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Full Name

Captain Jack Powers, aka: Assaultmech Atlas 21-12


C0mbat Cyb0rg


B3nn1es: 2/3 | W0undz: 0 | T0ughne$$: 24 (12) | P4ce: 8[d10] | Notice:d4+2 |

useful :
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About Assaultmech Atlas 21-12

Assaultmech Atlas 21-12


Race: huMAN (C0mbat Cyb0rg)

atTRIbuTEs: (2)

Ag1lity: d12

Str3nGTHZ: d12+2

Vig0r: d12

Sm4r+s: d6

Sp1rit: d6



CHA: -2
All of you can add a +2 Charisma Bonus to anyone in Garnet Town

pACE: (8" Pace, d10 running)

paRRy: 5

TOUHne$$: [(6(ViG)+[2]+3(Race)+1 size+8(armor)+4 armor]=24(12)


Strain: 7/10

XP: 3

sKILL POINTs: (15)


Intimidation: d4
Streetwise: d4


Repair: d4 (+4 CEP, +1 training, +4 dice SME = d12+5)

Notice: d4
[+2 to hearing-based Notice checks]
[+2 all sight-based Notice checks]


Climbing: d4 (+2 training, +2 Cyber))

Agility::(-2 not wrt combat):

Shooting: d12 (5 pts)
Fighting: d6
Stealth: d4 [d10:: +3 WSP chip: Stealth]
Throwing: d4
Lockpicking: d4


Passive Racial traits!:

have these cybernetic systems
(already factored into starting stats):
Armor Plating (1), (armor)

Bionic Strength Augmentation,(strength)
Core Electronics Package, [a mini-computer; a computer interface which grants a +4 to appropriate Repair checks and Common Knowledge rolls; a radio with a 20-mile range.]
Cyber-Wired Reflexes, (agility)
Reinforced Frame (1), (toughness)
Synthetic Organ Replacement (see page 100)(Vigor).

High-performance Legs:‘borgs begin with the Fleet-Footed Edge. (+2 Pace, d10 running)

M.D.C. Armor: Cyborg construction provides +8 M.D.C. Armor and +3 Toughness

Size +1: Combat Cyborgs are big and heavy, gaining +1 Toughness from
their size.

All Those Moving Parts: ‘Borgs cannot be healed or treated with medicine when they are hurt. Instead they must be repaired. Fixing a cyborg requires the Repair skill

Upgradable: ’Borgs start with the
Upgradable Edge.

Unarmed Combat: Combat Cyborgs deal Str+d6 (Mega Damage) in unarmed
combat and are considered armed.

Heavy:Operating Robot Armor or a vehicle not refitted for them is done at a −2 to all Trait checks, including firing vehicular weapons.

Inhuman Appearance: ‘Borgs suffer −2 Charisma when dealing with most beings.

Loss of Dexterity: A Combat Cyborg’s systems are designed for combat
excellence, not delicate work or even common use. A ‘borg suffers −2 to all Agility rolls and linked skills not directly related to combat.

Malfunctions: Cyborgs are subject to the same potential problems all tech items and gear face (see the Technical Difficulties Setting Rule on page 122).

Shadow of Themselves: Racial bonus: Agility to d12

Spiritually Numb

Total Conversion: Becoming a Combat Cyborg uses all of a character’s personal Strain ever. They start with only the 6 Strain from the Upgradable Edge and can only gain more from the Beyond the Limit Edge.

Active Racial traits!:

Core Electronics Package, [a mini-computer; a computer interface which grants a +4 to appropriate Repair checks and Common Knowledge rolls; a radio with a 20-mile range.]
Audio Package, [+2 to hearing-based Notice checks]
Optics Package, [+2 all sight-based Notice checks; thermal imaging and night vision (ignore illumination penalties); 50× magnification for distance; 20× macro lens]

More Machine: ‘Borgs add +2 to recover from Shaken, ignore one level
of wound modifiers, possess a self contained breathing apparatus, and are immune to poison and disease.

