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Does anyone know when Amazon is going to be getting this? They keep telling me that Paizo hasn't updated any shipping info so it might not be til sep 2nd. Anyone else have any updates?

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The Forgotten wrote:
No because the target cannot perceive the illusion behind him. Otherwise, yes.

What? there is no facing in pathfinder, if on the grid there is someone behind him then unless they are trying to conceal themselves, they automatically know they are there.

That also wasnt the question. I solo'd it for 3 rounds before my party got there and helped me kill it. I did total like...35 damage (i crit twice)

My DM's Problem was that i could deflect one of his attacks every round. His +12 had a decent chance oh hit, which i could just negate, while his +7 didnt really have much of one.

10 = 0
16 +2 +1(level 4) = 10
14 = 5
16 +2 = 10

uh mithral fullplate is 10.5k, much more then the 2200 of chain shirt. im not asking how to add more AC.

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Alright so as a player i just did a game where i played a monk of many styles and a lore warden. My stats were as followed

25 Point buy with a +2dex and +2INT (homebrew race)

monk 2 / Fighter 2

10 STR
19 DEX
14 CON
18 INT
10 WIs
10 CHA

My feats were

level 1 - Dodge
Monk 1 - Crane Style
Monk 2 - Crane Wing
Level 3 - Weapon finesse
Fighter bonus 1 - Dervish dance
Fighter bonus 2 - Weapon Focus Scimitar
Lore warden - combat expertise
Monk Free- Improved unarmed Strike

Anyways, The monk of many styles archetype says that you can take any style feat, even if you dont meet the prereqs, and the next feat as well at level 2 if you want to. so my round went like this

+1 scimitar +6 1d6+5
AC = 5 (mitheral +1 Chainshirt) +4DEX +1dodge +4(fighting defensively with 3 Acrobatics and +1 from Crane style) +1(Combat Expertise) = 25 on a normal round. With a automatic deflection of one melee weapon attack. Anyways my question is, is this too powerful as a level 4? my DM sent a cave Giant at me (CR6) and was only able to hit me once before it died (like 3 rounds of solo combat before my party got there). Any mistakes i made or anything? Too cheesy.


Ah Alright Thanks for the help!

Hey all so im playing an Arcane Sorc in a homebrew game. We are currently level 15 and i've just come across a large sum of gold and was thinking of getting the Robes of Arcane Heritage. Doing so would put my effective level to 19, which grants me the 17th level bonus. would i have to take that power RIGHT then and more or less waste it on lower then 8th level spells? what if i took the robe off, would those spells be "gone" from my memory?

Also The 20th level power says that you can expend 3 spell slots to use any item that relies on charges without using one. What all does that entail? Just wands and staves? Would an item such as bracers with shield 1/day be unusable with this power? what about a Rod of Metamagic, as they have 3 charges per day? Its abit confusing for me for some reason, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Woops didnt mean to post this in Advice! sorry!

There is a fighter Arc type that does this. called two weapon fighter. the ability is called Balance (improved balance)

This build can be quite good later in levels (once you get balance) as it bumps up your attacks by +2. I'm playing the exact same thing in a homebrew game right now. here are his attack and damage.

+24/24/19/19/14/14+19 +1d10+6 (TWR) (at 18 STR) (my GM doesn't allow +1 type weapons so thats without them)
you can dual attack as a standard action as well, so TWR is really nice.
So really just hold out for abit and you can do some nice damage later, also as you level getting to hit is hardly a problem.

Im confused on how to read it, any help would be nice. Does it cause death? does it last til death? does it only last for one round doing 1CON?

Green Poison (Frequency 1/rd. for 6 rd.; Init. effect death; Sec. effect 1 Con/rd.; Cure 2 consecutive Fort saves)*

Green prismatic poison spell varies — 1/rd. for 6 rds. Death/1 Con 2 saves —

Is there a way to get around Resistances/immunity other then that? I thought i remember something that does but now im not so sure.

