I'm sure that when you choose to, you'll present yourself most regally for Neolandus's consideration, eh? None of us will argue against your desire to oppose Glorio, is my guess. In that, we are resolved." Barael looks at the others, then back to Fondo.

"Are you sure, Brov? The Throne, it's said to be cursed. First a king, then a queen, then... you? Are you certain that you want to do this? You have Deyanira, and Ruan. An asset, and a liability. You have your followers, too, and, of course, the citizens of Korvosa themselves. Well, those not prejudiced against Varisians. Oh, and you're also honorary Shoanti, too. That's got to be something to Neolandus, I would think. Are you resolved?"

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Nikolay wrote:
"We'll take our chances with someone else and clean up the mess if need be."

"I'm done with messes, I think. My neck's been stretched enough, so yeah, I'll take my chances that Neolandus and Vencarlo, and Cressida for that matter, understand the risk they take. That's only if they don't choose Fondo over Glorio. I look forward to hearing why they'd choose Rak over Brov."

"Should we bring them back in?" If the party assents, Barael moves to the corridor whence the two gents departed, and calls down the hallway for their return.

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Barael unsheathes White Twitch. He turns it over by his wrist, and watches as the weapon becomes Shadow's Death. He trots over to Nik, and swats him on his seat, before tumbling into the seat of the Throne. Surveying the room, he raises Twitches at Shadows, and acknowledges ghostly courtesans with a point of the blade. "You should sit down, Nik. The view is lovely from here." Barael vacates the seat quickly, should Nik advance in the slightest.

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Barael jumps, losing track of the Elf and his inebriated wanderings. "Well, if Nik is going to consider it, doesn't Shadow's Death have to as well? What say you, Death? Would you allow Nik to assume the throne, for all its bureaucracy? Two assume the throne if we put forth Sward."

Barael turns to Fondo. "Are you considering a role amongst the Lords?"

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"Speak your mind, Brov. If we do nothing, we see a Rakshasa make its way onto the throne. Who do you see taking its place?"

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Fondo wrote:
"Together we could do much good, I think. Enough to weigh against the curse of staying in one place for over long, as lord among the lords, or king who would his power give away. Korvosa's people needs must learn to find their voice, and not be pawns whose fates are bound to those who claim good will. Do you not think?"

Barael teases his understanding from the rat king of Fondo's words. "...yes. That would be good." Fatigue gets the better of Barael, and he grows quiet, watching Fondo grow contemplative, and watching Briar grow thoughtful of his foot placement.

"Should we speak further with Vencarlo and Neolandus, or excuse ourselves for the need of rest?"

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Barael raises an eyebrow. "You would consider the throne, Brov? Set down roots in Korvosa? I would think that would make Ruan very happy, especially should he entertain foreign dignitaries in your court." Barael smiles at the thought.

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Fondo wrote:
"I think we have some matters to discuss."

Barael turns back to Fondo, interested in hearing some common sense.

"You have the energy, eh? Devil's Hour approaches. I suppose it's as good a time as any other." Barael rubs his eyes, and looks about the chamber, trying to ignore the sense of disbelief that they might argue for the ruler of Korvosa here. They. This ragtag group.

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Barael flicks an eye at Nik, hoping the swordsman might ease the discomfort in the room.


Neolandus wrote:
"Enough about that! If you're not bound for government work, what does the future hold for you? All of you - what are your plans now? We owe you a lot. If it's not to be Lordships - and all the hassles that can bring - what can we do to help?"

Lordship? Huh. Hadn't thought it would go that far. Barael cocks his head, and considers.

"I might have said a city saved from an ancient evil was reward enough, but you've kinda ruined that chance with Glorio." Barael looks at Fondo, and again at Nik, then at Charlie one more time, facially gesturing for a little Charlie-Stink-Eye.

As the two retreat to allow for some discussion, Barael calls out.

