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A bit about the plot thus far.

1) Tarsis is the site for a massive meeting of Good and perhaps Neutral aligned Clerics from across the Races and across the world, this may be the first meeting of its kind. The topics to be discussed are not clear to all of you yet, though Huru has an idea.

2) The elves with nowhere else to lodge have placed their trust in a Black Robed Wizard apprentice to assist them with their lodging needs. So it is clear that the meeting is an important one.

3) Remy the half-elf (now a DMPC) just survived an assassination, and its not the first one to target him.

4) Soze is here to meet with a business contact for his Master who he has yet to name. IN the meantime, he and Eldren are "testing" and being tested by Theo who both their Masters seem to want as an apprentice for some reason.

5) Falseed the Merchant is here to finalize some sort of trade deal, the Half-Ogres are his hired muscle.

6) Eddie, has a secret history only an NPC knows about so far :-)

7) Zsar and Red claim that a massive war is brewing in the northeast and that the army is led by followers of the Dragon Queen and powerful followers as they include Dragons among their aerial assaults!

8) The city, though seemingly friendly, appears to be hostile to half of the party just based upon their races alone.

Did I miss anything?

Let me know if you have any questions guys as the adventure is about to start kicking off. Sorry for all the backstory but I like to let games grow organically and the loss of two PCs from the jump hurt the pace a great deal.


1. Investigate the assassination attempt,
2. Explore the city,
3. Pry into Soze & Falseed dealings,
4. Pirates?
5. Barbarians!
6. Missing Kender?
7. Local bullies.
8. A giant meeting of all of the Clerics?

Eddie - Recent History:

A Gambling Man in this day and Age has little to gamble. The world is just so... safe. Oh sure, there has been conflict between the Empire of Falthana and Ogres? Lizardmen? Minotaurs? Evil Humans? The stories are just not consistent. One thing is true though. The trade from the east has dried up. In Istar, trade is the lifeblood of those who would be rich.

You live in Vellas (western side of the Bay of Istar northern most point on that map) a sea town. Now is the time to gamble. You just need to find a Captain who finds the rumors of an expansive war as laughable as you do. Not too tough to do. You both set out with a ship laden with goods to go around the Worldscape Mountains and down the east coast of Ansalon, you should clean up and come back rich as Kings!

Sometimes though, gambles don't pay off and your opponent is not bluffing. Just as you come round the gallow reefs you see it, a Dragon. You may be the first and the last person to see one in several generations as it swoops down to attack. The electricity that arcs from its mouth cuts the ship damn near in half.

You jump into the dinghy and play dead until the thing flies away. Unfortunately, everyone that tool this gamble with you is now dead an you have no supplies and no way to row this ship. The sea takes you out, the hot sun is soo punishing that you pass out. You know you are dead.

Until you wake up and find out you are not. Humans have found you! They refuse to give you their names and they refuse to tell you where you are. As the weeks pass and you are quarantined to a single building you start to get antsy, you appreciate being rescued but being a prisoner you cannot abide by.

You have a buddy that used to "lift objects" from houses. You use some utensils to pick your poorly made locks and head out to find a way out of this pampered prison.

The people you see are odd, tall and blue! Not humans. Where are you? Soon enough you sneak out of their city and find a garden path that leads up to the mountains to a shrine. The doors to the shrine open, as you approach a soft grey glow pulses within as if calling to you. Magic! Maybe this trip will yield you something of value after all.

You move forward to grasp the item but it's huge. Suddenly it shrinks to small enough for you to hold, you reach towards it and feel a pulse of power reach back for you. At that moment you hear voices behind you, "Stop him. The Greygem. Te must not take it!" None of this makes any sense to you but their magic force the stone away from you. As it moves away you feel a pulse of power from it, it begins to burn you from the inside out. Oh God another bad hand for the Gambler!

"Send him away, hurry!" Suddenly you feel as if you are being turned inside out and a loud popping sound emits from nowhere.

You find yourself standing on the shore of an Island, more water. It is night and you are glowing! The pain is so intense you pass out...