What are the general opinions on crossblooded archetype? The one less spell known per level seems kinda steep

Well currently if we need a bunch of help we have the Summoners pet, or his summon monsters, the druid also does a lot of summoning. So if we need front liners we can get them in bulk more or less.
This really wasn't meant to be a discussion on my DM guys, simply a "what do you guys think i should play"

The reason im not playing a Full BAB front liner is that im currently playing one and dislike it. being a front liner in this game is way to hard, as getting AC items is next to impossible (+1 Ac Vs melee ONLY is 10k). Getting good weapons is also far and beyond book price (i have what would be considered +2 swords at level 14) . The DM also thinks my damage is too high (its like 130-150 on a full attack) so he adjust monster HP by about 400%. Overall its not worth playing it anymore, as i can only last 2 rounds in combat, if that, and die A LOT

I was thinking of focusing on Spell focus and Metamagic for my feats as most everything in the homebrew game that boost stats is ungodly expensive (think 50k for a +1 item). Is getting a lot of feats like that worthwhile or a waste? What do you think are good bloodlines for a sorc? What about good domains for a Cleric that focuses on debuffs?

Hey guys I'm currently playing in a homebrew game with 4 others. We are currently level 14 and i was hoping you guys could help me think of some good ideas for a character. We currently have in the party a: Ranger, Support Druid (focuses on heals and buffs), Summoner, and a Witch (she isn't build very well right now). I was thinking of making a Blaster Sorc/wizard, A Cleric that focuses on debuffs, or an oracle. Thoughts on feats/spells for them? Assume 16's in all stats besides one, which can be anywhere from 18 to 22.
We do not have alignment so a lot of those types of spells work abit differently, such as Holy Word only works against evil outsiders. Word of law (or whatever it is) only works against certain chaotic beings.

Books are CRB, APG, and UM, thats it

Its usually a debate on the meaning.
Generally the consensus I get from the forums and my players is Wield = uses.

Well, you kinda just made a really really powerful Rage Prophet. The last abilities of your dedication of cause are WAAAAY to good for a possible 13th level character to have. I'd consider toning those down somehow, as you just gave more or less a super-feat to the WAR domain (improved crit with every weapon). Also the balance of power for each domain type ability is REALLY big. Why would you ever take LUCK over WAR? the 8th level abilities are waaaaay too different in terms of power. Overall this class is far and beyond the power of normal advanced classes. Also the "Rage casting" is far too good, as normally you need moment of clarity to even use ANY spell as a Rage Prophet. Overall you need to tone down MUCH of this class to have it be in line with other classes.

Also i'd consider changing the requirements as this class can ONLY be used by if you have a 4th level of a class to get (raging VIT). Also you need to change the BAB/HD. d10's use FULL BAB, d8's use 3/4ths

5 CR1 mobs at level one will KILL your party!
you are right Stranger, a equal challenging fight will be at a total of CR1. so that can be several CR1/3'rds, 1/2s whichever combo you want. if you want it to be less challenging make it a total of less than CR 1, and if you want it more then make it more then CR1 (generally never make an encounter more then +3CR higher then the party). though be very careful at lower levels, as hit points are very low and monsters can do 1/3rd to 3/4ths a PC's HP in one round.

Blue Star wrote:
With what I showed above your priorities are Dex>Wis>Cha>Con>Int>Str. In theory you should be getting 5+Dex+Wis+Cha+8d6 of damage every round, though you lose Cha if you take the gofirst route. I'd recommend using Deadly Aim and Rapid Shot every chance you got, it's not like their AC will be anything to talk about. At best they will have a 16, you will have at worst a 14 BAB, so 19 before you even add dex.

He said his character is a cleric...

Jak the Looney Alchemist wrote:
You'll find the answer to that question cleverly hidden, granted some of it is misspelled but not altogether hard to discern, on this page.

If you're referring to myself with the misspellings I'm sorry if that made my post harder to understand, I was on a phone at the time and am not the best with touchscreens

The awake towns people attacked because they were more or less attacked themselves and no one got away. The towns first reaction to the party wasn't to attack wholesale without giving them a chance. Unless the sleeping people awoke, saw what was going on and decided to just go back to sleep there wasn't much reason for the sleeping people to attack them right away

Did you read the rest of the thread at all Atarlost? It says the reason they attacked and that the Pcs threw the first punch. These townsfolk were N, they were recently turned by something i wont get into, but no they were not CE and the PC's were in there town.

