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Silver Crusade 3/5

I get raised eyebrows just by playing a character in drag.


I get raised eyebrows, just by being in drag...

-Aunty Mei

Silver Crusade

@Mx Smur , Hummm... as the cleric/paladin of Sarenrae, I guess your only option is to seduce the warlock, then convert him to good by showing him true love. And also not giving him love if he is a bad bad boy.

Silver Crusade 3/5

Bruno Breakbone wrote:

You know you're in trouble when you get to the table and...

...Bruno can't grapple it.

Aunty Mei regrets not learning the way of Bruno... when she realize rage and a 40+ to grapple CMD does not helps vs Freedom of Movement.

Silver Crusade 3/5

Nothing is wrong for an Auntie to join the Pathfinders.
Moi, has had a very successful career as a pathfinder.

You go Auntie!

Yours Truly,
Aunty Mei,
Seeker of the Society
Matchmaker & Marriage Broker

(OOC: My Aunty Mei is a grappler Barbarian with some notoriety among local PFS players. Does not help that she is a dude in drag... :P)

Silver Crusade 3/5

Hummm.... My highest level PFS character:

Aunty Mei - (Seeker of the Society, Matchmaker of Falayna)

1.) Getting her daughter a life partner
2.) Protecting lovers and children
3.) Finding the life partners for Singles
4.) Arranging for Singles to go on dates
5.) Checking if the "life numbers" of couples match up
6.) Persuading the families of couples to allow marriage
7.) Looking out for auspicious dates for weddings and events
8.) Planning Weddings
9.) Officiating Weddings - Tying the knot for couples
10.) Midwife services
11.) Marriage counselling
12.) Officiating renewal of vows ceremonies
13.) Getting her fellow Pathfinder to do the above (Edit)
14.) Pathfinder Society (Dropped down, from 13th to 14th)

Silver Crusade

No matter where the winds blow us, we all came from the same tree...

... in many places we may lay new roots, but we all shall bear the same fruits...

Silver Crusade

Sniff. Our dear Amara Li jie has turn our humble faction into a full-fledged Lodge of its own in Goka/Tien Sia! To think I live to see this come to pass! Sniff! *Turns to cry ahahahhhhh....!!!

So.... Sniff sniff, for those of us still running around the Inner Sea will need where is everyone heading off to? New factions? New parties? New ventures?

I myself, will be joining the Silver Crusade.

In this group of good men and women, I hope to lend my wisdom, find ways to help the needy, right the wrongs and most importantly! Find many more poor single souls that I could tied together in holy matrimony. Even as we forward the Society to ever protect and preserve knowledge for future generations.

So Speak up! Beloved fellow Lantern Lodgers! Spin new tales for those yet to come!
May our paths cross again and often!

Luck and Fortune!
Aunty Mei,
Marriage Broker
Wedding planner

Silver Crusade

Ah Yooohhh!!! What is all THISSS? Why iss everryone HERE so SEeRIOUSs wan?!?!
Cheeerr UP lah!

Amara jie, just ask us all to work harder only whhat. Why you all so Garang???
You ALLL wanto ruuushh to Varisia so fast for what?

Don't all be so HEROo! Want to rush to tóu tāi, Isss it?

Màn Màn Lái. PLANNN first. Later you rush to go to Varisia, forgot this, forgot that! Ah yoooh! So shammeeeFUl!

Later, the other lodges, think we lantern lodge, all Kan Cheong Kings! Can only SAY, Can not DO!

Can not lei thisss... As long as we all make sure we DO our part, sure can WIN one.
Cheer up hah!!! :)