"I'll never get my Ma to leave this city as her home, so I'd ask you to make sure that her final years of life are well-attended. Perhaps a finer house, with a nurse and a maid? Yeah, I would enjoy knowing that she's more comfortable." Thinking that not too unreasonable a request, Barael nods in satisfaction. His eyebrows shoot up, as another thought occurs to him. "Oh, and the Church of Aroden. I'd like it to be renovated, and the priests welcomed back, if it's at all possible."

While you're at it, why not get rid of all the city's cats, too? They're really nothing but carnivorous vermin, shedding all over the place, and threatening the well-being of well-meaning rats citywide. Argente nods in satisfaction from Barael's shoulder.

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Barael takes opportunity while Fondo sagely speaks to move closer to Charlie. He lowers his voice. "Eh, Charlie, old boy. Would you mind taking a good look at Neolandus and Vencarlo? We didn't have your eyes back in Glorio's dungeon to know that we rescued the men who claim to be authentic. I would know if we are chatting up two imposter Raks, right now." Barael is encouraging a wave of True Seeing, just to be sure...

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Barael listens to the concerns and assurances being exchanged. Prisoners who come to defend their captors/torturers. There's something psychological in that. Not sure I can unpack all of that.

He listens to the resonance of the clock, remembering its sound. "I think... that I am ready to trust again. I have to be, honestly, because what we've accomplished must be enough." Barael looks at each of his companions.

"We are not politicians, I'll grant you. The people of Korvosa have endured... so much. They will have a hard time regaining trust in whoever is foolish enough to assume the throne, following such horrific events. We have to trust a new House, and an old House. The new House is untested, and corruptible. The old House is obviously corrupt, but you say proven loyal to Korvosa. To Korvosa, loyal." Barael takes Dandi's hand, and holds it to his face for a moment.

"I feel like a father watching his daughter walk for the first time. I can't always be around to prevent Her from falling down. Sooner or later, She either stands or falls on Her own." Barael turns to Neolandus and Vencarlo.

"Let's be clear here- you put him on the throne, knowing his nature. You could have put Nik on the throne, and he would be as loved by the city as its savior, a man who risked his life countless times in pursuit of the liberation of the throne from Ileosa's choke hold. A man who became Shoanti, a man who could negotiate a lasting peace with those tribes currently estranged. A uniter. You could have done that. You can still do that."

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Sense Motive, Not a 1: 1d20 ⇒ 16

Barael turns to Charlie, a concerned look on his face dissolving into one of amusement, as he exchanges goblets with the sauced old man. "I never realized it before, but your hands actually grow steadier when they reach for cups of spirits." Barael turns to Fondo, Nik, and Dandi, knowing Charlie will continue to observe with his throat occupied by wine, and knowing Briar will continue to come up from air between his throatfuls.

He turns to Vencarlo instead. "You're alright with this? Long-Lived here suggests that you do no better in putting the Rak on the Throne. I can't get my head around putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. Or putting the pedophile in charge of the nursery. Or putting the succubus in charge of the ministry."

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Sense Motive v DC 25, perhaps?: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (17) + 17 = 34

"I have no words... well, no organized words, no formalized arguments over this revelation, of course. Neolandus, sir. What convinced you that this was a reasonable consideration? I am honestly curious, and trying hard not to judge either you or Glorio. Glorio did me a turn in Kaer Maga, I'll admit that, at least." Barael looks at Dandi, and the necklace she wears.

"Are you willing to risk a creature like that having authority like this?"

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Barael accepts the wine, but doesn't drink, following the toast. "Something about drinking and eating within the castle proper doesn't sit well with me. No offense. Perhaps in another year." He sets down the goblet.

"So Arcona is to be the next king? Is this true?" Barael looks at each man, and waits. "After your imprisonment in his very dungeon, you are now pledging loyalty to House Rakshasa?"

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Barael considers Cressida's accounting.

Cressida wrote:
"You had just killed a local businessman in cold blood in his own home. Granted, in time our investigations proved you to be in the right, but in the moment all I knew of you is that you had some stolen goods of the Queens. She, in her wisdom, had decided to trust you and so did I."