More Cyber!:
SME (+4)x1 (Repair)

RDS (2) [Each application of this upgrade offsets two
points of penalties for Shooting.]

Integral shoulder-mounted automatic grenade launcher
[60/120/240 ROF: 3 shots: 40, snapfire]
grenade stats (all are MD): [AP: 3d8 AP:8 SBT] | [Frag: 3d6 AP:0 LBT] | [HE: 3d8 AP:0 MBT] [Plasma: 3d10 AP: 0, SBT]
Climbing Package (1 strain, +2 climbing)
Wired Skill Port (1 strain,)
[+3 WSP chip: Stealth]

[+4 SME chip: Repair]
[+1 SME chip: Know: History]
[+1 SME chip: Know: Politics]
[+1 SME chip: Know: Computers]


NG-56 Light Ion Pistol, [10/20/40 1-3d6 ROF:1 shots: 12]
Mini Rail Gun, [75/150/300 2d8+4 ROF: 4 AP: 6 shots: 32, no snapfire]
Chain Greatsword, [Str+2d10, AP:2, MD, Parry -1]
a gas mask.

1450 current credits

silver cross (Str +d4)

Field Computer I (bonus to dice for Know (Computers) or Lockpicking or recalling History or related research.


22 AP
18 HE

Major Hindrance: Overconfident (2 advances)

Minor Hindrance 1: Death Wish (1 advance)

Minor Hindrance 2: Vengeful [Juicers] (1 advance)

Purchased Edges:
Rich ( 2 advances)
Filthy Rich (2 more advances)



Some rolls!:

The book says we don't have to have Narrative Hook rolls if we don't need them. We have...evolved beyond needing backstory fed to us. (That's in the next section. ;)

[dice=Hero's Journey! (Training)]d20[/dice] = +2 Climb!
[dice=Hero's Journey! (Training)]d20[/dice] = +1 Repair!
[dice=Hero's Journey! Exp. and Wisdom!)]d20[/dice] = Cyber Favorable! (+4 Strain)

[dice=Filthy Rich! (Cyber)]d20[/dice] = Anything (Choosing built-in weapon - Automatic Grenade launcher)
[dice=Filthy Rich! (Cyber)]d20[/dice] = RDS (1)
[dice=Filthy Rich! (Cyber)]d20[/dice] = Armor +1 (takes cyber to Armor (2)
[dice=Filthy Rich! (Cyber)]d20[/dice] = RDS (2)
[dice=Filthy Rich! (Cyber)]d20[/dice] = SME (+4)x1

[dice=Full Auto 1! Cover and Auto and RDS(2)!]d12-2-2+4
[dice=Full Auto 2! Cover and Auto and RDS(2)!]d12-2-2+4
[dice=Full Auto 3! Cover and Auto and RDS(2)!]d12-2-2+4
[dice=Full Auto 4! Cover and Auto and RDS(2)!]d12-2-2+4
[dice=WILD Full Auto! Cover and Auto and RDS(2)!]d6-2-2+4

[dice=Full Auto Damage 1! raise!! AP6!]2d8+d6+4
[dice=Full Auto Damage 1! ACE!]d6 = 14
[dice=Full Auto Damage 2! raise! AP6!]2d8+d6+4
[dice=Full Auto Damage 3! AP6!]2d8+4
[dice=Full Auto Damage 4! AP6!]2d8+4
[dice=Full Auto Damage 4! AP6! ACE!]d8 = 22

[dice=Full Auto 1! Auto and RDS(2)!]d12-2+2 [/dice]
[dice=Full Auto 2! Auto and RDS(2)!]d12-2+2 [/dice]
[dice=Full Auto 3! Auto and RDS(2)!]d12-2+2 [/dice]
[dice=Full Auto 4! Auto and RDS(2)!]d12-2+2 [/dice]

[dice=Full Auto Damage 1! AP6!]2d8+4 [/dice]
[dice=Full Auto Damage 2! AP6!]2d8+4 [/dice]
[dice=Full Auto Damage 3! raise! AP6!]2d8+d6+4 [/dice]
[dice=Full Auto Damage 4! raise!! AP6!]2d8+d6+4 [/dice]

Um, Jonis, I kinda borrowed you for my backstory. Heh. No, you don't have to do anything. I just think it would be a really neat character arc for a terminator to fall in love with a Robotech pilot. =3


I'm choosing both Juicer Uprising and Tolkeen siege.

