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Since it does not seemed like anyone has talked about it, I wanted to give my thoughts on the Warpriest. When I first heard of the class, I thought of was a cleric that can cast off all those really good personal range boost spells while attacking (Diviner Power, Righteous Might, etc.). Kinda like a divine magus.

My second though was a bit of sadness that the class just uses the first 6 levels of the cleric list. I was expecting it to it's own spell list like the Bard, Magus or Inquisitor.

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Greetings everyone!!

I have not posted much in the past (I make a better lurker than a poster). But I have been following this tread was a good deal of interest. I'm running Jade Regent right now and my group will finish Brinewall this Friday.

I have been mulling about some ideas for caravan improvements. I will be running the math simulations this weekend to try and find some solutions that do make the system fun and exciting. One of the issues I want to fix is to make the caravan encounters more interactive for the group. The one player show concept does not sit will in larger groups.

First Option -

Combat Roles
I'm thinking of allowing each of the PC's (and possibly the key NPCs) to fill one of a few takes during the encounters. These tasks will require a skill or attack roll of some kind. The simple combat tasks are as follows.

Attack – The character would make some type of attack check vs the enemies AC to increase the caravan damage.

Defend – The character would do some action to boost the caravan's AC. I'm thinking something using aid another roll to boost an allies defense.

Repair – Using magic or skill checks to apply repairs to the physical caravan or the Travelers. I liked the idea of granting temporary HP and requiring the actual repairs to be made after the fight.

Rally – The character will uses skills, ability or magic to boost the caravans to hit roll making. I'm imagining this as a leader using diplomacy or intimidate better motivate or coordinate the caravan. Abilities like Bardic songs or a lot of the cleric buff I see falling into the category.

Weaken – The section if for abilities that will weaken the enemy. Intimidate checks to demoralize the enemy or bluff checks to distract and confuse the attackers. CMB check is a good option as well to weaken a foe. The character could be disarming, tripping or other such attack to prevent or weaken the foes ability to effect the caravan.

Second Option -

Advanced caravan jobs

I like the jobs system set-up but I think all of the jobs are kind basic. I thinking of add a second tier of jobs based on a higher skill requirements. Here are some of the samples advanced caravan jobs I was thinking of.

Hunter – Grants bonus like the favored terrain or favor enemy from Ranger class
Merchant – Greater income from trade
Warrior – Increases the caravan's damage output
Healer – Grants combat only fast healing to the caravan
Engineer – Can repair the caravan during combat and make custom upgrades the caravan
Thief – Increase income at settlement but has a risk of getting the caravan run out of town
Battle Mage – Increases caravan's damage based on caster level
Master Chief – Cooking providers morale bonus to the caravan
Defender – Increases the caravan's AC
Caravan Master – Increase the general effectiveness of the caravan.

All the advanced job will have around a +7 skill ranks or BAB requirement. This will limit the number of people that can fill one of these rolls. Also the players will not be able to easily hire someone to do one of these advanced jobs.

I'm still working on this concept and I know I have to post a lot of the math I'm thinking of using. I want to see everyone opinion on the concepts. I suspect I will be using some mixture of both of the option I listed above. This weekend I will be running a lot of trials and mathematical reviews. I hope to post some specific results next week.