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I usually do not give warnings but my group can have a skewd perception on "evil" and no i wouldnt have changed his ailnment or anything if he did it, but this being within the first 5 sessions i wanted to set a baseline for what I AS A DM consider evil

You dont read post do you rob? i said i didnt care if he did it, just that it was evil to do so. Dont commet if you dont read everything

Im the gm in the game. The party didnt know anything about werewolves, and the townsfolk were going to let them leave but one of the pcs kinda found out there secert nor wheb they were surronded did the barb put away her weapon as asked. One of the townsmen whispered to their leader that they should attack the pcs. Before the converation was even done or decided the wizard cast a spell which then the people rushed them

he didnt get a chance to kill them as i told him that it would be an evil act to do so (though i told him if he wants to he can, i have no problems with it). he was going tostab them, cut their throat, that kinda thing while they were still asleep. Anyways, The village they were in was pretty much warded to keep all werewolves/tigers inside of it. so there was no chance of them escaping to the PC's knowledge.

So last night in my homebrew game my PC's encountered a town full of werewolves. long story short only half the town attacked them while the other half has asleep in there beds. The Rogue decided that since all the other townspeople have attacked them (in human form) that killing them while they are asleep is perfectly fine and not evil at all. My question is, is killing people that MIGHT attack you while they are asleep and helpless evil?

I'm guessing the hardness and Hp for these items are...one hit destruction at level 7 (which is where my game is)?

So I recently had a discussion about magic items and sundering with a player of mine. He said that per the rules you can only sunder peoples shields, weapons and armor. Saying that if he had Glasses of Arcane sight that they cannot be destroyed at all. Was just wondering if this is true or can they in fact be sundered?

And that means that a 0-level spell or a 3rd level spell can easily detect and render almost useless an 8th level spell such as Screen?

except my players DO walk around with detect magic on all the time lol. The rogue even wanted a bracelet of detect magic constant.

or you can get glasses/whatever that give 3 hours of dark vision once a day for only 2160GP. Yes potions would be pretty cheap at first (only 300gp) but would be more expensive in the long run

Thats kinda what i was thinking. They arent just going to randomly encointer these people. They are going to be at their lair and its goong to be very obivoius what they will be up against.

honestly greatswords was just an example, it would be any weapon.

They aren't going in unprepared to what they are facing, the whole quest line involves telekinesis type stuff. The room they go into will have ample cover and the minons will be around CR 4. Of course im not going to just insta gank a caster with 15 greatswords round one. The party does have casters, and darkness isn't a hard spell to cast to give them all a 20% dodge chance. or a fog spell inbetween the casters and them to give them no chance of being hit. I know this challenge is impossible in a open field at level 8, but the set up of the room will lower it by 2 or 3 if they play with even a tiny bit of tactics. if they play it smart it shouldnt be too hard (moving from cover to cover, using a longbow would outrange their 5TH level spell.)

how is it cheese? im using the spell as its written to do something it clearly says you can do. The Pc's might be higher level then 8, thats just what they are currently, and these people are part of a quest that can be done now, or in 2-12 levels from now. it might be less then 3 wizards, i was just brainstorming but mainly asking if it was legal.

if the whole "its going to put a hole in the bag" thing is such a concern, they each have a cover and instead of 16 they raise 15 and take their covers off as part of the action.

No one answered my question by the way.
by the way, the party is mostly 3/4ths BAB and casters, so their AC wont be amazing. I dont think anyone is even wearing heavy armor, so yeah, there is a 50% chance or higher of them getting hit.

Hey all, I'm starting my own homebrew game next week and had a fun idea of some casters they could fight.

it would be 3 level 10 wizards (transmutation school) plus their minons.
It would be against 4 or 5 level 8 PCS.

Anyways, i was wondering if its legal if at the start of the combat if the wizards all unloaded 20 large sized greatswords each from bags of holding. Then use Telekinesis on their turn to thrust 16 (the limit from their CL) of them at the PCS. with a +5 BAB and +4 INT, thats a +9 to hit. each greatsword would do 3d6 damage, so if say the fighter just charged the wizards they would all use it on her doing a total of...144d6 damage if they hit.

My question is, is this legal per RAW?

Alright well thanks all! Ill most likely make her NE if after that she goes on a caursade to kill anyone hurting the forest.

