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Cleaving Dwarven Bloodrager / Weapon Master:

Here's a build that I designed explicitly for the Dwarven Cleaving feats.

Cleaving through very medium sized creature that is within your 20' reach at level 6 is crazy fun!

S:17 D: 13 C: 18 I:10 W:10 C:5

Cleaving Dwarven Bloodrager / Weapon Master

Yes, dump CHA: you are only dipping Bloodrager for 4 levels, so you aren't going to get many spells anyway.

Favored Cass: Fighter (Extra HP)

Weapon of choice: Dwarven Dorn Dergar

Parens indicate available number of rage rounds per day.

1) BR1 - Power Attack (11)
2) BR2 (13)
3) BR3 - Cleave (15)
4) BR 4 - Enlarged Bloodraging [STR+1=18] (17)
5) WM1 - Goblin Cleaver, Raging Vitality(17)
6) WM2 - Great Cleave (17)
7)WM3 - Orc Hewer; WT (17)
8) MW4 - Combat Reflexes [DEX+1=14] (17)
9) MW5 -Iron Will (17)
10) MW6 - Improved Critical (17)
11) MW7 - Improved Iron Will; WT: +2/+2 (17)

After playing the character for 7 levels, I would say that the Dwarven Cleaving feats are not very cost effective (it comes together late because of the number of required feats, and usage is always pretty situational), but they are a whole lot of fun (clearing a room of mooks with a standard action attack is made of awesome)!

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I recently got done running my Swashbuckler/Ninja through the Plunder and Peril adventures and am looking for people's input on levels 8 through 12 for the character. Leopald Bartholomew Forsythe III (Bart to his friends) is a roguishly charming swordsman and a bit of a lady's man. I dipped into Ninja primarily for Vanish, but also for the extra skills and sneak attack.

My last two chronicle sheets (bothed obtainedat the end of P&P) move Bart form 6th level to 8th level. I'm pretty seton the 5th level of Swashbuckler, since I am looking forard to Weapon Training, but I am open to suggestions on how to proceed from there. Fort and Will saves are pretty weak, offense is quite good, defenses are a little lacking. More Ninja levels, or mixing Ninja with Swashbuckler would be OK (probably taking the 4th level Ninja Trick to pickup Combat Reflexes), but I am thinking hard about going with either Urban Barbarian or (probably more likely) Savage Technologist for a few levels. Either would add significantly to offense (+DEX raging), a little to defense +2 to +3 with DEX and the Urban situational bonuses), and give halfway decent skill points. Let me know if you have any other suggestions, too.

Here's the build so far:

Starting Stats: S:10 D:18 C:14 I:10 W:10 C:14

Bart: Human Swashbuckler/Ninja

1) S1 - Swashbuckler Finesse; Opportune Parry and Riposte; Exotic Weapon Prof & Weapon Focus: Sawtooth Saber
2) N1 - +1d6 Sneak
3) S2 - Slashing Grace; Charmed Life (CHA to saves, 3/day)
4) S3 - Menacing Swordplay; Precise Strike; Swashbuckler Initiative(+2); Nimble
5) S4 - TWF; Weapon Specialization: Sawtooth Saber
6) N2 - Ki Pool; Vanish trick
7)S5 - Improved Two Weapon Fighting; Swashbuckler Improved Crit; WT +1/+1

Here's one path that I have been considering:

8) N3 +2d6Sneak; Fort and Will save bumps
9) N4 - Combat Reflexes (Combat Ninja Trick), Extra Panache, Uncanny Dodge
10) Savage Technologist 1 - Fast Movement, Rage (6 rnds/day)
11) Savage Technologist 2 - Extra Rage (14 rnds/day);

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I've been playing with the idea of a unarmed combatant that focuses on tripping and grappling, but the build is very feat-starved to do the things I want to do (mostly getting to Binding Throw as soon as possible). I worked out a build that lets me (on a full attack) trip my opponent and then strike him twice (including Vicious Stomp) and then grapple him - starting at third level. Anyway, please take a look and let me know what you think.

Connor MacGreggor
Human Fighter/Monk (Lore Warden/Maneuver Master)
S:18 D:14 C:14 I:12 W:12 Ch:7

1) MM1 Improved Trip; Combat Reflexes; Vicious Stomp; Improved Unarmed Strike
2) MM2 Improved Grapple; (Evasion)
3) LW1 Ki Throw; Binding Throw
4) LW2; Combat Expertise; Snapping Turtle Style
5) LW3 Snapping Turtle Clutch; (+2 to CMB/CMD)
6) LW4 Iron Will or Jawbreaker
7) LW5 Greater Grapple (WT: +1/+1)
8) LW6 Greater Trip
9) UF7 Rapid Grappler (+4 to CMB/CMD)
10) UF8 Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike
11) UF9 Greater Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike (Weapon training: +2/+2)

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I have a fun idea for roleplaying this Thunder and Fang Human barbarian for PFS and am looking for some feedback on the build.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Human (Shoanti) Barbarian - Thunder and Fang Build

Starting Stats (after human +2 to STR):

STR:18 DEX:15 CON:14 INT:10 WIS:10 CHA:8

All bumps to STR.

1) Weapon Focus: Earth Breaker; Weapon Focus: Klar
2) Lesser Beast Totem
3) TWF
4) Superstition
5) Thunder and Fang
6) Witch Hunter
7) Improved TWF (assumes a +2/+2 DEX/STR belt by level 7)
8) Spell Sunder
9) Extra Rage Power: Beast Totem
10) Greater Beast Totem
11) Extra Rage Power: Eater of Magic

Note that the character will wield an Earth Breaker Two-Handed until level 5. This approach wastes a few feats until he starts with Thunder and Fang, but the damage output should be respectable in the interim, with 18 base STR (22 Raging) and a two handed weapon.

Not sure if I need to work in Power Attack, or if he could just drop the Klar and use the Earth Breaker two-handed when he needs to overcome DR (I don't usually like stacking PA with TWF, as the attack penalties don't stack well, IMO).

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I've been playing this character in PFS and he's been a lot of fun. I'm going to have to focus quote a bit on defensive equipment for him to survive at higher levels: melee opponnents might be manageable, but hte low AC is going to suck against archers.

Let me know what you think!

Half-Elf Lore Warden/Master of Many Styles
S:19 D:14 C:13 I:13 W:10 C:7

Traits: Bred for War. Reactionary

1) LW1 - EWP: Fauchard (Half-Elf), Toughness, Weapon Focus
2) LW 2 - Combat Expertise (LW bonus), Improved Trip
3) MoMS1 Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Fuse Styles, Dragon Style, Tiger Style
4) LW3 - +2 to CMB/CMD (LW)
5) MoMS2 - Tiger Pounce, Power Attack; Evasion
6) LW4 - Combat Reflexes
7) LW5 - Greater Trip; Weapon Training +1/+1
8) LW6 - Fury's Fall
9) LW7 - Improved Crit (Fauchard); +4 to CMB/CMD (LW)
10) LW8 Greater Weapon Focus: Fauchard
11) LW9 FEAT?; Weapon Training +2/+2

Pretty decent saves (w/ the Monk levels), good trip bonuses, versatility to use unarmed strikes if you can't get far enough away to use the Fauchard. AC sucks.

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