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Organized Play Characters

Liberty's Edge Beckett Ratarion

Male Human Rogue 4 (0 posts)

Scarab Sages Hskora

Male Nagaji Haunted Legalistic Oracle of the Dark Tapestry - 2 (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Eladrys

Female Elf Wizard 3 (0 posts)

The Exchange Canzon

Male Half-Orc Fighter (Eldritch Fighter) (Mutagen Warrior) - 3 (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Vivek Percy

Vishkanya Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) - 1; Mesmerist - 1 (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Iolana Iolas
(0 posts)

Sovereign Court Amdir Archet
(0 posts)

Sovereign Court Medium Placeholder
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Nolanu

Male Skinwalker (Bat, Ex-elf) Swashbuckler (Inspider Blade) - 1, Investigator (Empricist) - 2 (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Vic!Tory

Halfling Swashbuckler 1/Paladin 2/Oracle 1/Spiritualist x (0 posts)

Silver Crusade InquisitorPlaceholder
(0 posts)

Dataphiles Michael Robinson mk α

Android (0 posts)

Acquisitives Coponisa 'Flash' Edaio

Male Ysoki Operative (Hacker) (0 posts)

Exo-Guardians Atraxerxes
(0 posts)

Radiant Oath Amdir Ashara
(0 posts)

Vigilant Seal Harakiel
(0 posts)

Horizon Hunters Medb
(0 posts)

Verdant Wheel The Morrígu
(0 posts)