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Not going to talk about confusion still being frustrating and overly-deadly. My immediate problem that should be very uncontroversial (lol) to fix is the wording.

It is better than 1e's wording but please please PLEASE make it completely clear how much you should "try" to attack your nearest target if you roll a 1. If the creature is already attacking you it says use your actions. So that's clear it is for you to use all three actions to kill it. If you roll a 1 it says "you must spend your turn attempting to
attack the nearest creature to you". This is much better than in 1e, and I am 95% sure it means to essentially play your turn normally except only for only trying to attack your target, but there is SO much debate in 1e about what to do that I don't see any reason to not just say "You spend your entire turn attempting to attack the nearest creature to you". It is also not clear how much you can "hold back". Please also include wording explaining if you fight normally or only use basic attacks.

Thank you.

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Now that it's been a while since the AP was completed, what are the thoughts on the ability to purchase and sell loot? I only read through the first book but given the themes of the adventure is this a Reign of Winter situation? I'm considering running this after Carrion Crown and thinking about using the Automatic Bonus Progression system and allowing more crafting than normal. Would ABP be too much of a power boost without changing the loot in the books?

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I just learned that you can report home games of sanctioned Adventure Paths whether playing by Society rules or not and wanted to start collecting chronicles, but I'm not really sure how to report it. Only myself and one player are interested in Society. What is actually essential to be reported? They aren't PFS characters and only one of the players even HAS a PFS character so I can't record those characters as having played. Or can I put the non-PFS character down in the record?

I'm just really confused because the report sheet clearly isn't designed for this and I just need to know what exactly I need to fill out for it to be legal.

Thank you.


Just wanted to be sure about this since it's such a major ability.

The Genie Heritage boon from 8-08: Tyranny of Winds, Part 1: The Sandstorm Prophecy says "Oread bloodragers with the elemental (fire) bloodline and oread sorcerers with the deep earth or shaitan bloodlines treat their Charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer and bloodrager spells and class abilities."

The ability to cast spells is a Bloodrager class ability, right? This boon means a Oread Bloodrager with 9 Charisma could still cast first level spells?

Bonus question: Would this work with the wildblooded variations (bedrock, shazada, arial)?

I like the concept of having a limited, randomized set of magic items in a city but in my experience this just leads to players rolling for the items they want and banking their gold if they don't find anything they really want. Has anyone tried discounting the available magic items? I think that would encourage players to make "suboptimal" purchasing decisions without breaking wbl or player wealth but I'm not sure on a percentage.

I cannot update my card's expiration date to 6/21, nor can I add an additional payment method.

Most assuredly too early to ask, but I plan on running this pretty soon after its release and with the news of no player's guide, I was wondering about player allowed races.

Would it be best to allow Starfinder core races only for this adventure path, or would the Pathfinder core also work well? I mean primarily for roleplaying and plot opportunities in the adventure rather than any balance reason. Based on the descriptions of the books I was thinking of doing Starfinder core plus half elves.

A player is considering taking the Expulsionist archetype but is worried it will trivialize haunts too much. At fifth level we are talking probably a +14 or 15 bonus vs dc20 plus CR to know exactly how to disable a haunt.

Is this too powerful?

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I see James Jacobs recommends not playing a Sable Company Marine (or Hellknight) but on my skim through I could not see why. The Sable Company is disbanded late in the adventure and several high-ranking members or imprisoned or killed. It really sounds like it would just create more motivation for the player and the only drawback is they would know the layout of the headquarters.

Is there some major problem I'm missing? Has anyone ran or played a game with Sable Marine PC? Did any significant changes to the plot have to be made?

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When you cast an offensive spell such as fireball, does your invisibility break when you start casting (so it can be interrupted with readied actions) or after you finish casting it?

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Hello. The Vivisectionist Toxicant Alchemist in my Emerald Spire game is coming up to a level where I said she could have a chance to bypass poison immunities, due to the sheer amount of poison immune enemies in higher levels.

I've already made a feat for her to bypass immunity with regular poisons, but I need something for her toxic secretions. We've had disagreements on how powerful, how flexible, and how costly it should be.

What are your thoughts on this? Would it serve best as a discovery? A new class feature? Should it bypass all creatures' immunity or should she have to decided what it will work on?

Thank you.

Would a Circle Against Evil swift casted by a Warpriest on himself with fervor only affect himself?

I have a group planning to run Emerald Spire. One wants to be a toxicant alchemist, another a psychic. There are two floors filled with serpentfolk who are immune to both poisons and mind-affecting effects. Are there any ways to bypass immunities or should I just get them off those characters?

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I'm playing a Warpriest of Erastil (heavy pick and shield, plant and law domains) in Reign of Winter. We are only at second level now, and I started with Improved Initiative. I'm planning to take Quicken Blessing and Blind-Fight but other than those I just have the standard martial feats planned (power attack, weapon focus, weapon specialization, etc).

What other feats could be useful?

If say the enemies roll 12, 15, and 19 in stealth, and the players roll 11, 14, 17, and 20 in perception, does everyone but 11 go in numerical order, or how does that work?

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Are Werecrocodiles large or medium? PFSRD and Nethys have them listed as medium, but Hero Lab says large and the description of Lycanthropes says the hybrid form takes the size of the base animal, in this case a crocodile which is large.

Additionally, if the hybrid form is medium what does that mean for the infection rules? Can a small creature now be infected by a medium hybrid Werecrocodile?

If gear is not listed is it assumed the enemy carries the equipment listed in the referenced book?

For example, in Plunder and Peril there is a Constable listed with a reference to the NPC Codex. The book says the PCs can take all of his gear but does not specify what his gear is. Do they just get the gear listed in the Codex including a +1 Spear, Cloak of Resistance, and various potions?

Does Magical Knack only work when it can apply the full +2 bonus or does it go to +1?

I'll be running this soon, and my character will be a half-orc from one of the northern lands (Linnorm, Irrisen, Mammoth Lords) and I'm honestly daunted by how my character would even get to Taldor where the adventure starts from there.

I'm not asking for my backstory to be made for me, but what do you guys think the most likely route would be to get from the frigid north to Taldor?

Hello, two players looking to play a Pathfinder module or adventure path on Tuesdays in the 6PM-12 CST range via Roll20 or another virtual tabletop. We're both fairly experienced (I have about sixth months experience but picked it up fast, my friend has over six years experience) and are pretty open to any class/races.

Thanks for reading!

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