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Full Name

Ansha Saeralyan




Wizard (Manipulator) 12/Archmage 5 Portrait




Medium (6 feet)



Special Abilities

Spells, Cantrips, Enchanter (manipulator) class features, mythic path (Archmage) abilities


Chaotic Neutral


Calistria, Shelyn, Desna...anyone else she feels like invoking at the time


Currently the Worldwound


Common (Taldane), Elvish, Draconic, Sylvan, Abyssal, Aklo, Polyglot, Infernal, Gnoll, Gnome, (Azlant), (Thassilonian)


Adventurer, hedonist, courtesan, charmer

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 30
Wisdom 10
Charisma 23

About Ansha Saeralyan

Ansha Saeralyan

Chaotic Neutral
Elf female
Wizard 12
Archmage 5

Favored class: Wizard

Favored Class Bonus/Stat Increases:
1st-- +1hp
2nd-- +1hp
3rd-- +1hp
4th-- +1hp; +1 CHA
5th-- +1hp
6th-- +1hp
7th-- +1hp
8th-- +1hp; +1 INT
9th-- +1hp
10th-- +1hp
11th-- +1hp
12th-- +1hp; +1 INT

Mythic Bonus: 2nd-- +2 INT
4th-- +2 INT

Size: Medium (6 feet)
Age: 124 (birthday: Pharast 1)

Height: 6 feet
Weight: 114 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Platinum blond

Theme song: "Blank Space"

Portrait(s) (all are my own artwork):
Choker close-up #1
Choker close-up #2

Ansha is a tall, slender elven maiden who looks to be no older than a human girl of twenty winters, with long legs and an hourglass figure. Her long, fine hair is a strikingly pale blond bordering on platinum, brushed meticulously and left unbound to cascade over her shoulders like a cloak, reaching just past her butt. Her almond eyes are a deep emerald, bright with intelligence and often twinkling with amusement. Her voice is charmingly soft and velvety, with the melodic sound common to all elven voices.

She is achingly beautiful and her features, much like her frame, are delicate, with a small nose, perfectly formed and straight; and full, slightly pouting pink lips that are quick to part into a disarming smile full of unspoken promises. Her skin is smooth porcelain, and is barren of tattoos or other markings. She walks with the grace and poise of a noble debutante, and has a confident air about her, as if she is used to getting what she wants.

She can sometimes be found in a green strapless, midriff-baring bustier top held together by a small green tourmaline, a flowing silk shawl draped over her arms. Other times, she can be found in a green underbust corset and blouse or well-tailored robes that hug her figure. When not wearing robes, she wears a matching long-slit skirt, and black fingerless opera gloves that end just beneath her elbows cover her arms; similarly-dyed leather boots end just beneath the knee. Her pointed ears are pierced with a pair of platinum studs through each arch, each holding a small jade carving of a camellia flower; and pendant earrings of gold dangle from each ear, clasping a small emerald in their raindrop-shaped frames.

She wears an intricate choker at her throat, silver chains holding in place a gold frame inset with a larger emerald; additional silver chains drape across her bare neck; dangling among the chains is a small gold disc etched with the elven rune for the first two letters of her given name, and a slender silver chain dangles from that disc into her cleavage. She wears three gold bracelets on her right arm, two of them loose hoops and the other worn tighter against her wrist, and she has a piercing in her belly button--a silver barbell with an emerald cap on the upper end and a jade cap on the lower. Several gold and platinum rings also adorn the fingers of her right hand.

Personality and motivations:

Ansha is a flirt who uses physical and magical charms to get what she wants out of life. She is flighty, impulsive, inquisitive and loves being the center of attention. A true hedonist, she is extremely open to new experiences and is willing to try almost anything at least once.

In the wake of her adoptive parents' deaths, she has slowly had her memories return, and she realizes that in addition to the fact that she can never go home again, she has been living a lie for years. Although her primary motivations are pleasure and power (and the pleasure that comes from having power over others--particularly their minds), she is also aware of the numerous enemies she has, and has found it in her best interest to surround herself with people willing and able to aid her should any of those enemies catch up to her.

