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Full Name

Anshári "Stag" Moreaux; Alias Robert Weaver




Adept |HP 10/10 Stun 10/10|Initiative 11 (2)|Ballistic 6 Impact 4|Defence 8 Parry +3 Dodge +1 Gymnastic +2|Comp 6 Judge 7 Lift 4 Mem 4|Perception 10 +3 Sight +5 Listen +2 Scents




English (N), French (N)

About Anshári "Stag" Moreaux

Relevant skills

Con pool: 4
Disguise pool: 7
Etiquette pool: 4
Gunnery pool: 5
Gymnastics pool: 7
Heavy weapon pool: 5
Infiltration pool: 11 [-4 to detect by audio, -4/2 by visual]
Intimidation pool: 7
Leadership pool: 4
Locksmith pool: 12 [with Autopicker]
Negotiation pool: 4
Palming pool: 10
Perception pool: 10 [+3 on visual, +5 on audio, +2 on scents]
Pilot (ground craft) pool: 7
Shadowing pool: 7
Tracking pool: 5 (+2 by Scent)

Area Knowledge: Seattle pool; 5
Firearms pool: 5
Infected (HMHVV 1) pool: 5 (7)
Gangs pool: 5
Security Design pool: 10
Shadow Community pool: 5

Stag is of average length for an elf. This typically puts him in the tall people category if the room is mostly filled with metahumans. When not currently conducting a run he likes to wear his worn red longcoat and semi luminescent blue muffler, a combination that makes some more sensitive fashonists sigh and look away in disgust. By the time he moved to Seattle the last traces of French accent was long gone and he communicates in perfect English, well ... as perfect as the mauled language allows.

Originally from France, Anshári immigrated to UCAS when he was seventeen as a stowaway with his sister in an attempt to start afresh after his 'condition' was uncovered. However, coming to a new country with lacking language skills and with a SIN proclaiming you to be a dangerous blood sucking soul eating abomination proved to be a challenge. The only work available was from the less scrupulous elements of society. His career started out as a petty thief and escalated to other B & E and hit jobs as he honed his evasive skills. Even thou his skills and focus on discretion allowed him to evade the gaze of the law for longer and longer, inevitable someone would link his face to the criminal SIN issued by the Departemente du baguette le Healthe and they were forced to flee to another city.

Then the blessed year 2164 came, and the Matrix crashed once more and Anshári's old nemesis was forever gone. There was finally an opportunity to settle down without having to be prepared to run within months. The first two years after the crash they still moved frequently around the country unaware of their good luck, but an (un)lucky evening saw Anshári getting busted for a minor crime. He got hauled over to the Lone Star station were he fully expected to be shot or worse, but after the sheriff ran a search on his biometrics he only murmured something about "SINless scum". The following two days was the happiest time Spook, as he now was know, spent in locked up.

Since '66 he is residing in Seattle, and since '67 he has a permanent lease on a 98 square meter apartment in a walled community in the suburbs. With new and uncommon stability in his life, he looked for a better way of sustaining his and his sister unique lifestyle then ripping people from the streets every week. As luck had it they managed to cut a deal with one of the local employees of a bloodbank, supplying nice ¥ for (semi) fresh blood.

Lindebrand 'Lake' Moreaux:

Stags younger sister. Currently goes by the name Rebecca Weaver but like her brother prefers her nickname, 'Lake'. She is known to suffer from a chronic disease and require expensive medication, which is why 'Stag' is shadowrunning. In reality she has the same affliction as her brother, nothing more and nothing less. Her hobbies are primarily baking and she is kind and well liked in the community - which makes them more inclined to put up with her more reclusive brother.

She is the source of Stags dependant trait, as well as their appartments Friendly Neighbours trait.

Connection: 1 Loyalty: 5
Works at the nearby blood bank. Usually supplies blood that is close to expiring, thus marked for discarding. Can supply minor hospital supplies as well - for a price.

Connection: 5 Loyalty: 4
A fence and fixer that can move decent amounts of goods. Stags main source of ammunition, guns and other toys.

Concealment receives a -2 modifier if hidden underneath lined coat. An asterix* denotes which ammo that is currently loaded. Standard carry is the Walter Secura, registered to Robert Weaver. All others have their RFID tags erased and are lacking serial.

HK 227-X (SMG)
Dmg 5P RC 4 AP - Pool 14 Mode SA/BF/FA Conceal +4 Range 10/40/85/150
Mods Folding Stock, Smartgun, Sound Suppressor, Personalized Grip, Skinlink
Accessories: Flashlight (low-light), Foregrip, Sling
Ammo (28c): 90 9mm*, 30 Subsonic, 60 SnS, 30 ExEx, 3 spare clips

Ares Predator IV
Dmg 5P RC 1 AP -1 Pool 9 Mode SA Conceal -1 Range 5/20/40/60
Mods Smartgun, Skinlink, Sound Suppressor, Ceramic 1, Personalized Grip
Usually in Concealable Holster
Ammo (15c): 30 Subsonic*, 30 Hi-C Plastic, 2 spare clips

Walther Secura w/Smartlink
Dmg 5P RC 1 AP -1 Pool 9 Mode SA Conceal +0 Range 5/20/40/60
Mods Smartgun, Skinlink, Underbarrel Weight
Usually in Quickdraw Holster (threshold 2 to quickdraw)
Ammo (12c): 30 SnS*, 30 9mm, 2 spare clips