What if the Druid was a Fey that lived close to the forest they were cutting down? so they are metaphorically just down the street from her cutting down forest

Hey all i have a question. Say I have a character that is a Druid that really wants to protect the forest and is part of a guild that does so. She comes across a loging group that is clearing a section of the forest for a Noble that wants to put his summer home there. She talks to the loggers and tries to get them to leave, they say no - go talk to the lord. The lord says no and wont budge (say a failed Diplomacy check or an impossibly high one). The character would then as a last resort assassinate the lord to protect the forest.

Would she be considered Evil because she assassinated him even though she tried every other diplomatic way to try to solve it?

granted all these are just stat blocks. i used the racial playtest and gave each of them roughly 13-15RP. SO THEY ARE STRONGER THEN BASE CLASSES

The Sylvari

Fey (lowlight vision)


Normal Speed

Standard Modifier

+2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 STR

Xenophobic array of Speech

They Start with only their language and must use a bonus language to speak anything else, or have points in linguistics

Eternal Hope

Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on saving

throws against fear and despair effects. Also, once per

day, after a natural roll of 1 on a d20, members of this

race may reroll and use the second result

Natural Armor

Members of this race gain a +1 natural armor bonus

Spell like Ablity - Barkskin (2)/1day

Climb Speed

20ft Climb Speed. +8 to climb checks

Dream Speaker

Members of this race gain a +1 bonus to the saving throw

DCs of divine spells and spells that produce sleep effects

that they cast. In addition, if a member of this race has

a Charisma of 15 or higher, it may use dream once per

day as a spell-like ability


+4 Stealth while in forested areas

Skill Bonus Knowelge Nature +2

Skill Bonus Survival +1

Skill Bonus: Perform - Sing +1

Tree Speech

Under the effects of a constant speak with plants

Fire Weakness - Fire damage done to you is incresed by 1 per caster level of the person casting it (not halved by reflex)



The Norn



Normal Speed

Human Heritage Mods

+2 to choice

Standard Language Array

Norn can speak Common. Norn with high INT can choose any of these: Giant, Goblin, Orc, Sylvan, Akari.


Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws

against fear and may reroll one round later to end if effected by fear based spells or effects


Members of this race receive a +4 racial bonus to their Combat

Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush or trip

attempt while standing on the ground


Bear: +1 Attack and damage with Two handed Weapons

Wolf: +1 Attack and damage with one handed weapons

Raven: +1 attack and damage with ranged weapons (not thrown melee weapons)

Snow Lepord: +1 Attack and damage with double weapons

Thrill of the hunt The Norn cannot retreat from battle unless the odds are greater then 3 to 1, he is under 25% HP, or is facing a magic user





The Darkhost (The Akari-spawn)

Half Undead (5)

• Half-undead have the darkvision 60 ft. racial ability.

• Half-undead gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws

against disease and mind-affecting effects.

• Half-undead take no penalties from energy draining

effects, though they can still be killed if they accrue more

negative levels than they have Hit Dice. After 24 hours, any

negative levels they’ve gained are removed without any

additional saving throws.

• Half-undead creatures are harmed by positive energy

and healed by negative energy. A half-undead creature

with the fast healing special quality still benefits from

that quality


Normal Speed

Standard Mods

+2DEX, +2INT, -2CHA

Linguist Array

They start with Akari and Common, can learn any other language with high int besides secret ones

Cats Luck

Members of this race gain the following ability: Once per day, when you make a Ref lex

saving throw, you can roll the saving throw twice and

take the better result. You must decide to use this ability

before the saving throw is attempted


Members of this race gain a +2 bonus on

all Will saving throws

Shadow Resistence

Members of this race gain cold resistance 5 and electricity

resistance 5.

Shadow Blending

Attacks made against

members of this race while they are in dim light have a

50% miss chance instead of the normal 20% miss chance.

This ability does not grant total concealment; it just

increases the miss chance. This is a supernatural ability

Fast +10 movement speed

Night Stalker +4 stealth in darkness, -2 stealth in light



The Commoners (AKA Humans)



Normal Speed

Human heritage

+2 to any

Lingust array


Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on Will saving throws to resist

spells and spell-like abilities of the enchantment (charm)

and enchantment (compulsion) subschools. In addition, if

a member of this race fails such a save, it receives another

save 1 round later to prematurely end the effect (assuming

the spell or spell-like ability has a duration greater than 1

round). This second save is made at the same DC as the f irst.

