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I am not mad.

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Ylenia, Fashion Designer wrote:
Punniculus wrote:

Ylenia likes hats.

This outfit has a hat.
As does this one.
And, while not exactly a hat, this one has headwear of a sort.
Another hat.

If you could choose what class you want to pretend to be multiclass into, I could perhaps find additional choices.

Thw second one is dull and boring and brown...

But the others look awesome. I love the idea of wings on the head! Could they be red?

It makes me seem like my head would turn into a vargouille and fly away! I love it!!!

I think that the first one fits you well.

Necromancer of Hats.

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Racism. They say undead are evil because it allows you to go full murderhobo on them without consequences.

You steal from them? Well, they are not alive, so not civil rights for them.

Torture? Who cares? They are not even sentient, right?

Murder? What? They are not even alive!

They say undead are evil because it's convenient.


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Blinded No More

Sonata Arctica

I have not fallen.

My former deity has.

Both times.

Kileanna wrote:
And my infamous ability to make Dalindra's paladins fall (it only happened twice but it was so epic that he doesn't let me forget! And the fact that it was the same character the two times only makes it worse) hasn't as much to do with me being very strict as it has to me giving them situations that drove them sort of insane... The worse part is that it was mostly accidental.

Well, last time you couldn't make me fall... so you made my deity fall!!

Granted! A fast car comes from nowhere and runs over you!

I wish the undead have the same civil rights as the living.

And who thinks about you poor minions? Most of them don't even have digestive system. I shall punish you for your recklessness!

Commands a colossal zombie to swallow whole Sylvyana. She will have plenty of time to think about what she has done while imprisoned.

Sadly, Ashur forgets about her and she starves to death.