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Full Name

Aramil Wellys


Half-Elf Bard 1 | AC 17 | HP 26/26 | Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +6 | Perception +6, low-light vision |


Focus Points 0/2 |

1st - 3/3
| Reactions: counterperformance














Common, Elven



Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Aramil Wellys


Aramil Wellys
• Ancestry: Human (Half-Elf)
• Background: Returning Descendant
• Class: Bard (Maestro muse)
• Deity: Shelyn
• Alignment: NG
Perception (E) +5; low-light vision

STR 12
DEX 14
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 18

HP 26
AC 15

Languages: Common, Elven, Varisian

+6 Acrobatics (T)
+1 Arcana (U)
+1 Athletics (U)
+5 Crafting (T)
+8 Deception (T)
+8 Diplomacy (T)
+4 Intimidation (U)
+5 Engineering Lore (T)
+5 Shelyn Lore (T)
+0 Medicine (U)
+0 Nature (U)
+6 Occultism (T)
+8 Performance (T)
+0 Religion (U)
+5 Society (T)
+2 Stealth (U)
+4 Survival (T)
+6 Thievery (T)

Natural Skill (Ancestry, CRB p. 57)
Lingering Composition (Class, CRB p. 99)
Pickpocket (Skill, CRB p. 264)
Inspire Competence (Class, CRB p. 100)
Fascinating Performance (Skill, CRB p. 261)

Unarmored (T)
Light Armor (T)
Simple Weapons (T)
Longsword, rapier, sap, shortbow, shortsword, and whip (T)
Unarmed (T)

+6 Rapier (1d6+1 P, Deadly 1d8, disarm, finesse)
+6 dagger (1d4+1 P, agile, finesse, thrown 10 ft, versatile S)
+6 sling (1d6 B, range 50 ft, propulsive)

+5 Fort (T)
+6 Reflex (T)
+6 Will (E)

Occult Spellcasting
Occult Spell DCs (T) - 18
Occult Spell Attacks (T) - +8

Spell Repertoire
Cantrips - daze, ghost sound, guidance, shield, telekinetic projectile
1st-level (3/day) - charm, color spray, magic weapon, soothe

Composition Cantrips
Inpsire Competance
Inspire Courage

Composition Spells (Focus Points: 2)
Counterperformance (Cost 1)
Lingering Composition (Cost 1)

Equipment: Bard Kit (studded leather, 20 sling bullets, rapier, dagger, sling, adventurer’s pack, bandolier, handheld musical instrument (lute), sheath), jade cat, minor healing potion
Bulk 3 Light 3
Coin: 8 gp, 2 sp

Aramil Wellys:

Aramil was born in the city of Magnimar. His mother, Taraliel, was an elven adventurer, but he never met his father. He knew his name was Obron Wellys, and he’d adventured with his mother for a while. For the first few years of his life, things were good with him and his mother. Then she got the itch to go adventuring again, and began leaving him with an elderly woman who ran an inn while she journeyed for a month at a time. She didn’t come back from one of those trips, however, and the elderly woman died shortly thereafter. The new owner of the inn, not wanting Aramil around, was kicked out into the streets. There, he learned to subsist on what he could scavenge and fell in with a gang of pickpockets and thieves. Aramil knew that, deep down, his mother wouldn’t approve, but the gang provided a way to make money and eat regularly, which helped him survive.

One day, Aramil attempted to pick the pocket of a priest of Shelyn. He was caught, but the priest, seeing Aramil was clearly a street urchin, instead took him to the temple, where Aramil had a chance to bathe, dress in clean clothes, and eat a good meal. The priest said his name was Valint Selwick, and he had once been like Aramil until another priest of Shelyn had stepped in to help him. Valint said he had a choice. He could continue the life he’d been living, or he could try to find a new one with the church of Shelyn. Aramil, knowing a good opportunity when he saw one, decided to stay with the church.

Aramil didn’t have the temperament to be a priest, but he showed a natural talent for art and music. The temple of Shelyn trained him to play several different kinds of instruments, as well as teaching him the arts and architecture - for what is architecture if not the art of buildings? Once he grew old enough, he left the temple and began to perform in taverns and inns to make a living. One day, while performing, he overheard someone mention his father’s name. He asked the man about the name, and he told him that he’d grown up in the same village as Obron, a place called Breachill in Isger. Aramil thanked the man, and that night, made plans to journey from Magnimar to Breachill in order to see if he could find his father or, barring that, if he could find his father’s family.

Upon arrival, he heard about the Call for Heroes, and decided that if his father was an adventurer, he might find him there.