Eldren - Recent History:

The road from Palanthus shows you how much and how many people are dying to get to Palanthus. Funny how all you have ever wanted was to get away. You wonder if your mother and father were once people like this, full of hope traveling to the city paved with gold only to find out that it was fool's fold all along.

Regardless, the road brings you to Yarus and then to the High Clerist Tower. Though you are not a follower of Paladine and his sons, the place is awe inspiring in its size and how truly formidable a citadel it is. You cannot imagine anyone over-running it with any Army.

From there you consider which way to go. East to the burgeoning trade cities of Istar or west to the ancient Empire of Ergoth. Perhaps even south to the beautiful city of Tarsis. You decide that Ergoth makes the most sense. As the oldest human civilization it creates the best chance for you to find more Wizards that you can learn from, after all, you need a true Mentor if you are to continue your studies and hope to pass the test of High Sorcery.

Months pass as you take caravan to caravan to reach the Empire. Along the way you meet some aspiring Wizards but none who are actual Wizards of High Sorcery. Some of these Wizards whisper of another way to power, the way of the Renegade. None admit to being one but all seem to know someone who knows someone though none name names.

You pass through Hylo and for the first time meet Rin Doodletwirl, a most unusual Kender. Surprisingly beautiful though admiring her makes you think of a girl a bit too young so you avert your eyes. Luckily the bag of components you "dropped" she finds and returns to you.

Through her you find a caravan heading to what you decided is your true destination, the Capital or Ergoth, Tuskanvil (Gwynned on the map in the Northern Hundred Region). Once you arrive your gamble pays off. Master Truvailant Gwynnth finds you in a tavern and takes you on as an apprentice. Your time with this White Robe is the exact opposite as your time with Nicodemus.

A year into your studies Master Gwynnth is asked to make a trip to Mount Nevermind to meet with what the gnomes believe is a burgeoning young Gnome Wizard! You take a carriage to Landfall to catch a ship to Sancrist...

Hurudithya Griffontamer Recent History:

The deep forests of Silvanesti. Not since the Kinslayer Wars has the nation fallen under the shadow of evil. Life for the elves has been what they had always dreamed it to be idyllic. Well for most elven citizens, those in charge, those elves of Noble birth have long struggled for control over the destiny of the elven nation. Most prominent among those who vie for the ears of House Royal are House Mystic, House Cleric, House Advocate and House Protector. Oh there are certainly other Houses but these are the ones most eager and willing to direct the Speaker.

Ynosh Silvanos Son of Sithas Silvanos sits as Speaker of the Stars and has for over 700 years. His son, Kaith Silvanos is poised to take his position as Ynosh is close to death. Kaith values the input of House Protector but his father, now so close to death, has listened to the advisors of House Cleric above all others. After all, now he can hear the words of the Gods more clearly sometimes than the clergy.

As a junior member of House cleric you are often called upon to scribe the thoughts of the Speaker as he can hardly get out of bed any longer. Leadership even in times of peace is a heavy burden.

He gestures for you to come closer to him. "My dear. There is a secret, a great and terrible secret that none know. I have spoken with Quanesti Pah and with Eli' both have counseled me that you should be the one to receive it. Bitterness towards the races other than that of the Elf has not hardened in your heart. Sithel Silvanos my own Grandfather as a young man left the lands of his father seeking adventure. During this adventure he fell into the arms of an alluring human woman. Little did he know that this union would produce a child! His oates sown he came back to his people and was betrothed to Nirakina of Clan Silver Moon.

The last of the line of Sithel's illegitimate offspring now resides in the city of Tarsis. The family line is now named Broussard. Seek out this half-elf and watch over him that the human line of Sithel does not perish. I have forseen that this child may be destined for greatness.

Of course you cannot leave the forest on such an errand. Instead I have convinced the leaders of House Cleric to take a mercy mission to the city of Tarsis, there they will meet with like minded members of the clergy to attempt to end all strife, poverty, and hunger in human lands. Accomplishing this I have told them may well end threats to our borders. Will you do this for me my dear dear child?"

