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Aravashinal hears the proclamation and runs out of the room. a few minutes later, winded and breathing heavily, he holds up the diary from Xanthir Vang. I have been studying this while not working on Morgrym's Earthbreaker. It is extremely complex to decipher but I think I have found coordinates to such a rift west of the Templar's hideout. If my deciphering is correct the location is called the Midnight Fane. there is mention of the Nahyndrian crystal in relation to that location as well but I have not figured out what exactly is going on though.

Aravashinal shakes his head sadly. That is beyond my capabilities at the moment. It pains me to say this but the master has become the pupil in our relationship. I once considered myself superior to most in the matters of arcane power and theory. However in such a short time you have surpassed me. Once I would have been bitter at the thought. That was before I lost my eyesight. Now I realize that I have been given a second chance and plan to make the most of it.

If you wish it I will make the trip to Kenebras while you are busy here. Otherwise I plan on busying myself again with exploring the city and possibly setting up a new area for blossoming Riftwardens.

Post week update tonight

Hearing the request from Pakak Aravashinal hurries along to see what this strange contraption is that Pakak is raving about. Arriving at the forge Aravashinal quickly performs a spell protecting him from the heat of the area so he may study it more thoroughly. Casting some other divination and augmentation spells Aravashinal contemplates the forge before him.

detect magic, heroism, fox's cunning +4 to int skills

Know planar 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (6) + 17 = 23
Know arcane 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (9) + 17 = 26
Know religion 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (7) + 17 = 24
Spellcraft 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (1) + 17 = 18

Wow that sucked.

I am at a loss my friends. I have very rarely ever been so far removed from the properties of powerful magics wielded by our adversaries. This contraption is beyond my power to comprehend let alone figure a way to reverse it. This will take me some time of studying before I am ready to make much headway on it.

Perhaps if we could return to Kendra's and search through the library there I may find records of such things. Pakak, do you have the means and vilify to teleport us there and back? If not then we must undertake the journey by horse to research that which is beyond us.

I have not studied geography as much as some master Pakak but I can still handle my way around a city. Since you restored my sight I have found a new pleasure and purpose in life.

I will do what I can to help but I personally I would like to search the city for information. Perhaps I can divine something that could assist you inside or give you a lead to follow.

Wow, just wow on both of Zeriax and Garith's rolls and even morgrym's before that.

An unhallow spell you say. That would seem appropriate considering the situation. We will need to get closer though to the center of the effect for me to counter it effectively.

Moving closer to the entrance Pakak is seen at the second set of doors. Pakak, you are here! Excellent, where area he others. Nasira, they are here! You must have passed them unbeknownst to you on the way to us.

Nasira do you want me to roll the dispel check or do you want to? it is at caster level 6.

If time is of the essence do you know what spells are in effect here. I may be able to try and dispel one of them that would shed some light on the matter and let you find them. If you know the name of the spell that would aid me greatly. Then you could enter in and search for them.

I saw a picture once of it in its prime. It was indeed the pride and hope of the area. So much the worse for us when it fell. I never thought I would see this day when we tried to take it back. Yet how are we to proceed? 1 army against an entire city. None of my spells are strong enough to scry or obtain enough information to help us.

Be careful though that you do not risk yourselves needlessly. We have an important task assigned to us and no one else can succeed as you can. Yet I feel as well that this is something that must be checked out. If there are enemies in there then they will surely see us and report our position to other armies. In th gorge here we could be set upon by both sides of the ridge.

Before the queen leaves she sends her priest to visit with Aravashinal at the library. Pakak is there along with Samantha and any others who wsh to participate. The priest comes close to Aravashinal and lays his hands on the old man's shoulders. There are those who speak highly of you and request that you receive this blessing from the queen for your efforts under Kenbras and within it. May this restore your sight as well as your purpose and spirit. With that he makes a poultice and places it on both eyes. May Torag hear my plea remove the poultice and leave his healing in its place.

As the poultice is removed Aravashinal blinks his eyes as he looks around the room. Overcome by the return of his sight he cant focus on anything until Pakak hands him his spellbooks. Aravashinal runs a familiar hand down the spine of the book the tears flowing freely. Wiping them away he finds that he can see clearly for the first time since the attack. In halting stammering speech, Thank you.This means more than you know. I was lost in a dark place in my soul without guidance. I have my sight back and with you I have guidance. I have heard the rumors of an army going to Drezen and you leading them. Please, let me accompany you and do what I can to strike back at the demons who struck out at me? I ask this not for revenge but from a knowledge that I can help make a difference for others.

You can tell that this ordeal has changed him greatly. He is no longer the haughty all powerful wizard he once acted but is now more humble and contrite willing to work with others than commanding them to obey his demands.

I don't have my book with me right now Pakak but will tomorrow so will get you the results of your checks then. Sorry about that. I know that the know local will give some more information at least just not sure how much.

