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Please cancel my Starfinder Roleplaying Game subscription. Thank you.

I have a few things I wanted to clarify about the new "Alternate Natural Attack" rules from Wilderness Origins.

First off, does changing the shifter claws from claws to another damage type free up that hand for something else, like wielding a weapon?

Second, can you utilize the "Alternate Natural Attack" rules while in a Weretouched shifter's hybrid form?

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I took a break from writing this guide for a while until recently, and while I still need to work on the equipment section at the time of writing this, it is complete enough that I feel it is worth sharing. Hopefully you find this guide helpful. Please feel free to leave thoughts on it.

Archmage Variel's Guide to the Vampire Hunter

We're doing some changes over at a starfinder discord server I help moderate, and I was wondering what the various ranks of the stewards were to help me possibly find names for roles to add for rewarding users who frequent the server.

Every one of the pages of my new Pact Worlds book arrived with a bend in them, as if all of the pages came out bent before applying the book cover. It goes vertically through every single page. I really enjoy my starfinder books, and was really looking forward to getting this one, so seeing it come out like that is a bit of a downer.

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I'm looking for people interested in becoming an editor for the Pathfinder 2e Collected Information Google doc. You get paid a total of $0, but you get your name on the Google doc and you'd be helping the Pathfinder community. You must have a Discord account and experience using Google Docs. Message me (Variel#3770) on Discord if you're interested in becoming an editor. Here is a link to the editor's discord server for anyone who is interested in helping out.

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Hi everybody! Some of you may remember that, back before Starfinder was released, I managed a google document compiling the various things that were announced about Starfinder. Well now I’m doing the same thing with Pathfinder. I will continue to update this document as quickly as my time allows in order to help everyone to know what to expect from this exciting new chapter in Pathfinder’s history. If you have any recommendations, comments, or thoughts about the document feel free so comment here or message me.

Archmage Variel’s Collected Information on Pathfinder 2e

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I've been working on a class guide for the Vampire Hunter (link below), and would love to hear people's thoughts on changes or additions I can make to it, as I have done with my previous guide. Let me know what you think!

Archmage Variel's Guide to the Vampire Hunter

In particular I'd currently really like to know how everyone thinks I did on rating the feats, before I finalize it and put descriptions for them all.

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If I am playing a shifter and I took the Wolverine aspect at a later level then 8 (10, 15, or 20), can I get higher level rage powers than 8th level?

I love Black Fang's dungeon. The classical feel of the dungeon and intuitive rules of the Beginner Box is a great way to introduce anyone to tabletop roleplaying, but the one negative aspect of that entire dungeon has always been Black Fang himself.


After sludging through an entire dungeon, first time gamers saw the dragon and wanted nothing more than to call themselves a dragon slayer. But as low level player's, black fang isn't supposed to be defeated so easily. You want to give them the feel that this is a powerful beast that may have ended you were it cournered. But if they aren't close enough to death's door and the enemy he flies away, I often get players who feel cheated, not yet fully understanding that this is a narrative game.

That isn't in my opinion a particularly fun introduction to this game. So, instead I propose to you the Injured Wyvern, a scaled down version of the original Pathfinder Wyvern suitable for dragonslaying. The injured wyvern fled it's home in Wyvern Mountains after a territory battle which it lost. It fled to the hills near sandpoint, where it hunted cattle from the surrounding farms.

Sandpoint has had enough, and your adventurers are the ones who have decided to take up the bounty of clearing out a dungeon believed to be the home of whatever deadly creature has been stalking Sandpoint's farmlands.

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I've been working on this guide for a little while, and while it's not complete, I think it's reached a point that I'm willing to share it. This is my first attempt at a class guide, so I hope everyone likes it. Please feel free to leave comments on how it can be improved.

Archmage Variel's Guide to the Shifter

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I'm just saying... skittermander plushies. Think about it. ;)

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Any chance we could see starfinder themed avatars for the messageboards any time in the near future?