"When you trusted us, you gave us tasks relative to that trust, right? All we're saying is that, from our time in the man's, well, the rak's, house, and his dungeon, no less, that... that we're not sure what a creature of his nature would do with governance of a city. He might have preserved Old Korvosa for his own selfish goals. Opposition to Ileosa, sure, it kept his interests in Korvosa alive, probably his life too if he gave up a sample. Castle Korvosa has quite the space for a renovated dungeon. Glorio seems to like dungeons. And shrines to the gods of rakshasas as well."

Barael turns to Nik. "Nik, would you tell her? Didn't you study up on those creatures, and that ratvarnish dagger? You know, the one Cressida gave us? The dagger that spied on us all that time...?"

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael frowns as Cressida bears down upon the group. "No references?? We had the word of a queen, who at the time you honored, for a reference. 'Heroes of your caliber', I remember you saying. Quite clearly, too." Barael breathes, then continues.

"Clearly you do not know the Glorio we know, so we'll heed your advice, and speak directly with Vencarlo and Neolandus. I'm glad to have fought this corruption with you, and I hope that you can finally rest in the knowledge that this city has weathered a nasty storm."

Barael readies to leave with the others.

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Sense Motive, Fondo's Look: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (17) + 17 = 34

Barael looks at Fondo with friendly patronization. What, no grand accounting? No soliloquy? No fish stories? Barael turns to Cressida, intent on meeting her expectations, where others fail to do so.

"Field Marshall... it was... wait, is that still your title? Sorry, didn't know what was protocol here." Barael smiles then continues. "Let's back up a bit. In our assault on the Castle, we encountered the ghost of Venster Arabasti, who bestowed on each of us a wish. A real wish, yeah. In all our choices, Nik's was the most useful, as he ascertained with the precision of an elite marksman the position of the Sunken Queen, as we now know to be the location of Ileosa's demented plans. We arrived quickly, and proceeded to infiltrate the structure through the ground floor."

"It was submerged, so we were fortunate to be able to breathe underwater with our preparation magics. Good thing, too, as we encountered a devilfish, and several frogmen, not to mention dread wraiths."

"We finished the entrance, only to find ourselves beset by devils higher up. We forced the devils to retreat to the highest floor, only to find Ileosa waiting for us, with several incarnations of blood to shield her. So, there we were... blood queens, devils, dread wraiths, and our prime target. We were able to whittle down her frontline, before threatening her enough, she retreated."

"This is where it gets a little more intimate, because the queen had teleported into a glass sphere that contained the entire wealth of the Castle, and she was caught trying to shovel most of it into a portable hole for her unforeseen retreat. Say, who has that hole? Cressida, we need to return it to you."

"So, Dandi ported Fondo into the same sphere, and Fondo here slew her with the sword, Serithtiel. He proceeded to remove the crown, and smash it right then and there. Her blood, Ileosa's, started to make its way to the top floor, where it congealed into the Pool of blood."

"We all returned to the top floor, where we were horrified to find a dragon, likely Kazavon himself, trying to reform out of the massive quantity of blood amassed, and with the magics that still existed. Well, good ol' Charlie here, he casts his own sphere that prevents magic from existing within it, and Nik lifts him up and into the dragon, before it gets a chance to complete itself. What a sight, really. You had to have been there. The sound, the lightning, the heady quality of sapping magics... That's when Charlie, and the dragon, died. Then all was quiet, until Charlie's mighty magics wore off."

"We tossed his body into the portable hole, traveled to Kaer Maga, brought him back to life, then came here as soon as we could." Barael frowns, trying to think of anything else, and comes up with nothing more to add to his telling.


When Cressida mentions the new heir to the throne, he flinches. "Unbelievable. Of course he'd support our effort. We were merely housekeeping to him, removing the old bedsheets, so he could make his own bed in his new house." Barael contemplates the situation.

"If Neolandus and Vencarlo know of Glorio's true nature, and still approve, would they simply wish to be sentinels to a known evil, rather than allow another ruler, perhaps more opaque, to take over rule? My first impulse, to be honest, was to slay Glorio upon our return. He did imprison us in his dungeon, if memory serves. The same dungeon that imprisoned Neolandus."

