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graystone wrote:
BryonD wrote:
I think we must assume the answers to both questions are "yes". The whole demand for a correction hinges upon it.
Some devs and players/dm's don't like it others do. It's NOT a true/false question. It's not a universal truth. SO there will NEVER be an agreement on this IMO. I know I can't see a situation where I'm going to change my mind on it. CLW isn't bad and it's not an exploit as far as I'm concerned.

You don't have to confirm crits anymore but the wording of vorpal suggests not only does it only happen on nat 20 but that if the nat 20 does not put you 10 above succeeding then it won't activate.

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So with the wording from the staff you can sacrifice any spell slot of the same level to cast a spell in the staff. Does this mean a wizard can use this staff to heal even though they wouldn't usually be able to cast the spell?

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
They could call it pressure point strike or something like that.

That's actually an awesome name and suits it's effects very well. Because then in an ultra crit you've hit a very important pressure point and that's why they have so many debuffs

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Secret Wizard wrote:
So, to summarize: I'm not concerned about people clamoring about legacy issues. I'm worried about, in this edition, how will the Monk be differentiated from the Fighter....

This has been my main issue, i don't see Monk standing out.

I also don't believe he's that much more mobile than a fighter, people keep talking about how great it is to flurry+Attack at 0/-4/-8 for the cost of two actions and then disengage but from what we have heard the Monk is no less vulnerable to AoO than Fighter is. Unless Monk gets an ability to be immune to AoO in some way, the only real mobility that a Monk has is the Jump Kick, which means nothing because unlike the Monk the Fighter has Sudden Charge to close the distance as well.
Well, I will note that AoO is no longer a universal rule. For PCs, only fighters start with AoO automatically and it is unclear what percentage of monsters will have that mechanic.

Flying kick has a longer engage range than sudden charge. As the devs said flying kick can be used with long jump which is essentially a charge but a jump and the monks move speed increased passively whereas the fighter doesn't so the monk flying kick will be a much larger engage with the advantage of ignoring terrain as well

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You don't need to build around avoiding AOOs anymore because people get a max of 1 per turn so strength monk will be fine. Aoo uses your 1 reaction for the turn so at worse you get hit once add you retreat