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What is the release date for this scenario? I've got a special game day this weekend and we wanted to play this

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our local store got their kit and the module. since I'm running it, they let me have a copy to prepare. It looks really fun guys!

(also I'm waiting for chronicles too, but I saw in previous comments that they'll be released about a week in advance)

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Thanks! I'm looking forward to trying these out at the upcoming Convention.

Although, I'm going to be a silly person by asking how exactly we redeem the sounds. I got the email and registered for the site but from there I'm a little lost.

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So I've got a player who wants to use a tower shield with the "throw anything" feat. I have no problems with the throwing of it, however, the discussion we're currently working on is how much damage will a thrown tower shield do? I've had a couple people point out the improvised weapon rule that we should find the closest equivalent in the weapons table and then use that damage dice. Honestly, we can't find anything close to a 45 pound weapon (that's the weight of the shield). I'd love to have some feedback and possible get a consensus of what the shield will do.

Things we've figured out:
shield weighs 45 lbs.
will do bludgeoning damage + strength
character will need proficient strength to do this
range of thrown shield is only 10 feet

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thanks everybody! I'm a little nervous about taking all this on as I've only been gaming for a couple years. I just tell myself, that I'm good with the people and logistics aspects and any gaming questions that I can't answer, I can find the answers somewhere (most likely here on Paizo)