Red - Recent History:

Slavery. That is the lot of your people. To of all beings the hated Ogres. Besides Dragons, the only race more physically powerful and imposing as your own.

Your parents were slaves as were their parents and before them as well. Still, stories are told of freedom from shackles. Before and in the future.

Then, the Ogres were approached it is said by a Human Warlord. His scheme, to rid the lands of the nearby Empire of Falthana. You wonder why they do not attack the Humans of Dravinaar but as a slave you have learned not to question such things just think them.

The war against Falthana goes well. The Bakali have joined the cause of this evil Warlord. In the late hours of night the barriers of invasion mystically disappear moved by what you cannot imagine or are burned, by Wizard's fire? Before you can discover the mystery you are moved off of the frontlines.

The flank must be protected. But the Ogre who covers the flank, your slave master, is too aggressive, they seek to cross the Falthana Bay and strike at the Druids of the Worldscape Forest lest they give aid to the humans of Falthana. But the attack backfires as wind and wave rise up against the invaders swamping the boats.

You survive after all what Minotaur does not swim?! You find yourself on the rocky shores of the Forest free???

Remy - Recent History:

The life of a half-ef has never been easy on Krynn. The elves are particularly hateful to those who are half of a man. Man is of course distrustful of the haughtiness of elves.

But Remytheus Broussard had no such hardships. The only child of oddly enough, two half-elves, he did not face the hardships that his parents did. They sheltered him from his families on both sides. Well he suspects that his parents did anyway as they never really discuss their own past.

All Remy has ever remember is life in Tarsis the Beautiful.Both of his parents were musicians and devotees of Branchala. Indeed, both were successful in what they did and the family never wanted for anything.

All of that changed last year. Remy came home to the sight of a pair of men attacking his parents in their home. The smell of decay and mildew clung to both. As one they turned, ignoring your parents and lunged at you with hands as black as coal. You called upon Branchala and to your surprise, he did hear the call! A shield prevented them from reaching you. Distracted by you, your parents were able to get their bearings and counterattack, slaying these two foul creatures before your eyes.

You left them both clinging to life to seek out a healer from the Church of Mishakal, By the time you returned the two bodies of the assailants had melted into pools of ichor and dust. Your parents succumbed to the wounds and some sort of disease that both were inflicted with.

The cleric condemned and Hallowed the house at the same time telling you that your parents were targets of the dark God Morgion's minions. But you know the truth, you were the target, bu why?

Now alone with no knowledge of your families and no siblings you live in the Temple of Branchala learning to become a what, a cleric? You are not even sure anymore what direction your life is headed in...

Rin - Recent History:


That's where you were born. Its a greeting and a place! I mean what's neater than that right? Uncle Trailseeker used to always say when you were a little kender that starting with a greeting is really really important so people know that you're friendly and won't mistake you for a Goblin. Goblins are decidedly NOT friendly.

You upbringing was normal until that silly border skirmish with the Ergothians. Invasion? Really? Didn't the Solamnics teach them that War was not the answer? Well, your people would have to teach them again eh?

So Uncle Whoopitystick trained you in the ways of War. I mean but who wants to kill people right? S he taught you that a Taunt is just as good as a red cape to get a Bull to charge you and that a goo solid smack in the head, if delivered right, will awaken something called fear in most beings. Your Uncle tried to describe fear but seeing as he has never experienced it either that three hours is three you'll never get back!

Well, the War was short lived. Once the Solamnics got wind they came charging in and took all the credit for freeing your home city of Kilter (east side of eastern Hylo on the detailed map).

Fast forward a few years and you meet a Wizard, a real live Wizard. Calls himself Eldren. For some reason the low cut blouse you wear makes him blush, so cute! Well he turns to leave the Tavern and what do you know, his spellpouch ends up in your backpack.

Well you race out to give it to him. He thanks you, unlike most ungrateful humans who accuse you of taking it, I mean really, you found it and gave it back, would a Goblin do that? No way!

Well he seems lost so you help hi find a caravan to of all places the capital of Ergoth. You expect never to see him again but it was neat to meet a Wizard!

