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I don't know of any other ways, but it looks like you just want to be a super damage blaster caster, and were willing to consider being a wizard, what if you went cross blooded sorcerer 1, wizard 19 with the trait that increases your caster level by 2 up to your character level? You would end up with a spell casting progression that was slower than a normal wizard, but you would be doing up to 2 extra points of damage per damage dice.

Also worth mentioning, if you go wizard, you could also pick up the creative destruction discovery to get temp hp based on your damage dice from evocation spells.

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I keep a list of monster's home brewed from various mythologies or fictional series, my two favorites are:

carnivorous sheep; lightning resistant flammable sheep that have jagged teeth and a variant of the attach ability that causes bleed damage if forcefully removed (without a heal check)

Knight Hawks: Roc sized birds that live in rocky areas and hunting for anyone wearing shiny armor (full plate, breastplates and the like primarily) when they find their preferred prey, the fly down grapple their target, and carry it into the sky before dropping it on a convenient rock to break open the hard shell to get at the tasty insides (much like certain birds of prey do to tortoises.

Also, a room with a programmed image of a 60 stirges attacking mixed in with 5 real stirges

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James Risner wrote:

I like martial characters better, despite the fact that spells are more powerful.

I had hoped to find a non-gimp offensive melee with AC 27 or more by level 3, like what can be done with Heavy Armor and Tower Sheild.

Raising that to AC 32 or so by level 7 without doing what I've done in the past (spend nearly 100% of my wealth on AC gear.)

Chained Rogue -- Halfling

AC and attack bonus will be better if you dump stats to have a dex of 20, but with a dex of 18 you can still be quite good

Stats (after racial modifiers)
DEX 18
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 12
CHa 14

1 Dodge
2 Offensive defensive
3 weapon finesse

+1 chainshirt
+1 darkwood heavy shield
masterwork Rapier

AC =26 (at level 3)
10 + 4 (dex) + 1 (dodge) + 3 (shield) + 5 (armor) + 2 (offensive defensive) + 1 (size)

level 7 build
1 Dodge
2 Offensive defensive
3 weapon finesse
4 Combat trick (combat expertise)
5 improved feint
6 Shadow duplicate (blood of shadows)
7 weapon focus rapier

threatening defender

+1 Agile Rapier 8,320 gold
+1 Mithril chainshirt 2,100 gold
+1 Darkwood Heavy Shield 1,207
+1 ring of protection 2,000
+2 belt of incredible dexterity 4,000 gold
+1 cloak of resistance 1,000
3 potions of shield of faith or 6 scrolls instead
1,223 gold remaining

AC = 34
10 + 5 (dex) + 5 (armor) + 4 (shield) + 1 (dodge) + 4 (offensive defensive) + 1 (size) +2 (combat expertise) +2 (shield of faith)

Shadow duplicate will allow you to gain a single mirror image as an immediate action after being hit by an attack, (miss chance applies against the triggering attack) once a day, plus an additional time for every five rogue levels you have.

flanking or improved feint will allow you to add sneak attack damage and insure you benefit from offensive defensive.

your attack bonus at level 7 if you are using combat expertise will be a + 12

You are also spending less than half of your 20,000 on dedicated defensive items

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Give the dragon full plate, and choose spells without somatic components or even just give them woad paint. now the dragon which normally would have a difficult to hit ac is even harder to hit, and its spell casting is not really hindered.

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I know this is from before you started working for paizo, but whats your opinion on the katana double walking stick? does it do bludgeoning damage at all times or do the blades share stats with a wakizashi which the description says they resemble?

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StDrake wrote:

Also, the rogue is probably dead or near to as you don't get a reflex save if there's no way to dodge the effect, usually in the form of "there's nowhere to evade to" like throwing a fireball into a tight closed room, but this time because if he couldn't let go of the sword then he dragged the source of the explosion right with him.

This is untrue, there is no provision in the rules for preventing reflex saves under any conditions, even helpless and paralyzed targets get reflex saves.

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Jiggy wrote:


Same goes for having 200HP, diving headfirst off a 500ft cliff into an antimagic zone, and getting up and walking away.

Its ok, pathfinder doesn't have facing so he still landed feet first.

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Tels wrote:

However, I totally agree. I know what the intention is, and I would run it with the intention; doesn't mean I won't keep arguing what the RAW states.
BigNorseWolf wrote:

It doesn't say that.

The raw doesn't say it? Actually it does, since the FAQ requires an ability that explicitly allows it, and the Unchained rogue's sneak attack does not explicitly do so, though it seems clear it was meant to.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

They've said it doesn't mean that.

who said what? I am honestly not sure what you are trying to emphasize here, could you restate your point with fewer indefinite pronouns?

BigNorseWolf wrote:

And you're still running with it even KNOWING that.

This is the part of your post that confused me the most, from your first comment, I thought you were arguing that unchained rogues can sneak attack targets with partial concealment explicitly within the rules, but from this line of your post it seems you are objecting to Tels allowing sneak attack against targets with partial concealment, so which is your stance?

BigNorseWolf wrote:

That is just annoying. Please stop. You give people making rules arguments a bad name.

I am still unclear what your stance on this arguement is after reading your post several times.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Barachiel Shina wrote:
I'm simply going to assume it was a typo from earlier editing of Unchained Monk and they forgot to fix it. Cause there is no way I am letting Monks run around with a weak Will save.
Paizo will never let a class with full BAB and all good saves go to print, regardless of how balanced it is.

You could be right, but then again they did put the divine protection feat in print.

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Check the appraise skill, dc 25 identifies an item as magic, though does not tell you what it does.

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sorry for the necro, but I think a non synthesist summoner actually makes the best use of the feat chain, since with the Advanced class guide a medium sized eidolon can get a feat allowing them to ride a medium sized mount.

The eidolon gets specialized for mounted combat with evolutions that grant weapon wielding limbs and the spirited charge feat line and the summoner takes the dimensional agility feat line allowing you charge in virtually any situation, and you can even grab the teamwork feats distracting charge and outflank to get some pretty high attack bonuses giving your mounted eidolon a very good chance to hit while doing massive damage thanks to spirited charge and lances.

In case it wasn't clear, the eidolon is riding the summoner, and since with mounted combat you can benefit from a mounted charge when your mount charges, your eidolon gets a mounted charge from the dimensional door charge that the summoner does.

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Threnodic Spell and coaxing spell bypass a lot of the mindless immunities, and you can get them either with meta magic rods or sacred geometry to avoid the feat and skill tax.