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael grins proudly as Cressida lauds them, then checks himself. "I thought there might be disappointment, if not bottled outrage, that we didn't return her alive. After encountering her, I think we had no choice in the matter." Barael turns to Fondo, and looks to him expectantly. May your words bring true inspiration to this bedraggled woman, Brov.

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DM_Euan wrote:
Majenko hops up on Fondo's shoulder as well.

Um, Barael ain't jumpin' on Fondo's shoulders...

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Barael breathes deeply, taking in the familiarity of the Warrens. For all we've been through, it feels kinda like returning to a childhood home.

He sloughs off his haversack, grateful for Fondo's tending, as right about now, he should be smelling all sorts of sour. Taking White Twitch from his hip, then Black Tooth, he considers. A moment later, he resheathes them both, White Twitch a different form than Black Tooth- a katana.

When Fondo speaks of activity, Barael shows no outward signs of fatigue. "Brov, if you need to run down some folk, I'll go with you. Won't do for one of us to get struck down, with Korvosa ignorant of what was accomplished this day." Barael readies to leave with Fondo, on his direction.

"Do you think... those scry sensors that all went out... all of them the queen's? Or do you think folk in Korvosa already understand what took place in the Sunken Queen?"

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael listens to Fondo's and Briar's ruminations. He turns to Dandi, raising an eyebrow, sees what he needs in her eyes, before turning back to the others.

"Elven dreams shouldn't be denied. Let's return tonight, rest through the night, and wake to our final survey of the damage." Barael makes his way back into the hole, once the rat makes her way back into his satchel.

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Barael gladly accepts Fondo's hand, bounding from the hole, and the recent proximity of the pickled.

Barael brings his arms around Dandi, initially taking comfort in the embrace. He tenses as the rat chases down his right arm, swiveling through her hair, and gain the left arm, to complete the circuit. He maintains the embrace, while lowering his voice.

"Boundaries, personal boundaries, Argente."

Leave room for Aroden, Once Touched. I jest, I jest. So, when do we celebrate? I predict tables full of viands, both large and small, and all hoard-worthy. My mouth waters just thinking about it. I'm ready to leave, when you are.

Barael turns to Charlie. "So, you'll remember you were recently raised from the dead, right? You'll need to celebrate with restraint, is my guess. When you think you're approaching your limits, you've gone on too long."

"Well, no better time like the present. With Charlie returned to us, I have no immediate business in Kaer Maga, and I have several farewells waiting back in Korvosa."

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Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Level 16

+1 Ronin

+9 HP (6 +2 CON, +1 Belt)

+1 BAB
+2 Fort

+1 Cha

Mount- Fleabitten Grey
Order of the Filament

Skills (7)
+1 Acrobatics
+1 Disable Device
+1 Perception
+2 Ride
+2 Use Magic Device

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael bids Briar and Majenko make their final determination over the sapphire, so the group can return to Charlie's corpse, and be gone from the Queen.

"We can go now. Just let me crawl into the Hole with Charlie here, and we can be off." Barael looks to Nik and nods, before holding his breath deeply, and tucking himself in.

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Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael watches Majenko land in front of Dandi, and gapes a bit as he witnesses royal genuflection. He blinks, letting his eyes move behind his lids, opening them only when he looks upon Dandi again. The look on her face tells him in no uncertain terms that taking a knee second to the psuedodragon would likely mean a very platonic celebration upon their return to Korvosa.

"I'm well acquainted with some very good Chels, I'll have you know. As for color, the only one that matters is your blue. It's who you are, my Love. We are all descendant, influenced by family and experience, and a change of a name won't change that. I'll just keep calling you Mine, if that's alright by you." Barael inhales again, readying more words, but none come right away.

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

"I... suppose it could be one of Ileosa's cruel tricks, plaguing us still from beyond the Veil, but I don't think so. My airs with my name, it cares nothing for it. It calls me true." Barael places a hand on the small of her back, steadying her.

