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Wayne Reynolds wrote:

With regards to the "Boob plate" query, please refer to my earlier comments. Especially those regarding my female friends with a larger chest size, who wear modern sports breastplates for martial arts training that feature boob plates to accommodate their body shape.

They don't see the boob plate as a liability. Nor does it compromise their skill in combat. Being a flat...

The problem with "boob plate" is that it deflects attacks into the center of the chest. There have been female fighters throughout history, but none of them wore shapely armour that cupped their breasts. They were usually bound.

But a better question is why all your characters have such ridiculous breasts. I mean, I love your art, I really do. You're one of my favourite artists, and Kor Hookmaster is one of my favourite looking Magic cards. But man, even the half-orc has some tig-ol' bitties that she shows off. I've joked that Imrijka is proud of her chest and shows it off to detract from her face. Even Merisiel has cleavage, and she's an A cup. I recently put this together and a lot of the comments on Reddit were saying that I should cut out a few of the iconics because they're too scantily clad or have ridiculous breasts that might turn other girls away because they're needless eye candy.

Alahazra, Imrijka, and Freiya had the most complaints. They're nice designs, with nice silhouettes, but, again, they have such stereotypical fantasy breasts. I would like to add that I'm glad that it's changed, and most of the Advanced Class Guide characters are allowed to have collars on their shirts and armour that covers their chest.

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
2 gp per dose

Jeez, the only viable way to be transgender in Golarion is to put your life on the line as an adventurer, isn't it?

Then again, since the average person seems to survive on 6sp, Golarion seems to have an adventure based economy.

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
Shardra Geltl: Great Iconic, or Greatest Iconic?

Aren't you a little biased?

Transgender shaman is interesting, though. A lot of ancient cultures saw transpeople as being liminal, and a lot of ancient trans culture involved them being treated as shaman.

Also, isn't one of the existing iconics also rumoured to be trans? My money is on Seoni. I don't remember why, though.

Too bad she didn't have a tincture that would make her not-a-dwarf

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Nefreet wrote:

You mean like the rules for Vehicles?

There is also a cart listed HERE.

That doesn't actually tell me how much the cart itself cuts from the encumbrance, though. Unless the cart adds 200lbs to what my mount is carrying and then can carry 300lbs of gear. Then again, I don't actually know whether my wolf's encumbrance is any different from a two legged animal with Strength 13, in which case the cart is actually something of a hindrance. Then again, if there's no difference in encumbrance, then just me and my weapons and our armour is encumbering Kiva.Nevermind, found that, Using the PRD, book, and an app to find things seems to be less helpful than you'd expect. Although my 88lbs is still more than his 75lbs light load capacity. That means with me on him, my mount takes a -3 to all his checks to jump and do fancy things that I need my mount doing :I

I thought this would be fun/good to figure out, but now I'm kinda wishing I hadn't put in the effort...

Of course,

FLite wrote:

I thought I remember seeing somewhere that all vehicles were not PFS legal?

Titania, the Summer Queen wrote:
Didn't know they were legal.

The original question of the cart itself is apparently moot.

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I'm a samurai and I figured it would be a good idea to kit myself out with a bunch of useful gear, and a cart to hold all of it and act as my character's home.

But there are no real rules for a cart, much less a wolf-sized cart.

Presumably my wolf isn't treated as if it's dragging everything along the ground, but how do the wheels alter the encumbrance? How much weight can my cart hold?

And could I have the rest of the party ride in the cart if we ever needed to travel somewhere at a forced march?

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Justin Riddler wrote:

If you have multiple PFS numbers, you can email with both numbers requesting that we merge them.

~Justin Riddler
Customer Service

Cool then. Thought customer service was only, like, "I ordered X and got Y". I'll do that.

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So it isn't something as simple as just start using the new one*? Darn. I'll talk to the Venture Captain, though. Doing this while there's only three sessions of backlog seemed a much better idea until waiting down the road when it might cause more problems.

* I've kind of done this a lot with my DCI number...

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Last month I played in my first Pathfinder game, more or less being given a link to the PRD and a due date and not really understanding much more than a loose grasp of what 3.5 was like. When I showed up at the shop, the Venture-Captain dude gave me a number and told me to write it down.

That night I'm getting my friend to help get me set up here on the site, and I end up clicking the wrong button and getting assigned a new character number, and my email is now tied to that (this) Pathfinder ID #.

Now, I had to make a new email and reregister, but for some reason the site kept me logged into this one, and now I've got four or five PDFs and a forum account that aren't tied to my character. I just leveled up, and I figure this is probably the time to sort this out.

(also to top it off, if I look away from this page for more than four minutes it asks me if I'm the same person still, like the site is afflicted with some extreme Capgras delusion)

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I don't think I can really get away with refluffing it as something else, since this is for Society play. I was also kinda dead set on using the big sword once I realized I couldn't do a finesse build with the katana. And unfortunately my Strength is pretty crappy due to my size... My Strength Bonus is basically negated by the -2.

I guess I'm essentially always going to be using a not-as-good Power Attack :/

Then again, I think I'm better off, since it's [+7 to hit with 1d6+2 damage] versus [+5 to hit for 1d8+4 damage] with my Str +2. And at +5 it's still my highest attack bonus until I get other Masterworked weapons.

Worrying about these numbers makes me want to just take a step back and remember I'm a tiny samurai riding a wolf, and that this is the cutest thing ever.

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I'm just getting started in Pathfinder Society and my character is a halfling samurai who uses his dead master's daisho. He's Small size category, and his mentor was a Halfelf, so her katana and wakazashi were Medium size.

I'd thought that since I was using a weapon that was a one handed weapon (if you have proficiency) that it'd just be a two handed weapon. But now that I actually have the book, it seems like it's actually a -2 penalty on top of that? Is that right? Am I basically screwing myself by taking a weapon of the wrong size for personality/fluff/d8 instead of d6?

I really like the idea of a cute little halfling samurai using a larger weapon (if nodachi had been one of the samurai's Weapon Expertise choices, I'd have used that) but especially if I'm playing a cooperative game with random people I, don't want to make my character worse when I'm already playing something as unoptimal as a halfling melee fighter.

Basically, is this a Bad Idea?