If the member of the race has a similar ability from another

source (such as a rogue’s slippery mind class feature), it can

only use one of these abilities per round, but can try one on

the second round it the f irst reroll ability fails


When a member of this race’s hit points fall below 0 but it is not

yet dead, it can continue to f ight. If it does, it is staggered,

and loses 1 hit point each round. Members of this race

still die when their hit points reach a negative amount

equal to their Constitution score

Weapon Familiarity - Longsword, Long Bow


Members of this race receive Skill Focus as a bonus feat

at 1st level

Bonus Feat

Master Tinker

Member of this race gain +1 bonus on Disable Device and

Knowledge (engineering) checks. Members of this race

are also treated as proficient with any weapon you have

personally crafted



The Crystal Hearts (The Yern)

Half Construct

• Half-constructs gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws

against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and

effects that cause either exhaustion or fatigue.

• Constructs do not breathe, eat, or sleep, unless they want

to gain some beneficial effect from one of these activities.

This means that a construct can drink potions and can

sleep in order to regain spells, but neither is required to

survive or stay in good health


Slow and Steady speed

20ft movement speed, but cannot be dropped below 20ft by armor

Standard Mods

+2STR, +2CHA, -2CON

Lingust Array

Spell Resistence Lesser

Members of this race gain spell resistance equal

to 6 + its level

Spell-like Ablity - Charm Person

Gate Crasher

Members of this race gain a +2 bonus on Strength checks

to break objects and a +2 bonus on combat maneuver

checks to sunder


When members of this race attempt to change a creature’s

attitude with a Diplomacy check and fail by 5 or more,

they can try to inf luence the creature a second time even

if 24 hours have not passed

Broken Body

If a Yern dies he suffers from a Broken Body. All healing effects on him are reduced to half and he looses his racial +2 str. A Yern can repair himself with a Knowledge (eng) DC of 5+ his level and 250 gold per level in gemstones. so a level 10 would have to make a DC 15 check and spend 2.5k to repair himself. He can also have someone else repair him, but the Knowledge check increases to 10 + the Yerns level. Once repaired he regains his +2STR and healing effects him normally

sorry if thats hard to read, i cant get it to paste any better. do any of them seem over powered in any way compared to the others?

It really depends, but generally a 4d6 drop the low makes for characters that usually have anywhere from 15-30+ if it were point buy, at least in my years of playing it has.

Wow my friend and i were talking about just this thing tonight. In his campaign i'm a paladin with oath of undeath. well he was saying that if he puts a lawful good undead in front of me that doesn't want to be brought back to life as he serves humanity better in his immortal body, that i'd have to choose between either killing him because he is undead and losing my paladin levels, or walk away from him and break my oath and loose my oath abilities. is there any room in the oaths? or in that situation would i HAVE to choose between the lesser of two gimping things for my character?

I see no problems with it as long as your characters have been traveling together for awhile. so you'll have to have your back stories involve eachother, if not then yeah its abit cheap and nonsensical that a rogue and fighter just happen to work super well together

Hey all my friends and i are just starting a new custom campaign. I decided to try out the Magus as it seemed interesting and was hoping you all could give me some advice on how to build him. i can still go into any archtype that i want to right now, and was thinking blackblade.
His stats are as follows with a 25 point buy and the tielfing racial stats but human everything else:
Level 1
STR 14
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 18
WIS 12

Using a scimitar
Feats are combat casting and spell focus Evo (though i might change that one)

My stats are pretty spread out as my party consist of a Caster Druid, a Caster oracle, a Wizard and myself. so i have to be the front liner/melee/tank, though the oracle helps some.

Getting spells is no problem really as the wizard and i share our spells in our spell books.
Lastly, we do not have deep sea guide or whatever it is, so no i can't take dervish dance.
The rest can be changed though, stats, feats, anything

Hey guys i was hoping you could brainstorm some stuff for me for the new campaign im in. right now im a Sorc5/Dragon 1.
Don't worry about stats as my DM did the epic heroic roll of start at 10 and roll a d8 for each. needless to say pretty much everything is over a 16 besides STR, which is 12.
So, any sugguestions? all builds are welcome. Oh and i picked one of the Lightning dragons for my bloodline.
Core Book Only.

So what exactly is the benefit of going gunwizard? you lose a lot of spell casting and your gun allows you to shoot already ranged touch spells.

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