"A lot of things make sense now." Barael can't suppress a couple of surprise grunts, as he spins through his time with Dandi. His other hand comes to rest on her necklace, and he smiles.

"As if my time with you hasn't been heady enough..."

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Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael returns to Dandi, restraining himself with a new air of... what, decorum? He reaches his love, still attending to Charlie's body. Quietly, he takes the cloth from her hand, and bids her stand. He encourages her to follow him downward, to the pedestal, and the sapphire that bears more than ugly magical traps.

His voice softens reverentially. "Do you see it? Right... there..." For a second time, Barael almost touches the gem, so eager is he to see her see it. Like he and Briar saw it.

"It's... it's all our names. Well, except for Majenko. But, they're all there. Including yours, I believe..."

The last facet of the gem bears the name... Ariadne Arabasti.

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael leans in, quite close, when he sees the names of each member of the HarrowCast.

"Look, Briar... Each of our names, each to a facet..."

"Barry Garrett... Nikolay Vasilevich... Fondo Barondo... Briar Kaleeater... wait..." Barael licks his thumb and reaches out, before catching himself. "No, not Kaleeater, but Kaleseder. That's interesting. Don't know as I've had the pleasure, Ser Kaleseder." Barael smiles at Briar, where surnames carry very little weight between the two of them.

"Hmmm... let's see... alright, there... Charlie Buckminster... and..." Barael leans up. "Really? That's her name?"

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

"Just so long as you don't touch the thing, Briar. Ileosa wanted us to touch it, and she had nothing but ill-intent for doing so." Barael continues to search for a container suitable enough to bear the gem.

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael considers his options, looking at the immovable stone pedestal. He looks the pedestal over, frontways to be backside.

Perception: 1d20 + 22 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 22 + 2 = 42

"Briar!! I don't want to touch the gem, don't want to trigger any magics around it. You think you can come down and take a look, try to understand what magics might be involved? This is a pretty sweet gem."

Barael will look around this floor of the Sunken Queen, searching for a box that can contain the gem itself, once it's been lifted safely from the pedestal.

Perception: 1d20 + 22 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 22 + 2 = 36 Rest of the floor

Abruptly, Barael straightens out, and reaches into his satchel, producing the cinnamon-colored rat, for her to stretch her little legs, and lend her second set of eyes, should it be warranted.

Finally... Glad, at least, to see you in one piece, Once Touched.

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael watches Briar and Fondo come to terms, then flinches as Dandi denounces the belligerent nature of the conversation. Even now, the queen creates dissonance. Fondo echoes her words even now, baiting Briar like that.

"Speaking of which, Fondo... Majenko, hold off, I'll go myself." Barael flies into the unsearched parts of the Sunken Queen, expecting to find what Ileosa would have had them pick up, at her command. Should he locate the obviously remarkable gem, he looks around for a way to contain it safely, and bring it back with them.

Upon his return, Barael encourages departure. "I'll gladly hold my breath until we arrive in Kaer Maga. Let's not wait any longer than we must. One queen is behind us, let's make it two."

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)
Briar wrote:
"Majenko would want it for his service."

"I can't see denying him that. My vote is giving him something that will likely let him rule the rest of the pseudodragons when we return to Korvosa." Barael can't help but chuckle. "Although he probably has loftier goals, like keeping up with Briar, eh?"

"As for the rest of the items, I'm content with this blade, if it's alright with you all. Might grab me a mithral shirt, maybe. I'd expect we're returning the wealth to Korvosa's coffers. Glad we have ourselves a portable hole."

Barael returns to Dandi's side, content a second time over, and waits for the others to decide on the next course of action.

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael bides his time, watching Briar investigate the magics instinctually, watching Dandi cling nearby Charlie's form, watching Fondo embrace the dead. He passes a hand through Dandi's hair, where it arrives on her cheek, then chin. Lifting it, he smiles at her, letting his eyes reassure her that what was once done, can be done again.

