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Mellored wrote:

Prepares casters can choose which 5 cantrips they want for the day. Possibly swapping around as needed.

Spontaneous casters chose which 5 cantrips they want for the entire game. (Though there are feats to get more).

Both get heightened automatically as you level, can be cast at-will, and don't take spell slots.

Thank you both for your help. That was the way I was leaning, I just wanted to get a second opinion. I wish they used more concise language and clarification on some things.

I have a question about cantrips. From reading the book they do not use spell slots, and they auto heighten to half level rounded up of character. From looking at the Wizard it look like they can prepare 5 cantrips per rest and is reflected on the spell progression table.

For spontaneous casters such as the sorcerer who do not use have to prepare spells, but they have the same 5 cantrips on the progression table as the wizard class does. So my question is why does this number signify. I am at a lost, is it perhaps a number of cantrips known period?
The cantrip section under the Sorcerer Spellcasting on page 192 does not clarify what it means, at least in that I can see.

I really like the multiple attack penalty mechanic. I have a dumb question to ask. The draconic frenzy ability that dragons have access to, lets them make 3 attacks for only 2 actions. Do the multiple attack penalties apply to these attacks as well? I am inclined to say that they do apply.
Also since draconic frenzy only uses two actions, can a dragon use his third action for a fourth attack?

Xenocrat wrote:

You don't lose a spell upon taking damage. Even if an AoO or similar ability hits you during casting, it will usually say it only disrupts if it scores a critical hit.

The concentrate tag is there for abilities that say "this thing happens to other things that have the concentrate tag." Barbarians can't perform concentrate actions while raging, some reactions key off concentrate actions, etc.

Excellent, thank you so much. This will make my mage player very happy. I am really liking this version compared to 3.0/3.5.

I have been looking through the core rulebook and I do not see any concentration roll rules for spell casters taking damage while trying in the process of casting. Did they eliminate this?? I see there a abilities that have the concentrate tag.

It seems that it is just specific conditions that can stop a spell mid-cast. I was wondering if there is something I overlooked. This is my first experience with Pathfinder. I played 3.0/3.5 long time ago, and currently 5th edition. I am wanting try this out since 5E is a lil too basic/simple for myself.