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We really need a boxed adventure for goblins at some point...

Thanks. They got back to me pretty quick and thats what they said to do

I want these and it won't gove them to me as an option. Just witch and gunslinger. Still no word from support. Should i just pick witch and hope it's a glitch that it's still up?

So if I want the goblin promos [I'm holding off on the witch deck] I suppose i should wait until this is fixed. I was going to order yesterday, but I had a question to customer support about combined shipping I needed answered first. Hope i don't miss out because of that

Is Gunslinger class deck coming about before the goblin decks now? Yesterday it showed Goblins and today it shows gunslinger. Also I saw goblins had promo cards, will more class decks be receiving those or just Goblins? 3rd and last question... can we get some new [or old promo] ships for shackles with gunslinger and eventually swashbuckler decks? I know the class decks are generally not favored to a certain base set, but a few set specific cards wouldn't kill us =]

Can you please make it more obvious that these are pdfs only for easily exciteble people like myself who dont always remember to look at the fine print lol.

I know it has been said many times already, but please consider a fixed figure dungeon dressing set. I'd much rather give you money for a static set then pay exorbitant prices on ebay! Loved the bar so much that I ordered a second one. These pieces make encounters way more fun for my players who throw barrels donkey kong style, flip tables to hide behind, stack crates to make a stair case, etc. I can't get enough of them! If there was a boxed set with a draft horse pulling a cart full of barrels I'd buy multiples. Or a set with beds with chests at the end of them with an included "barracks" map I'd have to have it! I love these minis, but I just can't get the quantities I need in random blind packs.