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Full Name

Baer Mytr


F HalfOrc Barrister 7 (HP 57/57| AC:21 | T:13 | FF:18 | CMB: +9 | CMD:24 | Fort:+7 | Ref:+6 | Will:+6 | Init:+3| Perc: +16 | Speed: 30 ft.)








Common, Orcish, and maybe a few others


Self apprenticed barrister

Charisma 7

About Baer Mytr


Baer thumps her quarterstaff as she walks through Korvosa. It is a steady thump, one that belies the anger behind her steps and the ire in her jaw. It wasn't the happy thumps of rabbits frolicking in fields of petunias, but was more like a one-woman march toward war.

Of course, she had no idea where we was going, nor of any war to fight. But she marched angrily.

Baer's left tusk, being slightly larger than the right, nearly poked against her aquiline nose, so tense was her jaw. Her long black hair seems to disappear into the black sheepskin cowl around her neck and back.

Stopping only sigh and yell at the sky, Baer returns to walking. She is not happy.

* * *

Baer pauses again on her walk. She is already used to ignoring the looks of distrust from the Varisians. She had been in Korvosa long enough to know what her welcome would be...and she knew that she didn't need to pay heed to it. They were a people unworthy of her...and her unlocked talents.

She had a chance at greatness...of success, but it was stolen from her by the lies of Gaedren Lamm. She could have been a great student at the Academae...but for the murder charge and false accusations. They were all too easy for others to believe, given Baer's temper and easy anger. Her anger defined her...made her strong, but also lead others to mistrust her. It was that that gave Gaedren an easy mark for his lies.

Baer scratches at the one light horizontal scar across the inside of her left wrist...a symbol of her pain and suffering at one time. A fate and destiny based on the whims of a known liar.

Baer grips her quarterstaff even tighter, white knuckles showing through green skin.

Baer is an imposing she half-orc, standing close to 6' tall. She has pastel green skin (that she is mighty fond of), but has yet to attract many suitors. Her tusks are uneven, her eyebrows unkempt, and her smile broken.

When she attended the Academae, she was bit lighter of spirit and personality for she had focus in her life. Now that she is alone and self-teaching, she has allowed her desire for revenge to cloud her personality and interactions.

She now tries to learn, on her own, the rules of law for Korvosa...maybe even attempting to become a barrister...but mostly to prevent anything like this from happening to her again.

* * *

Barely controlled rage marks her every step.

She wears simple hide armor, carries a worn quarterstaff. Around her chest is a bandolier with a dagger and few other trinkets.

Pearls of Power 1 (0/3 used)

(CL 7th; concentration +10)
. . 3rd—displacement, fireball (DC 17)
. . 2nd—alter self, bladed dash, fog cloud, glitterdust (DC 16)
. . 1st—infernal healing, long arm, shield, shocking grasp, vanish[APG] (DC 14)
. . 0 (at will)—acid splash, detect magic, mage hand, prestidigitation,