Ansha is the only daughter of Lord Elroth and Lady Elizaera Saeralyan of the noble House Saeralyan of Iadara in Kyonin. A minor House, it was inconsequential in matters of politics, though it did manage to maintain a level of wealth suitable to their station, and it was precisely this inconsequentiality that lead the morally-bankrupt enchantress Elizaera to form a pact with Our Lady in Shadow, Nocticula, the patron of succubi: in return for increased powers of seduction and enchantment, Elizaera would bring the entirety of the House under the demonlord's sway. She succeeded, the whole family came to worship Nocticula secretly and the family's fortunes rose. For her part, Elizaera became the mastermind behind the family, and she was granted a measure of a succubus's power: an otherworldly beauty that could cause those around her to stare in fascination without regard for their surroundings.

When Ansha was born, she shared this same otherworldly power as her mother, but it was decided that she would not be told about the family's pact with Nocticula until she was older, for fear that she might accidentally let something slip, as only a child might. So she was raised as a master manipulator in her own right, and she grew up to be a young elven debutante who knew how to get what she wanted from most anyone. Despite this, she never quite shared the moral degeneration of her mother--probably in large part due to the friendships she formed with other more goodly aristocratic elven children, like her friend Inari Gloamingdusk. It was an idyllic existence, if only because Ansha was kept in the dark about so much.

The idyll's end came unexpectedly for the young Lady Ansha when her parents decided that she was old enough to reveal the family's dark secret and to include her in the pact with Nocticula. But Ansha stumbled upon them in the midst of a profane ritual several days before her parents were ready to reveal the family's secret to her, and she fled home. Pursued by a summoned succubus, the young Lady Saeralyan was captured and subjected to defilements that shattered her mind and left her with a form of trauma-induced amnesia called dissociative fugue.

But before she could be returned to her family, she was rescued by the married elven adventurers Baelyth and Sahtara. The married pair, for their part, took the elf in and cared for her much as if she were their own daughter. The trio travelled for years, wandering and adventuring across the continent of Avistan. Years later, Baelyth and Sahtara died on an expedition south into the lands near the Mwangi Expanse at the hands of smugglers, and Ansha herself was taken prisoner by these smugglers, who took her to Crown's End.

She found in herself a burning desire for revenge, but she had learned the value of patience from her adoptive parents. So she charmed and seduced the ringleader, taking a place at his side as his mistress. She played the part of a harmless and helpless girl well, bolstered by the fact that her memories of her childhood had slowly returned to her after her adoptive parents' deaths, and though it took years, she planned her revenge. Only at the proper time did she act.

During her years with the smuggling ring, she and the half-elf Kieran Markavien struck up an uneasy friendship. When the time came for her revenge, she took him into her confidence. Together, the two set up the smuggling ring, planting rumors, suggestions and evidence that the ring was going to double-cross their partners in an upcoming deal. The night before the deal, Ansha murdered the ringleader, her lover, in black widow fashion, leaving a note on their bed beside his corpse that read "I stab thee with my heart," a Calistrian aphorism used at the culmination of a particularly satisfying act of revenge. When the smugglers showed up to the deal, the deal went south thanks to the set-up and the smugglers were caught in a fight that saw them lose most of their members.

Ansha and Kieran were conspicuously absent from this event, because they were already taking what goods they could and fleeing on the first ship they could find away from Crown's End. That ship took them to Eleder, the capital of Sargava, where the duo fell in with a short-lived adventuring company called The Umkhaya (a Polyglot word for “The Family”), active in the frontiers of the Laughing Jungle and eastern Sargava. After the failure of an expedition they were part of, Ansha reappeared in Eleder alone.

She stayed in Eleder for some months, making waves in Sargavan society before falling in with a Pathfinder field agent and returning with him to Absalom. Almost as soon as she was off the ship in Absalom, she parted ways with this new friend as well, and began a years-long series of ever more high-profile cons that forced her to stay one step ahead of her marks--often in the company of various adventuring groups passing through. In the midst of all the defrauded individuals she left behind, however, she also left behind a number of besotted men and women that formed a vast, if loose, intelligence network. With Ansha herself in the center of this web of intrigue, the enchantress seemed to have everything she could ask for--money, power, information, companionship, excitement.

