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Well, in a social situation, Intimidate can be used to have people doe what you want for an amount of time based on success. And I know of at least one build that lets a fighter use you to beat your friends to death... That counts, right?

Jokes aside, with the Advanced weapon options, and armor options, there is so much more you can do with a fighter. More skills? There's a thing for that.
Fighter is like a martial swiss army knife. Limited only by your imagination on what it can or can't do.

I played a fighter in a friends campaign, and damn if I wasn't the character the party feared most for over all combat capabilities. This was a party containing a reg Summoner, two other full casters (Cleric and Sorcerer), and a crazy optimized Magus.

My fighter could deal as much damage one handed with his falcata in a full-attack (Haste and Fleet Charge from mythic) as the Summoner and his 8 attacks with haste, and could spike damage harder than our blaster Sorc. In addition to damage, he also handed out debuffs like a madman if the enemy wasn't mindless, or immune to fear. Shaken and sickened, and then possibly panicked/frightened if the enemy somehow was still alive.

Want access to movement shenanigans? UMD, or all the magic items that give you an extra movement speed. Past 7th level as a fighter with Armor training 2, your heavy armor doesn't impede movement. At all.

I would start by looking at the Werewolf template, and then asking your GM if you could apply it to a character. It implies a true born werewolf.

That said, I had a GM allow a fellow player in our group to play one with certain modifications. Had to be a human species (For floating +2), Didn't get the racial bonus, as it was replaced by the werewolf bonus, they got none of their racial benefits (Besides subtype), but got all the fun fluffiness that is the template itself, which is a +2 template in all.

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Fighter has been the most fun class I've played, but it's the one class I've the most experience with. Tons of options, ways to participate in all facets of the group dynamic with the Advanced options, and feats for days!

Also, the addition of mythic for a campaign I participated in, had the group fearing the fighter more than ANY of our spell caster inclined characters.

Luck bonuses do not stack, so no.

Just remember that if you retrain Dervish dance, your scimitar no longer qualifies as a finesse weapon, and doesn't qualify for the U.C. rogue Finesse training.