FN P93 Praetor
Dmg 5P RC 7/8 AP - Pool 14 (but see ammo) Mode SA/BF/FA Conceal +4 Range 10/40/85/150
Mods Flashlight, Electronic Firing, High Velocity, Auto-Adjusting Underbarrel Weight
Accessories: Stock, Gas-Vent 3, Shock Pad, Sling, Laser Sight
Ammo (50c): 100 9mm, 50 Tracer (mixed in, +2 on long over short, +3 on full over short)*, 3 Spare Clips

Dmg 6P RC 1 AP -1 Pool 13 Mode SA/BF/FA Conceal +6 Range 50/150/350/550
Accessories: Imaging Scope, Laser Sight, Shock Pad
Ammo (38c): 114 7.62 Pact*, 2 Spare Clips


Ceramic Knife
Dmg 2P AP - Pool 10 Reach 0 Conceal -2
Mods Personalized Grip
Weapon Focus (2)

Dmg 2P AP - Pool 7 Reach -1 Conceal -

Unarmed Attack
Dmg 1S AP - Pool 7 Reach 0 Conceal -


Gain 1 skillpoint in new language 5h after exposure. SM p177
Pool: 5 Logic+Intuition Resist: threshold 1/2/3 (Common/Uncommon/Obscure)

Nimble Fingers
Use simple object, Pick/Put down up object, Remove clip, Insert clip are free actions SM p179

Traceless Walk
Leaves no traces, -4 to notice by listening, does not set of ground-based motion sensors or pressure plates. SM p180

Attribute Boost (Agility)
Gain net hits in Agility. Suffer drain when it expire
Pool 6 Magic+Attribute Boost
Activation: Simple
Duration Net hits x2
Drain 1S vs 6 Willpower + Body

Target is panicked. "The victim will race in panic for the nearest point of apparent safety and will not stop until he is out of sight and a safe distance away." Target must make secondary resistance check vs net hits to face or return to user. 20th Anv p295
Pool: 11 Willpower+Magic(+3) Resist: Willpower; Resist secondary: Willpower + Charisma
Action: Complex
Duration: 1 Combat turn per Net hit
Range: Line of Sight

Mist Form
Dissipate into mist or shift back to solid form. In mistform speed is set to 5 meters/combat turn and can seep through non-airtight seals and cracks. Gain Immune to Normal Weapons (hardened armour 10) but is subjected to winds at GMs discretion. Unusable in sunlight. 20th Anv p296
Action: Complex
Duration: Sustained

Essence Drain
Drain essence from willing or helpless victim. One essence is lost each month. Target must be sentient and capable (and expressing) strong emotions 20th Anv p295
Pool 8 Charisma + Magic Threshold 10 - Targets Essence
Action: Extended (1 min)
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

Essence Boost
Within one hour of successful drain, sacrifice up to half the drained essence to boost one attribute as much. 20th Anv p295/296
Action: Unclear/plot appropriate
Duration: 12 hours

Test at end of every Combat Round. Heal one Stun or Physical damage per success. Can't heal damage from pure magic, weapon foci, powers, to the head or spinal cord. Is suppressed in sunlight. Does not die from Physical Overflow until one regeneration test is attempted (unless in sunlight). Stays alive if enough damage is restored. 20th Anv p296
Pool 8 Body+Magic


Erika Elite
Stags day to day commlink for on duty time. What he uses to keep in touch with contacts, fixers and other runners. Uses an anonymous pay-plan.
Response: 3
Signal: 4
System: 3
Firewall: 6
Accessories and mods: Hardening [6], Subvocal Microphone, Sim Module (Cold)
Programs: Analyze [6, ergonomic], Browse [6], Command [6], Edit [6], Scan [6], Mapsoft [6, Seattle]

CMT Clip
A commlink registered to one Robert Weaver. What he uses for off duty calls and to aimlessly browse the safer parts of Matrix like accessing local news and weather sites as well as looking at cat pictures.
Response: 1
Signal: 3
System: 2
Firewall: 1
Programs: Suite Basic User

Disposable Commlink
A spare commlink usually in the glove compartment of his car. Used for when one need to make an emergency call and then ditch the the link.
Response: 1
Signal: 3
System: 2
Firewall: 1
Programs: Suite Basic User

Apartment in the Seattle suburbs
This apartment is located in a small gated community in the suburbs. Stags sister Lake also lives here. The contract is signed to one Robert Weaver.
Comforts: Middle
Entertainment: Low
Necessities: middle
Neighbourhood: Low
Security: High
Qualities: Friendly Neighbours
Rent: 5000*1.1*1.3=7150¥ 3 months paid
[Original, roommate increase, Infected increase]

Cabin in the Barrens
This is a log cabin somewhere in the Barrens. The rent represents the cost of anonymous check ups and restocking of the house. It is registered to noone and all payments are made with credsticks.
Comforts: Low
Entertainment: Low
Necessities: Low
Neighbourhood: Low
Security: Middle
Qualities: Middle of Hicksville, No Neighbors, Green Plan, Network Bottleneck, The Building that Time Forgot, Under A Rock
Rent: 1400¥ 3 months paid

Ascii code for ¥ is 0165