And yet over time, as she left a trail of charmed and seduced ex-lovers and marks in her wake, something changed in the demon-tainted elven enchantress. After the particularly successful conning (and seduction) of a major Chelaxian noble left her feeling empty rather than exultant, Ansha came to a growing realization that she was no better than her demon-worshiping parents. Unwilling to accept this, Ansha began to study demonology fervently, obsessed with proving that the life she was living was different than her mother’s plans for her. Turning her informal intelligence network to the task of looking into the patron of succubi and assassins, Ansha followed a trail that led to Drezen and the Worldwound.

Languages: Common (Taldane), Elvish, Sylvan, Abyssal, Draconic, Aklo, Polyglot, Infernal, Gnoll, Gnome, (Azlant), (Thassilonian)

HP 89
AC 11 Touch 11 Flat-footed 10
BAB +6/+1 CMB +6 CMD 17
Initiative +17 Concentration +22 Spell Penetration +18

Fortitude 4 + 1 + 2 = 7 Reflex 4 + 1 + 2 = 7 Will 8 + 0 + 2 = 10

Abilities: Low-light vision, keen senses, elven magic, elven immunities, elven weapon familiarity, cantrips, spells, arcane bond (bonded item), Scribe Scroll bonus feat, arcane school--enchantment (manipulator), opposition schools (necromancy, transmutation), beguiling touch, enchanting smile +4, archmage arcana (wild arcana), flexible school (divination), forewarned, diviner's fortune, hard to kill, surge +1d8, mythic power 15/day, amazing initiative, recuperation, mythic saving throws, mythic spellcasting, enhanced ability (+2 CHA), enhanced ability (+2 INT), component freedom, trickster attack (deadly throw), subtle magic

School specialization abilities:
Beguiling Touch (Sp): With a simple caress, Ansha is able to win friends--in the short term. She can affect those she touches as with Charm Monster 3 + INT modifier times per day, though it does not affect creatures with more Hit Dice than she has wizard levels. The save DC for this ability is 10 + 1/2 wizard level + INT modifier. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to half her wizard level, rounded down (minimum 1) and does not work on creatures that are in combat or are hostile towards her. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Enchanting Smile (Su): Possessed of an otherworldly beauty, Ansha is able to entice others to see her way. She gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate skill checks.

Shape Emotions (Su): Whether a feature of her tainted heritage or a testament to her dedication to the study of the school of Enchantment, Ansha is easily able to alter the emotional atmosphere of a 30' area around her. This manifests as either a +4 morale bonus on saves against mind-affecting spells and effects and a reduction of one step in fear effects for her allies, or a -2 penalty on saves against mind-effecting spells and effects for her enemies. This ability can be used for a number of rounds per day equal to her wizard level, which do not need to be consecutive rounds.

Mythic ability:
Subtle magic (Ex): Ansha's sensuality and openness to touch is often disarming, helping her to hide her actions behind the ambiguities of flirtation and innuendo. As a result, she is capable of casting spells covertly. Whenever she casts a spell or activates a spell trigger or spell completion magic item, she can attempt a Bluff skill check opposed by a Sense Motive check from anyone that can see her. Those who fail the opposed check don't know that Ansha cast a spell or activated an item unless it has an obvious effect that emanates from her. In addition, the magical auras of magical effects on her and magic items she carries (except for artifacts) can't be detected.

Charming: Ansha has learned the value of suggestion since childhood, and knows how to use her appearance, words and body language to her advantage. She gains a +1 trait bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and language-dependent spell DCs against those that are or could be sexually attracted to her.

Exposed to Awfulness: Mentally scarred by her encounter with a summoned succubus when she was younger, Ansha has nonetheless grown stronger for the experience. Once per day when she fails a saving throw against an effect created by a demon that would kill or physically incapacitate her, she can immediately reroll that saving throw as a free action. She must accept this second result even if it is worse.

Feats: Cosmopolitan (Bluff, Diplomacy), Scribe Scroll (wizard bonus), Spell Focus (Enchantment), Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment), Persistent Spell, Improved Initiative, Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Reach Spell, Extra Path Ability (Mythic), Mythic Spell Focus (Enchantment), Extra Mythic Power, Mythic Improved Initiative, Dual Path (Trickster)

