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HP: 38 | AC: 16 | Init: +2 | Saves: Str: +0; Dex: +2; Con: +5; Int: +7; Wis: +1; Cha: -1 | Inspiration: [ ]


Passive Perception: 12 | Passive Insight: 9 | Passive Investigation: 15 | Spell Slots: 0 (4) / 0 (2) | Current Infusions: Bag of Holding, Replacement Limb

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Artur D'Cannith

LN Dragonmarked Human Artificer 5
Background: Soldier (swapped vehicle and gambling proficiencies for artisan tool proficiencies)

AC: 19 (15, +2 dex, +2 shield)
Proficiency Bonus: +3

Speed: 30'

Arcana +1d4+7
Athletics +3
Investigation +7
Medicine +4
Perception +4

Cartographer's Tools +1d4+3
Leatherworker Tools +1d4+3
Mason's Tools +1d4+3
Smith's Tools +1d4+3
Thieve's Tools +1d4+3
Tinker's Tools +1d4+3
Woodcarver's Tools +1d4+3

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies:
Simple Weapons
Hand Crossbows
Heavy Crossbows
Light Armor
Medium Armor


Feats: Keen Mind

Dragonmark Features:
- Mending (Dragonmark Ability)

- Magic Weapon Can cast 1/Long Rest; Does not require concentration.

- Spells of the Mark: Add the following spells to my spell list:
1) Tenser's Floating Disk
3) Conjure Barrage

Class Features:
Arcane Firearm (add 1d8 damage to any spell cast through firearm)
Artificer Specialist (Artillerist)
Eldritch Cannon (1/day; can spend a spell slot to create an additional time; shoulder mounted cannon)
Infuse Item (2/day; 4 known: Enhanced Arcane Focus, Enhanced Defense, Replicate Item: Bag of Holding, Replicate Item: Prostetic Limb)
Magical Tinkering
The Right Tool for the Job (can summon tools)


Spell DC: 15
Spell Attack: +7

Spells Known (what the closest real world equivalent of the item would be):

Acid Splash (Grenade fired from underbarrel grenade launcher)
Fire Bolt (magazine for rifle)

Catapult (Grenade launched from underbarrel grenade launcher)
Cure Wounds (First Aid Spray)
Jump (Rocket Boots)
Longstrider (Rocket Boots)
Shield (Button on Shield Gauntlet)
Thunderwave (Magazine for Rifle)

Heat Metal (Magazine for Rifle)
Lesser Restoration (Syringe)
Scorching Ray (Magazine for Weapon)
Shatter (Grenade launched from underbarrel grenade launcher)

Ersatz Eye (Green color)
Collapsable Shield (standard action to get AC benefit this round, bonus action to get benefit next round)
Goggles of Night
Mithral Breastplate
Arcane Gun
Symbiote (currently grants advantage on Con saves)

10 GP


Counts as a staff, but looks like THIS

Utility Belt:

Holds the Spell Items that he uses to "cast" his spells.



Artur is a 5'4", skinny, Human male with slicked back hair and horn-rimmed glasses. His left eye has been replaced with a purple-hued crystal, the socket of which has rather disturbing scarring around it; his right eye his natural Navy Blue color.

Artur dresses in functionary clothing with many pockets when not wearing armor as an adventurer.


*Changing gaming set proficiency for Leatherworker Tools
*Land Vehicles for Cartographer's Tools
*Swapping Intimidation for Medicine

*Personality Trait: I've lost too many friends, and I'm slow to make new ones.

*Ideal: Ideals aren't worth killing over or going to war for.

*Bond: Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.

*Flaw: I am more trusting of machines than the Humans who made them.


Before the Last War, Artur is was a stereotypical forgetful professor, often forgetting to eat, sleep, or clean himself on a regular basis.

Artur was recruited to the Cyrian army for his technical expertise, and assigned to a unit that worked with Cannith's newest creations: The Warforged.
Artur was made to undergo basic soldier training along with the Warforged, and this changed him as a person.

When the Warforged were deployed to the battlefield, Artur asked to go with him. By this point, Artur had become a focused, orderly, and driven young man.

Artur was prompted to Captain and put in charge of a company of Warforged that was sent to serve under the banner of Breland. During the course of the war, Artur's unit was honored by the Brelish military for being willing to take on any mission and succeed.

Then, however, The Mourning occured.

Artur's unit was returning to Korth when they heard the news; unlike most of his countrymen, Artur did not really take the loss of his country as hard as they did. He had long since ceased considering himself a Cyrian, and only marginally considered himself a member of House Cannith.

Unsure of what to do with himself after peace was declared, Artur moved to Sharn and took up residence and began hiring himself out to as a troubleshooter and adventurer.