Pakak, when you see Aravashinal you as well think that he has fared poorly these last couple of days. He greets you in a polite manner but you can sense the despondency in the voice. Afternoon Master Pakak, I hear that you are doing well for yourself. Talk around the Heart is that you have become a powerful spellcaster in your own right. Given other circumstances I would love to have traded spells with you but all of that is beyond me right now. I have no use for spell books or other spells as I can not record them myself nor even study my own book to replenish the spells that I have used since that fateful day of the attack. I have been reduced to lower than an initiate by my blindness as all I have are a few cantrips and a single spell of summon monster I remaining to me. My spell book i believe is back at the library with my other personal belongings. If you wish to go there and look for it be my guest but until this accursed affliction is gone I shall not waste the time in searching for other tomes of arcane lore. I am better used now as a resource of knowledge. Even that Ia m afraid is no good to you as I do not know what the ramifications are of the blast from the wardstone upon yourselves. It is a unique occurrence as you well know.

Likewise I am unable to see what spells he has available to him so will get that tomorrow to you if you go searching for is spell book.

Garith wrote:

Aravashinal... In preperation for the mage's arrival he does pour ver library books for information of Areelu, Minagho, and the Storm-king as well as Hulrun. information beyond what is common knowledge.
All are more than welcome to speak to the mage here, if you wish.
When Aravishainal arrives garith will ask to discuss the nature of the coming threat, gather information on the likely tactics of Areelu, and Minagho, as well as what threat the Storm King poses now that Trendev is dead and the wards are down. "We also saw, in our visions, Hulrun burning witches at the stake as the second Crusade began. I do not understand what this vision portends. The other things we say clearly show the history of the wardstone and our enemies, but this one is different."

Aravashinal walks slowly stooped over with a man leading him by the hand. He seems a bit older than you remember him to be and realize that the loss of his sight has taken a toll on him greater than you would have imagined. Upon arriving at the entrance to the Grey Garrison Aravashinallets you take his hand and lead him to a chair to sit. He listens patiently to you ask questions before slowly answering. The Storm King could at any moment wipe us off the face of Golarion now that the defenses are gone and our guardian is killed as well. Minagho I do not know much about other but Areelu is a witch of powerful skill. Do not underestimate her abilities nor her cunning. She will strike in different ways until she finds a weakness to exploit. Beware her and her guiles.

Why it would show you the past of the witch hunt I do not know unless it is to be on guard for treachery and deceit. Yet that is to be tempered as well in that not all that you accost will be guilty. Wisdom is needed to prevail where hotter heads would take action. Now if you excuse me I need to rest. I have found that without my sight I exert more energy trying to perceive the world around me through sound and smell.

1 hour before sunset at the Blackwing Library

Indeed Maelchar I will be able to reinforce some wards around this place if they are still intact. Providing we are not beset upon by a large force or too powerful of demons I am confident that I can hold this place as a bastion of strength and refuge. Should you need to fall back and rest this area will be yours to use while I am here. I must insist though that word reach Quednys as soon as possible. As the last riftwarden here I am limited on what I can do. If he is alive then together we can do mare together than apart. Alas even together there is nothing we can do to fix the wyrdstone I am afraid.

Pakak as you detect magic you notice a blip coming from one of the books that were gathered by the librarians for Chaleb.

I am indeed worried about my brethren above. The cataclysm that surely took place will mean that I am sorely missed and need to hurry on to help. However, I know that rushing up above without knowing what we are getting ourselves into is worse then taking the steady appraoch. I do wonder how they are doing without my prodigious talents.

Aravashinal takes on the demeanor of a college professor who is trying to educate a student that has suffered under poor teachers in the past. Since you are not from here originally I can see how such teachings may have not been passed on to you. I would strongly consider learning the histories. It seems that Pakak has learned of them and may be a sutiable teacher for you if I am not around to share my wealth of knowledge. Why from what I have heard both Pakak and Oriana have studies that lend themselves well to the religious. that may also be a path of enlightenment that you should look into. A well rounded person keeps both his mind and body sharp. IF it were not for the loss of my sight I would show you that even as a scholar and arcanist I can still handle myself with some athleticism.

When we do reach the surface if our path should take to the Tower of Estrod, I would like to find out what is going on there myself. There is a large library and resources there that should not be lost. If traitors are there they need to be rooted out before more damage can be done.

Aravashinal sits quietly and ponders the possible outcomes before answering. While I would like to stay and learn more about these Descendants, I would be at a loss without a guide to explain to me what can be seen. For that reason and also as my spells may be of aid to you I will accompany you. Besides the quicker we make it to the surface, the sooner we can alert the proper people of the Iomedae imposters. I am sure that they will want this information soon to ferret out these traitors.

Very well, once we are before the leader of this 'group', we will ask him what they wish to be called.

Turning to his eyes, Aravashinal lets out a long sigh. Be that as it may, we must call them something. Certainly individuals are known by specific names, but a group must have a name as well. Would they prefer to be called 'the citizens of under Kenebras' as that is too long and drawn out. What about deep dwellers or dark dwellers as a name for themselves?

Clearly Aravashinal can not tell that he is offending these people by trying to label them as his literal nature needs some way to classify them.