Bluff +30 (12 ranks, +3 class, +6 CHA, +4 enhancement, +3 competence, +2 unnamed bonus; +1 trait vs those who are or could be sexually attracted to her)
Diplomacy +28 (12 ranks, +3 class, +6 CHA, +4 enhancement, +3 competence; +1 trait vs those who are or could be sexually attracted to her)
Intimidate +25 (12 ranks, +6 CHA, +4 enhancement, +3 competence)
Knowledge (arcana) +25 (12 ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +25 ([12] ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Knowledge (engineering) +14 (1 rank, +3 class, +10 INT)
Knowledge (geography) +14 (1 ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Knowledge (local) +25 (12 ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Knowledge (nature) +14 (1 rank, +3 class, +10 INT)
Knowledge (nobility) +15 (2 ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Knowledge (planes) +25 (12 ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Knowledge (religion) +14 (1 ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Linguistics +15 (2 ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Perception +14 (0 [12] ranks, +0 WIS, +2 racial)
Profession (courtesan) +14 (10 ranks, 1 bonus rank, +3 class, +0 WIS)
Profession (librarian) +4 (1 rank, +3 class, +0 WIS)
Sense Motive +10 (10 ranks, +0 WIS)
Sleight of Hand +5 (1 ranks, +3 class, +1 DEX)
Spellcraft +25 (12 ranks, +3 class, +10 INT)
Use Magic Device +12 (6 ranks, +6 CHA)

Spells Known: 0--All Known
1--Burning Hands, Charm Person, Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Feather Fall, Grease, Hypnotism, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Memory Lapse, Protection from Evil, Shield, Sleep, Summon Monster I
2--Hideous Laughter, Mirror Image, Fox's Cunning, Eagle's Splendor, Knock, Acid Arrow, See Invisibility
3--Suggestion, Fireball, Haste, Hold Person, Magic Circle against Evil, Fly, Nondetection
4--Confusion, Dimension Door, Stoneskin, Charm Monster, Phantasmal Killer, Terrible Remorse, Lesser Geas
5--Dominate Person, Teleport, Cone of Cold, Hold Monster
6--Chain Lightning, Mass Suggestion, Vengeful Outrage, Greater Dispel Magic, True Seeing

Mythic Spells (5): Hideous Laughter, Chain Lightning, Phantasmal Killer, Confusion, Dominate Person

Spells Memorized:
0--4; 1--4; 2--4; 3--4; 4--3; 5--3; 6--2

0--Prestidigitation, Daze, Acid Splash, Detect Magic
1--Feather Fall (2 slots), Burning Hands, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile x2, Charm Person, Protection from Evil
2--Hideous Laughter x3, Mirror Image x2, Acid Arrow x2
3--Suggestion, Fireball x2, Persistent Charm Person, Magic Circle against Evil, Fly (2 slots)
4--Confusion x2, Dimension Door, Phantasmal Killer, Stoneskin, Terrible Remorse
5--Dominate Person, Hold Monster x2, Cone of Cold x2, Teleport
6--Chain Lightning, Mass Suggestion, Vengeful Outrage x2, Persistent Confusion

Equipment: Explorer's outfit, scabbard, longsword, knife sheath, dagger, staff, choker (bonded item), courtesan's outfit, courtesan's kit, wizard's kit, wizard's spellbook, traveling spellbook, belt pouch, silk rope (50 ft.), 5 scroll cases, elven noble's outfit (green evening gown), House Saeralyan signet ring, jewelry (various gold and platinum piercings, studs, earrings, rings and bracelets worth 140gp), headband of mental prowess (+4 INT/CHA, Perception/Knowledge [dungeoneering], Azlanti, Thassilonian), belt of mighty constitution +4, staff of minor arcana (50 charges), circlet of persuasion, cloak of resistance +2, handy haversack, 14gp 5sp

Scrolls (all CL12): Knock x3, See Invisibility x2, Fly

Elven Naming Practices:
"Most elves have four names: a personal or given name, a hidden or intimate name (usually known only to close family), an everyday name chosen by the elf, and a family name...An elf rarely bothers mentioning more than his or her everyday name at informal introductions."--Elves of Golarion

Ansha's personal or given name is Ansha, her hidden or intimate name is Anwë, and her family name is Saeralyan. Given circumstances in her life, she has never chosen an everyday name, in effect using her given name, Ansha, as her everyday name.

Mythic advancement notes:
6th tier-- Mirror dodge
7th tier--Persuasive countenance
8th tier--Path dabbling- Commanding Presence
9th tier--Path dabbling- Inspire Martyrdom
10th tier--Beyond Morality or Infectious Spell