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I get twelve different guises, why can't paladins have nine?

Nope, definitely not a secret.

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Set wrote:

Aroden seen getting his horse reshoed at a Quik-Smithy outside of Westcrown! Witness sketches on page 3! "He looked just like the God of Humanity statue in Corentyn! He even winked at me and put his finger to his lips!"

Aroden's profile also found on a grainery wall. "That moldy patch right there, doesn't that look just like his image on those commemorative coins they sold?"

"No, not at all. These cheekbones are all wrong."

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Been with both, Ileosa is kinder though.

Play hide and seek with me or hide and seek with Lamashtu?

Mikaze and I have been hanging out for the past few weeks. If you're looking for 'em, just ask me. It's really no trouble. I mean, I'm not exactly that hard to find these days, right? Keep in touch.

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Righty_ wrote:

An oldy but goody,

Aroden was killed in the green room by the butler with the candlestick.


"I am the best hide and seek player ever!"

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rknop wrote:


Pharasman clerics assert that evidence of his death is uncontestable: "The King is dead."

Wow, is it just me or are these articles seriously out of date? I mean, I haven't been in K-Zoo for two years and Elvis has been dead for decades. Journalistic standards these days, jeez.