Jack Powers wanted to believe.

He...didn't actually know what he wanted to believe -in-. But he knew once he found it he'd know!

At first he thought it was Government. He joined the army in the name of the Glorious Name of Emperor Karl Prosek. He was given training and gleefully marched in the name of the Campaign of Unity!

Many filthy Shinies (their name for the magic-touched) did he bring salvation to. (All souls call out for salvation--though the currently preferred method was death.)
His first real test came at the Netwon Incident, also called the Juicer Uprising. He personally guarded the left flank while the Doomsealer panzers crashed against the command squad of the enemy.
Although he was no where near Newton when it went critical, the "outsider involvement" did inflict heavy casualties against his unit. Only the quick action by the apothecary saved his life.

His body--once a meat-packed specimen of pride--was now metal and ceramics. They took away his name and gave him a new designation. He liked it. It sounded impressive. The power of the new body was...intoxicating.

He reveled in the new upgrades! Able to run almost without fatigue, and carry a massive amount of gear, he re-joined his re-built unit as hero!

He continued in the Campaign determined that he had found his cause!

For another four years he brought glory and honor to the name of the Emperor, until...

He was on the front lines at Tolkeen. Chiefly engaged in mobile-reserve and suppression of counter-attacks, he ran all over the battlefield, making sure the dirty, dirty Shinies received the salvation they so richly earned!

On the last day, when both flanks collapsed and the glorious army moved forward...he saw...her.

An older female, probably her mother, helped her into a panzer...a suit of power armor the glory hounds--or "Glitter Boys" as they called themselves--used. The panzer ran to the South, while the older female rushed into a building, for some reason. He ran after her, but the air strike had already been called.

Jack was caught in the explosion.

When he regained consciousness the world had...changed. Or rather he had. Many of his memories were like displays caught behind foggy glass.

As we walked to join his unit, he feet turned south.

He had found something to believe in.

He found out her name was Jonis. He didn't know that she would at Castle Refuge, but the tide of refugees from Tolkeen was heading there.

So was he.


As Jonis walks in, the assault mech hones in on her, its head silently tracking her movement.

Jonis Witta wrote:
"Are you a Cyber-Knight? Mother never told me they could be so hand... so... tall!"

Somewhere someone might possibly hear a very faint sound that sort of could be something like 'target acquired.' But that would be silly.

Jonis Witta wrote:
"what is your name? Your real name? You are among friends now, and that designation the Coalition gave you should get in your past, as they are."

Atlas extends a single finger for a handshake, a habit that he found simply works best.

As Janis approaches and asks for his name, he replies, "I was there w--...*xxbzzzz*...I am sorr--...*zzzzzline347error*...I am....*cllllllllmm...*...This is an Atlas-class assault mech, designation number Twenty One dash Twelve. While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath there can be no p---*zhzhzhzhzhzhzhzhline278notfound*...It is good to meet you, for the first time."

After this odd speech the mech falls silent. Whether because he has no more to say, or due to an internal stack of critical errors, none can know.

Jonis Witta wrote:
"But... but... you are ok now? I mean, are you in pain?"

"I do not currently experience any signals that indicate pain or some non-peak operation of internal systems.

I will...not let you down, Jonis Witta, Cyber-Girl pilot."

The last line is delivered without the battlefield zeal that infuses the rest of his words, but the exact reasoning why is left unexplained.