Maelchar is able to prevent any more damage from being done, but is not able to set the arm completely. The care provided and the healing from the spell ensure that Dax is stable enough to continue the journey with out risk to himself.

Since it seems that the groups have met peacably, Aravashinal motions for Pakak to lead him closer so he can talk to these 'molemen'. Yes, lets go to this underground city of refugees and molemen. I wish to see what has happened to them in the past century. Let's See how such people have lived away from the light of Kenebras with the taint of the worldwound and how these afflictions manifest themselves.

sense motive DC: 12:

At these words it is easy to see that both Xin and Carl are offended by such talk of afflictions, taint, and molemen.

As Pakak details the description o fthe three to Aravashinal, the wizard gets excited. Voice raising inexcitement, I told you there was rumor of these 'molemen' living under ground. This is proof of it. Even your descriptions of their deformities relates to the idea that they were tainted by the chaotic demonic forces at play a century ago. Think of what this could mean.

GM stuff:

stealth 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26

Ryu 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12
Maelchar 1d20 ⇒ 18
Pakak 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9
So'rien 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11
Oriana 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21
Sir Garith 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (15) + 1 = 16

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Oriana, you do not notice anything unusual in the cavern besides the statues. As for the statues themselves, Ryu, you can see that the craftsmanship was very fine and painstakingly done. It does seem that the years have been kind as not much erosion has taken place down here. Either that or these statues were finished but recently.

Maelchar, when you explain the detail involved to Aravashinal, he nods sagely, Again, another possible proof that molemen exist or at least existed. I wonder if they are true and what type of people they are now?

Giving So'rien and Sir Garith a chance to post before I continue.

Getting an elaborate tour from So'rien and Maelchar, Aravashinal takes it all in. Halfway through the tour his head starts to nod slowly as if some puzzle he has been working on has finally been completed.

There was a legend that I was told when I was doing research for e war effort. After the First Crusade a group of crusaders who had become infected with Abyssal energies fled into these caverns to raise their deformed children in peace, and that their descendants live on today in the tunnels below the city. The presence of this shrine here gives significant credence to the tale. It is too soon to confirm as it is an isolated shrine, but it does explain its presence to some degree.

A few candles you say. That is peculiar. Why would a creature that lives underground like this need candles? With that thought out loud, Aravashinal lapses into a bit of silence at he ponders the idea.

Night all, just let me know where you are headed and will update in the morning. There is an opposite exit to the cavern that Mr shin will tell you has a T junction ahead. One continuing east the other back west.

Take your time and make sure all is well accounted for before we continue on. A missed foe springing on our backsides will surely be the end of one of us. If the area is clear then I am eager to hear what you have found and learned before we move onward.

You stealthy ones should go and lead us as you may determine what the threat actually is before we come across them. Knowledge is power and we can avoid some encounters perhaps that way.

When Sir Garith steps forward and introduces himself Aravashinal starts to bristle slightly a the affront to someone else taking charge. Yet when Sir Garath makes mention that he is following Aravashinal's advice about rounding the group up and taking a roll call the blind man nods his approval. Taking his time with his new affliction Aravashinal moves closer tot he sound of the voices. I had the sounds of combat but they have ceased. Truly we are fortunate to have such fighters amongst us. I am Aravashinal and I was there when the dragon Terendelev fell to the earth. My last vision was of the baalor's sword whistling towards me. Terendelev saved me from being decapitated yet the tip managed to still find purchase on my face. I am afraid that the damage will not be easily repaired if at all.

I am a wizard of some power and for helping me I shall provide what I can to help us out of this predicament. I will need someone to escort, guide and be my eyes for me.

By referring to his pratical leadership abilities and listening to is wisdom you managed to move Aravashinal from indifferent to helpful. Aravashinal has the following gear that you can use...
potion of cure light wounds (3),
potions of cure moderate wounds (2),
scroll of dispel magic,
scrolls of grease (2),
scroll of web,
wand of false life (20 charges);
And spells...
7/day-acid dart (1d6+2 acid)
Conjurer Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +9)
3rd-heroism, magic circle against evil, summon monster Ill
2nd-acid arrow, levitate, resist energy, summon monster II
1st-mage armor, shield, sleep (DC 15), summon monster I, true strike
O (at will)-acidsplash, arcane mark, detect magic, flare (DC 14)


Clearly appeased somewhat by you helping him and mending his wounds, the man answers. While still crisp, his voice does not have the edge it may have had before. I am Aravashinal and thank you for your assistance. Once you are done yonder, come back here so we may formulate a plan on how to adequately escape from this place. Once you are back then we must take a roll call so we know who we have and their abilities. We must plan effectively and to do so I must know what I have to work with.

Maelchar the man before you is bleeding profusely and has a horrendous wound slashed across his face ruining both of his eyes. Beyond that you can't tell what other condition he is in. As you speak to him he responds tersely Yes, I can walk. Now who are you? Tell me quick so I may figure out how to get us out of here.

sense motive DC:20 all that can hear him:

Even though he sounds like a man used to being in charge, you detect a slight tremble in the voice. Clearly he is in a bit of shock but is trying to maintain his strong demeanor and leadership role.