Times goes by, how much? About 15 months! Your Uncle tells you that the five year anniversary of the "battle of Kilter" is upcoming. The Ergothians extend an olive branch and invite your Uncle who invites you to the celebration, you guess as a way of saying sorry for what they did. On a caravan you get heading to the city of Landfall, oh yay you get to see the Ocean so cool!

Theo - Recent History:

Click whrrrrr. Yet another successful project!

Your father groans. "Whatsortofsuccessfulinventorwillyoubewhenalloftheseinventions work thefirsttime? Whywheniwasyourageihad200failuresneforeanythingevermoved orclickedowhrrrred! Nowthat'sprogess. Thisthisthisidon'tknowhattocall this"

You groan too, yet again your father is aggro about something working. A small explosion rocks the mountain as you turn to him. "Magic,youshouldpursuemagicinsteadson".

And you do, that is part of the reason why these inventions work but you can't tell him that you are trying to fuse these two things together. I mean if you tell him that your life quest is to... No that would kill the old man his ticker is so bad. Despite the 20 inventions or perhaps because of the 20 inventions he has a patent pending on to fix bad tickers.

You are more methodical slower in thought than your family. What self respecting Gnome wants to be a Wizard. As far as you know the Towers have never passed one.

A few Gnomes enter the workshop, "Gustafrsonfrestherthancnimwaldonglitterfounder".


Wow the Widgetmaster himself is here? Must be important.

"Wehaveavisitorbyboatatthedocksamageithink. Yoursonknowsmagicmaybehecaneetwithhim?!"

Your father turns to you, "Wellson?"

A Wizard. Absolutely you would love to!

You head out from MountNevermind and to the beach as an emissary to meet this Wizard!

Zsar - Recent History:

Your people have long been forced into the worst most inhospitable areas of Ansalon. Rumors persist of a paradise across the sea but you believe that your race is destined for the greatness that it once had it bygone days.

Those dreams have become dashed the past several years though as once again the call of the Evil Gods has driven your people to support their dark endeavors. Indeed the Falthana Jungles Bakali have joined with the Ogres of Seldjuk and their Minotaur slaves alongside the evil Humans of these regions to form the largest army of evil since the Second Dragon War.

Disgusted you have fled to the woods of the Worldscape Forest (see the Northeastern portion of the Detailed Map). The Druids there have accepted you as one of their own despite the conceptions that most of the "Starborn" races have of your people.

Here you are content to worship in your own way. You take in those of your race who escape the clutches of the Dragonqueen. The War though rages on still as Her minions begin to spread out and attack the Kingdom of Falthana.

The ArchDriud Cleidus (Human Male Druid Follower of Chislev) claims the Worldscape Forest as his "protectorate".

You know that the leader of the Army is the Warlord Crynus an oversized Human.

Brogg & Garum:

Brogg, let's tweak the submission slightly as Gateway was not founded until the Age of Despair and we are about a thousand years before that time. It’s a minor switch to place you in Xak Tsaroth just east of the Eastwall Mountains. In that Merchant City you would have easily had the opportunity to be a blacksmith.

Garum, the same minor tweak to your background, let’s place you in Xak Khalan again near Eastwall that way all else can remain consistent. Enough Solamnians journey throughnthere that you certainly could have met a priest of Kiri Jolith there though the main God of the City is Mishakal. Likely Maroc would have been slain on the road to Xak Tsaroth, again a minor tweak.

Brogg, as you were ready to cast off from your hometown Garum wandered in. The two of you were kindred spirits both being half-ogres and agreed to journey together. Having come from the north Garum suggested south and so you went.

A few weeks ago in Pax Tharkas you met a merchant named Fibrial Felseed. He was on his way to Tarsis but his guards had been slain in the crossing through the Plains of Dergoth. It was naturally a match for the three of you to journey together, he had coin and needed muscle, you had muscle and needed coin. Currently, you are all en-route to Tarsis.

FYI the map Pre-Cataclysm Map – Detail should be checked for the locations on the map of your origin cities and Tarsis.