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New DDI article.

It has magic shields, amongst many, MANY other things. The shields do not grant AC bonuses, but let you do other things. Reading it now.

This might be somewhere in the Pathfinder Player's Guide, or perhaps somewhere in one of the Pathfinder volumes, but I was wondering what the majority "race" of human is in Varisian towns like Sandpoint.
Actual varisians are supposed to be nomadic, and the shoanti tend to keep to the Storval Plateau and barren regions over there, so does that mean that the majority of the city folk are chelaxians?
This is to answer to my group of players who are curious as to who the "default" group is.

Anyone have a list of adventures that have a good horror theme? I have Dungeon issues 119 and up.

Will Pathfinder be easy to convert to an existing campaign setting (such as Eberron) like previous adventure paths?

I have at least three members of my group that will need to go on sidequests to either complete item Legacy quests or qualify for prestige classes. My party is currently in "Three Faces of Evil" and at 3rd level. By the time they are done with "Champion Belt" they should be set to wrap most of their side-quests up.

My question is what points have enough downtime (like a week or so) to accomplish these things?