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Maxximilius wrote:
I'm pretty sure a double weapon is still a single weapon for the purposes of Weapon Focus, but you still have to enchant each part separately.

I would also agree with this assessment. After all a Dwarven Urgrosh is both an axe and a spear and it only requires one Weapon Focus Feat.

In the description for this Inquisition it says:

When you hit an arcane spellcaster or a creature that uses spell-like abilities with a firearm attack, that creature must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw. If the spellcaster fails, he takes a –4 penalty on concentration checks for 1 round.

So my queston is: What's the DC for the Fort save?

Has anyone attempted the Magus with Words of Power? I know it is not ideal, but the only magic that exists in the gameworld I am going to be running my Magus in is WoP. Any particularly good word combinations? Also, does anyone understand why a Magus does not start out with any 0 level Words? I find that kind of odd.

I'm toying with the idea of making a Magus that uses Words of Power. However my grasp of the rules are a bit tenuous. I'm curious if anyone has tried this before. Is it something that is worth exploring?

I've seen a lot of chatter about how Arcane Mark can be used with Spellstrike and Spell Combat. I can't for the life of me figure out how. Could someone please explain why?

KrispyXIV wrote:
Arryn Raven wrote:
I'm curious, where does it say that you can only have one attack form per limb set? What's to stop you from making both a slam and claw attack with your arms? Does it even make a difference mechanically?
I couldn't find this myself. There was developer clarification at some point the intent with weapons was that a creature had to give up a natural attack per weapon wielded, but I dont know any reason a humanoid eidolon can't have two claw evolutions (arms and legs) and two slams, for instance.

Well it does say under slam that you need an equal amount of limbs evolutions for slam evolutions, which makes sense. I don't, however, see why an Eidolon can't slam and then use two claw attacks with it's arms.

Does anyone have clarification for this?

I'm curious, where does it say that you can only have one attack form per limb set? What's to stop you from making both a slam and claw attack with your arms? Does it even make a difference mechanically?

I'm sorry if this has been answered already, but I find the Eidolon kind of confusing.

So the Biped Eidolon has two natural attacks, if I spend the Slam evolution does it now have two Slam attacks? Or one slam attack and one claw attack? Do I need two Slam evolutions to get both attacks?

I used to be smarter that this...

I'm trying to put together a "monster hunter" type character. (Think a mix between Hellboy and Van Helsing.) I'm curious as to what Knowledge skills are the most important to prepare the character for what he is going to be facing. Obviously Religion for Undead, but how important are the others? For those of you playing Inqusitors what have you put skill ranks into?

HalfOrcHeavyMetal wrote:

Personally love the Falchion for most Half-Orcs, something about a heavy blade like that really does it for me, but I get that after a while you just want to throw the whole damn thing down a deep, dark hole and bury it.

Ah, can we ask what sort of God/Belief the Inquisitor has? If a Chaotic bent, I could see the Great-Axe, being the 'traditional' weapon of barbarian tribes and a symbol of both war and strength, would be a good choice.
Not only does the weapon grant formidable combat potential and the second-best 'normal' damage outside of the almighty Greatsword without the need for the Exotic Weapon Feat, but it also can have many uses outside of combat, such as cutting wood for the camp-fire, chopping up game-animals for food, even a walking staff if your weapon has a decent length haft, although for a particularly tall Half-Orc this might be stretching the weapon's physical stats a bit too far towards the 'Game Fantasy' level for your tastes.

For Lawful bents, I'd actually suggest the Flail, Light or Heavy, as the weapon was originally derived from a tool for threshing grain, I believe. Not only is it a weapon has a variety of uses in combat, but the very concept of the weapon, the actual damaging part of the weapon is the mace-like head, which can be swung around defences, as well as smashing through them like a Greataxe.
Again, symbolic of the Inquisitor's many and varied methods of pursuing the agenda of the day. Furthermore, the Flails are often maligned by players who can't see the uses of the weapon outside of full-attacks. Wrap the chain around a rope and use it to slide down, brace the sturdy haft of the weapon against the door as a makeshift prop to help hold it in place while the Sorcerer prepares a mass teleport spell to get you all the hell out of dodge, a make-shift garrot, wrap the chain around the sentry's neck to stop them from crying out, etc etc.

From a more mechanical side (And I'll probably be drowned in Fire for this ...) A Keen Greataxe has the same crit rate as a Flail,...

I actually haven't chosen a diety yet, but I am leaning towards a more chaotic bent. I appreciate everyone's reply. I think the Heavy Flail is going to work best for what I want to do. Thanks to everyone!

I'm thinking of making a Half-Orc Inquisitor and I am trying to decide which weapon to give him. Thematically and mechanically I've narrowed it down to two weapons, the Greataxe or the Heavy Flail and I am wondering which would be the better choice? On the one hand the Greataxe does better damage, but the Flail has other properties and a better chance to crit. Help me decide.

ps. I appreciate that there are other options, but I really do want to choose between these two so "Use a Falchion instead" replies will not be helpful.

Nevermind... found it.

I've never really had a problem using this software, but for some reason I can't for the life of me figure out how to select a favored class. Can anyone enlighten me?