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Dont forget about music theme, for example "CTHULHU AWAKENS" by Apollon de Moura:

1.Maybe crossblooded?

You probably could be an orc. Because orcs proficiency with all "orc" words especially with sORCery!

Most dragon sorcs stay stronger when crossblooded with orc bloodline. 6 size and 6 inherit bonuses are great adds to your strength power

2. Bloodline mutation

Big strength score sinergy great with bloodline intensity and Blood Piercing to make ridiculously overpowered Gish build!

(You can add your str for intensity or/and energy res, SR penetration)

Bloodline havoc is also a great option to add damage.

3. Survivaleblity:

Vampiric Touch could be a great option to get giant amount of temporary hit points.
Spectral Hand also a good way to deliver this touch spell