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The only change I can imagine applying to my game is that when a shield is broken, its maximum HP decreases by 1.

But again, shields would need to be dirt cheap, and players who rely on them would be pressed to carry multiple on adventures away from cities.

It makes a lot of sense in a less heroic and realistic campaign where the number of battles is less but would be super annoying in an adventure path style of adventure.

Thanks a lot for your explanation. It is good that RPGs have moved almost completely to PDFs for immediate distribution fo content, with books being more or less luxury and a sign of support for great product. However I am a bit anxious that I might not be able to buy books printed during this "transformation" period, and mainly worried how this would affect printing runs (probably a lot of H1 2020 product will be printed in less numbers due to missed opportunity with distribution).

Sure, I still don't understand why Amazon, BookRepository, even Blackfire/Asmodee are not getting product.

I understand the negative sentiment towards Amazon killing the brick and mortar and the LGS. but for the European market there is no other stable distributor that can get you the books.

Now even that source is not reliable. The smaller game-industry focused distributors do not get the books either. Nobody in Europe gets them at the moment. I have preorders waiting for months with no clear indication that they would be fulfilled.

As for Paizo subscriptions unless they have European distribution warehouses, the shipping on products to even major European addresses (not counting Central or Eastern Europe) is not feasible. S&H costs have jumped close to 20% this year on US threatening to leave the UPU) to a point where the shipping costs more than the book.

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Since March, there has barely been any physical product on sale across major European territory outlets such as Amazon or BookRepository. Very few listings on Amazon, and BookRepository which holds complete product line until the end of the year listed takes preorders but doesn't ship anything, claiming to await production for each of them.

Amazon had cancelled sale on many products (such as Bestiary 2 Special Edition) despite ongoing preorder, and no one lists new Paizo products there for two months now. Paizo products have unrealistically high prices (above MSRP) on Adventure Paths but even ordering them will result in temporarily out of print status.

It seems that production is yet completely halted and backorders are not respected, and there's no clue when the whole back ordered catalog from March until now will be produced, if ever (or whether in smaller print runs resulting much more difficulty acquiring product).

I am happy that PDFs are released on time, but unless we have clear idea what is going on with physical products, it doesn't look good.

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Why is the product delayed worldwide from January to April 2020, it cannot be ordered from Amazon, BookRepository or anywhere else.

I am really sorry for repeating myself, but it is still not working.

The links is not working.

Where is the link to the Compendium?

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While this content seems to be very niche, I really like your attention to layout, and will be open to buying your future products from Paizo or DT.

This is a fair attempt to bring 5E approach to skill to Lore skills to avoid too specific Lore skills being useless, but it suffers from just increasing the feat overload in the game. Instead of giving the GM some tools to create Lore groups out of specific Lores and work with them. Still, some great feats such as Gossip which is not reliant on using the whole system. Wish it had a Learning downtime rules as well.

I agree with Skeld. Bumping success needs to cost 2 or 3 HP to be viable when you know you cannot get critical success but you can hit success easily, you simply choose not to waste 2 or 3 rerolls and get the crit effect.