Trying to occupy himself further, he requests the queen's weapon from Briar. If the Elf assents, he wills it to look like Andaisin's scythe, then the dagger which wasn't only a dagger, then Shadow's Death, then the Chains of Laori. He settles on a mimicked Black Tooth, only in white instead, before looking at Briar. "Do you mind if I...?" He pantomimes tucking the blade away for himself.

"I'm calling it White Twitch."

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)
Fondo wrote:
"Pharasma, let him see the worl once more, if that is what he truly wants."

"What do you mean, 'if that is what he truly wants'?!" Barael restrains his next words, but not easily.

"Of course he wants to!! We've done it, damn it all, and there's going to be celebration the likes we've never seen!! Why would he not want to return for that?! For the claps on the back, for the drinks freely flowing, for the butterfly kisses of pretty barmaids?? He's got to come back, for the... gratitude. He's got to."

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

"Charlie..." Barael watches as the body collapses. "What did you...?"

Barael sheathes his blade, fumbles with empty hands, then draws the blade again, looking for the wraith. Looking to strike out at something still. When wraith fails to return, he slowly undoes the weapon cord, and sheathes Black Tooth. He ties the cord around the hilt, occupying himself awkwardly.

"What now? Can you bring him back, like you did for me? Please?" Barael's voice is reduced to something child-like for the moment.

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Round 18, Init 17+

When the calm hits, Barael first thinks he's finally and permanently lost his hearing. He looks quickly at the others, hums to himself briefly to hear something expected, then he reaches out and touches Nik. "Hold on, Nik, before you try anything against that thing..."

Barael tries to will only the best for the swordsman.

Fortune Hex

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Round 17, Init 17+


AC = 25, Hasted
HP = 180/180
Weapon Equipped = Black Tooth (Undead/Human Bane, Keen)
Condition(s) = Hasted, Feasted, Shake It Off, Darkvision, Life Bubble, +8 PfS, +4 Con, Heroic

Fortitude: 1d20 + 12 + 2 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 12 + 2 + 3 = 18
Reflex: 1d20 + 16 + 2 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 16 + 2 + 3 = 34
Will: 1d20 + 12 + 2 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 12 + 2 + 3 = 23

Utterly priceless

Barael's listlessness appears to be wearing off, until the chamber shatters his wits, and he can do nothing again to assist his mates. A single tear cascades down his cheek as he watches a dragon come to life.

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Barael continues to float, listlessly...

The anxiousness builds, as he tries to regain himself in order to advance with the others. This would be just grand if the Queen is collapsing upon us, even now. Destined to be pinned under ancient stone, until the magic wears off and the breathing begins, then ends. Just grand. What am I thinking?? I can just pass through stone like so much water!!! Alright, then... not totally doomed here... yet...

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Round 16, Init 17+


AC = 24
HP = 180/180
Weapon Equipped = Black Tooth (Undead/Human Bane, Keen)
Condition(s) = Flight, Feast, Heroism, Darkvision, Life Bubble, Inspired?, +8 PfS, +4 Harrow Bump to Con

Barael breathes easier when the Crown is broken apart, but his ease is short-lived, as another roar rattles through the Sunken Queen.

Fortitude Save, Not a 1: 1d20 ⇒ 1

He has a quick moment of thanks for the weapon cord that keeps Black Tooth from sinking to the floor.

Male Human (Per +18 | Fort +12 Ref +16 Will +12 | AC 24 (f 19/t 17)| CMD 30/f 25)

Round 15, Init 17+

Fortitude Save v DC 16: 1d20 + 12 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 12 + 2 = 29

"Hey, hey, hey!!! Careful in there!!! Dandi-Bee just took the roar too hard, what's to say smashing the crown in close quarters isn't going to concuss you two in there?! Give her some distance!!"

Once again, Barael readies an attack against opportunistic wraiths.

Black Tooth: 1d20 + 14 + 2 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 14 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 28 for 1d6 + 3 + 2d6 ⇒ (5) + 3 + (3, 2) = 13 damage

"Be quick!!! Get out of that sphere now, so we can figure out what's going on up top!!!"

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