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About Azizi Anum

Azizi Anum
Gender: Male
Class: Alchemist (beastmorph/cryptbreaker)
Level: 1
Alignment Neutral
Race: Half Elf
Init +3 Perception +11(+15); low-light vision (darkvision)


AC 18 Touch 14 Flatfooted 14 (+4 armor, +3 dex, +1 dodge)
Hp 11
Fort +4 Refl +5 Will +1
CMD 14


Base speed 30 Actual speed 30
BAB +0 CMB +1
Melee attacks
. . dagger +1 (1d4+1/19-20/x2/10')
. . morning star +1 (1d8+1/20/x2)

Ranged attacks
. . alkahest bombs +3 (1d4+2/20/x2/splash/acid) - normal
. . alkahest bombs +3 (1d8+2/20/x2/splash/acid) - undead/constructs


Str 13(+1) Dex 16(+3) Con 14(+2)
Int 15(+2) Wis 12(+1) Cha 8

Feats & Traits:

. throw anything
. skill focus; perception
. dodge

. smuggler
. tomb raider


. appraise 1(+6)
. craft; alchemy 1(+6)
. disable device 1(+7)
. knowledge; arcana 1(+6)
. knowledge; dungeoneering 1(+7)
. perception 1(+11)


Combat Gear
. chain armor
. silver morning star
. cold iron dagger

Other Gear
. explorer's outfit, alchemist kit, formula book, duneoneering kit

Total Weight

PP 0 GP 8 SP 0 CP 0


Class Features
. alchemy, alkahest bombs(3), throw anything, crypt breaker's draught, trapfinding (+1)

Favoured Class Options
. Hit Points alchemist(+1)


Level 1 2
. cure light wounds
. enlarge
. shield
. true strike


Azizi presents himself as competent, if slightly nervous, dealer of ancient antiquities. Azizi has sharp eyes. knows crypts like the back of Azizi’s hand, trust Azizi. Underground, Azizi’s nervous habits vanish as dust in the wind. In the crypts, beneath the worlds surface is where this otherwise unimposing man truly comes to life, beady eyes glinting in the darkness as he searches for his next bit of ancient gold.


Fifth born into a household of antiquities dealers in the back streets of Sothis, Azizi learned the ways of Ancient Osirion early in life. The secrets of Alchemy were learned from his ancient great uncle Heteb, knowledge of antiquities from his father and cousins. Unfortunately, being the 3rd and youngest son, and of suspect parentage, it was not Azizi’s destiny to inherit the family business.

Departing Sothis at the age of 16, Aziz turned his endeavors towards the acquisition of antiquities, spending much time crawling through long scoured ruins in the deserts of Osirion. Decades passed and poor Azizi always managed to find just and sell just enough to scrape by, but never enough to be comfortable. Every ruin he managed to find had already been stripped clean long before he arrived.

Azizi’s luck changed about 5 months ago, finding several small artifacts in an overlooked cache in an otherwise empty tomb. Using his new found wealth, Azizi outfitted himself with a modest set of gear and made the arduous journey to Absolom. Everybody knows the Patherfinder Society knows where all the best unlooted tombs are and poor Azizi is tired of living off the dregs of others finds.

After several months of training and verification of Azizi’s skills, he now stands ready for his first assignment within the society. Hopefully it will be someplace suitably dark and well appointed with undiscovered treasures.