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Sovereign Court

Great Changes. Can't wait to see what comes next

Sovereign Court

Baketra - Buff Lot
Basif Iosep - Buff Lot
Djat Masakhet & Intef Karam - Buff Lot
The Four Lanterns - Osirion Lot
Khammayid Okhenti - Weapon Lot
Manaat Heshwah - Osirion Lot
Maru Meshhoten & Namaru Meshhoten - Osirion Lot
Menya the Whip - Weapon Lot

If I can take ten then it is 25 Diplomacy, if not, then we take the rolls tonight

Sovereign Court

I try to gather some rumors gather information: 1d20 ⇒ 1

Sovereign Court

3 Lots

Buff Lot (4300 gp)
2x Potion of Darkvision (2x 150 gp) 
2x Vial of Silversheen (2x 125 gp) 
5x Khol of Uncanny Discernment (5x 750 gp) 

Weapon Lot (1668,5 gp)
Adamantine Heavy Flail (1657 gp, 5 sp) 
Broken Silver Dagger (11 gp) 

Osirion Lot (2400 gp)
Silver Chalice (30 gp)
6x Gold Funerary Masks (1x 150 gp, 1x 500 gp, 4x 75 gp) 
1x Mummified Guardian (1500 gp) 

Sovereign Court 3/5

Medium sized sohei monk

If you want some ideas for prestige classes aswell, then:
Pathfinder chronicler (without any bard levels)
Group leader (without cavalier or inquisitor levels)
Master spy

Sovereign Court 3/5

I am quite fond of Land of the Linnorm Kings
But I would also like to see more scenarios in Numeria, Ustalav and Sargava