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Can someone add this to the list of available Adventure Paths in the 'Create Events' section of the Pathfinder Society control system, please.

I have a concern about her primary power. Once you hip Adventure 3, you are instructed to remove the 0 level spells from the box, how does her power work when there are no longer any B or C spells in the box for her to recharge?

In the event that is has not been mentioned, Gunslingers are sorely lacking in the needed feat slots. They should add a bonus feat at level one and the even levels as they did with the fighter in order to give the Gunslinger a decent chance.

Overall, not a well balanced class with the cost of the weapons and the cost of blackpowder and shot. I understand the desire to make black power weapons "rare and unique", but they should consider rethinking the price scheme of the weapons and the blackpowder and shot. It would make more sense that the items are hard to find rather than costly. A possible sollution would be to create a Trait (only available if you chose Gunslinger as your first level) that gives the character the ability to have a "Supplier" of these items, rather than have them cost an inordinate amount. This way, only the Gunslinger class can take the trait and be capable of purchasing the key items for themselves, removing the possibility of wizards, rangers and fighters with guns, which I beleive is their intent.

Others who wish to be "like" gunslingers but do not take the class at level one (hence no free weapons) will be required to take the feat "Secret Stash Deed", which will need to be modified slightly to allow the character to have a "Supplier" of the actual weapons. This will give them the ability to purchase the weapons at the new low level price and have "some" blackpowder and shot with which to use them.

I like the fact that Paizo does not just release a completely overpowered class, but rather reigns it in and allows us to work it out for ourselves. No amount of playtesting will provide the cheese that actual players will come up with.

I did not prefer this module. It felt as though a 4th edition writer tried their hand at writing a Pathfinder mod. Instead of writing within the mechanics of the Pathfinder system the writer attempted to create many rules that either circumvented or completely ignored the base mechanics of the game, much to the dismay of the players I ran through it. Players who create their characters in the spirit of the game will be dismayed that their hard earned skills will be considered pointless.

I was, however, happy with the story that was set forward, only the delivery of that story missed the mark.

Cheddar Bearer wrote:

The only problem is if 4e forces us to create a world where this is true. You have stated your preferred gsming style, with the PC's as heroes and that is fair enough. But many people prefer to create a world were first elvel PC's aren't anything special. I personal feel that the whole 'marked for greatness' thing really cheapens the the ffeling of achievement when the PC's do something. I mean once in a while its a pretty cool story hook but if every PC in every 4e game is already something special at 1st level then I think it will get tiring pretty quick.

My worry is that 4e won't be able to support this kind of humble hero in the same way. I'm not saying I want every town to have its own arch mage in it but I don't want my PC to be the biggest dog in town especially at 1st level. Still this is just my preference in playing style.

I think I have led the thread astray, I was only trying to point out a possible solution to an obvious hole in the new rules.

The obvious intent of the new 4E rules is to allow players to "continue on" the game without having to resort to heading back to town and resting a day by giving them access to a power that is flavored to their class that is usable all the time. Gamers seem to want to plow through a story in one go, rather than exploring tentatively. Which is fine, but the old 3.5 does not support the new mentality well. So now everyone is being given shinny powers to allow them to go non stop.

The real question, which we all seem to be waiting on the release of the books to answer, is did they pull it off. Or as we are now speculating, cause an unfortunate loophole where everyone will be a cleric or wizard. And the world will be full of people who can heal themselves at the drop of a hat. And level 10 heroes will be slaughtered by the evil tyrants cadre of 20 level 1 wizards that blasts him to bits with their MM's.

CharlieRock wrote:

So what are you going to do? Dictate to the players what class they can and can't play?
"No guys, Tim won the roll off. He gets to be the Cleric. Everybody else has to pick other classes ... "

Not at all. I was just pointing out that the world would not be filled with first level clerics with unlimited ammo. The players can play an entire team of Clerics, but in doing so would absolutely represent something above and beyond the norm. And GM's should try to avoid creating kingdoms filled with first level Wizards and their unlimited MM. Because even a single Wizard should represent something special in any given fantasy world.

Sure NPC's could have blacksmiths, scribes, seers...but on the whole not PC classes. Every bar should not be owned by an ex adventurer with five levels of rogue, most should just be owned by...a bartender.

Not to advocate the issues that we see rising with 4E. One concept to remember for our campaign worlds is that PC's are a cut above the rest of society. Just because every class is open to us, making it seem that they are a dime a dozen, we have to keep in mind that Clerics, Wizards and even the Fighters that we play represent someone that "potentially" has a destiny to fulfill in the fantasy world at large.

So kings cannot just clear the fields of farmers and have them all start casting prayers the next day, because they are just farmers and have not be "blessed" with a destiny or power by some god or other. Nor can they all be given longswords and be expected to excel in combat. You can see where I am going with this.

This is also a core problem I find with some games of 3.5, in that GM's will readily assume that the PC's can just find that Cleric to rez their friend, where actually, there should most likely only be ONE Cleric of said god in all the land that has that level of power and he works for the King. It is also the reason why a small town can be held hostage to the machinations of some Level 3 bad guy, because the town will not spontaneously produce a level appropriate hero, it needs us and our "destined" heroes to come save it.

Just a little something to consider.