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I have FASA's 'Star Trek the Role Playing Game' from way back, and one thing that I have to say it had going for it, was that it had several game modules. I would love to pick a system and run with it, but the one thing that is going to make my choice for me, is module support. Is there going to be any?

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Soooooo....what's the timeline on this if I may be so bold as to enquire.

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I have sifted through the threads looking for an answer, but it looks like "Grapple" is a problematic subject.

Is there no penalty for Power Attacking into a grapple? No chance of hitting the wrong target within that grapple? If not, that's bogus.

Here is the situation I have run into. I have six 9th level players in my CoT campaign, and they have discovered a tactic which has become more than a little annoying. The Cleric and the Sorcerer buff the party to the max before entering any place new. Then the Monk rushes in and grapples any solo targets (which he rarely ever misses), three of the other players come in and assist the grapple, and then the Fighter comes in and power attacks the crap out of the creature who now has a -4 to its AC and no Dex bonus, and finally the rogue comes in and sneak attacks it. This has now become a recurrent theme.

Now, as I see it, if a creature or NPC is locked in a grapple, that creature or NPC is always struggling to escape, not standing there "ok, you got me, I give up'. With that being said, a fighter who is power attacking is putting everything into a swing to inflict more damage, not performing a precision attack. Something wrong with this picture. Any ideas or am I missing something?

I see a house rule coming real soon.

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Looking for any Pathfinder Society members in the Edmonton, Alberta region. I know there are some around. Just need them to speak up so we can organize.