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The terrain rules imply that there is a base modifier for perception checks made at a distance (namely an increase of 1 per 10 feet) but a direct reference to the DC increase isn't in the book. Can someone clarify this rule? Is it for sound based perception checks alone?

It looks like the pending charge has disappeared from my card, but the payment authorization hasn't expired yet. Is my order being processed ok?

I had a few questions about the Contemplatives of Ashok for the sake of roleplaying one in Starfinder and for worldbuilding within the Pact Worlds.

A) Do the Contemplatives sleep? Do they enter a state of meditation like elves?

B) How long do Contemplatives live and when do they reach adulthood?

C) What do Contemplatives eat and how do they eat? Do they have mouths? A membrane somewhere that allows food to pass through?

D) Do the Contemplatives have any naming conventions?

E) Can and do contemplatives ever wear clothes, and can they physically wear armor?

F) How does a contemplative see with their darkvision? Do they have eyes?

G) How are new contemplatives born or created (not looking to get to specific)? Do they have sexes or are they sexually dimorphic in any way?

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Exclusive: Sci-Fi RPG Starfinder Announces Undead Planet and We’ve Got Images Really liking Eox. The art looks really cool.

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I have compiled a Google Docs document of all the information that I have seen about Starfinder so far. I'll do what I can to regularly update this document with any relevant new information.

Collected Information on Starfinder

A lot of the information I've added is my best stab at interpreting the limited material available, and so I can't guarantee anything for sure. Please feel free to suggest additions to the file, discuss what you think, and just talk about Starfinder in general.

In Pathfinder the goblin makes the perfect mascot. They're goofy murder hobos but they're also cute (when docile, which is admittedly rare). What will be Starfinder's mascot? What is the outer space version of the goblin?

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This is all the information I've found concerning starfinder. Obviously, some of this is subject to change and some of it is somewhat speculative so I won't make promises.

Included Races:
-7 "Core" Races (Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Humans)
-Plus other "alien" races
-They want to make more monster like playable races
-SPECULATION: Possibly kasatha (as seen in pictures)

Included Classes:

The God:
-An ascended ai god, which apparently has some link to past Golarion linked to an already known god, has become a god and gifted hyperspace travel to the galaxy
-Some other gods may disappear/be inexplicably missing
-The faithful of Abadar God of Commerce created a company called "Adadar Corp."
-20 Different gods to be described in the main book
-Possible cathedral ships of the Church of Iomedae

Hyperspace Travel:
-Can only be accessed with technology, not magic
-Has differing environmental effects depending on distance traveled
-A small jump has little effect of the outside world
-A large jump can cause pieces of the multiverse to be sucked into the hyperspace dimension, causing the dimension to grow and sometimes spitting beings and pieces of other planes out

Golarion Is Gone:
-Golarion has vanished
-The gods refuse to (SPECULATION: can't?) answer where it has gone
-The moon has gone with it
-"Absolam Station" a space station (SPECULATION: Likely the one shown on the starfinder homepage) has taken the place of Golarion. (Unknown whether that means physical location or location as a home base)
-Golarion has NOT been destroyed

The Gap:
-A multiverse wide memory gap stretching thousands of years back on anything concerning golarion and it's history
-The gap is different for different places. On one planet the gap may ge 1000 years, on another it may be 1005 years.

Starship Combat:
-Every player has an important part in combat
-Has been described as star trek/firefly-like
-Upgradable ships to act like a separate character sheet shared by the party

-Will include spaceships, power armor, laser and plasma weapons

-Corporations got ahold of technology to produce androids
-SPECULATION: Possibly a future version of the technic league?

The hellknights might have battleship fleets

Considering a method to work around the language barrier

Again this is all information found in paizo interviews and statements with some speculation where noted. ALL OF THIS CAN BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Just thought I would post everything I've found. If I find any new information I will try to update.

So what do you think?