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AC 23 (24) | HP 72/72 | P+9, F+11, R+13, W+9 | Explore: Avoid Notice | DV, 30' |


Focus: 2/2 | Hero: 1/3 | Active Conditions: self-flagellating


open | "Sunshine" | LN male (he/him) liminal kayal (Nidalese) ranger (precision) 5 | ◆◇↺ |

About Anschluss

Character Summary

Anschluss is a bounty hunter from the Nidalese Army sent to apprehend a deserter, Emdi Emmay.

Anschluss relishes his minority status, both ancestry-wise and religion-wise. He firmly believes Zon-Kuthon to be non-evil and simply misunderstood, and will proselytize when he gets the chance. It is intentionally ambiguous whether Emdi's or Anschluss's versions of past events is true.

Theme Song: Rammstein, "Rosenrot"

Casting: Steve Buscemi

Character Inspiration: I've always had a fascination with closed countries such as North Korea, especially people who get to leave for one reason or another. Do they cling to their country's propaganda as a callback to their past, or do they reject it because they believed it to be untrustworthy all along?

Background Narrative:
"This," the commander boomed, "This is weakness incarnate, and weakness has no value to Zon-Kuthon." With his spiked chain, he rained down blows onto the human's head until the human's weakness overcame him. "Take him out of my sight," the commander barked to Anschluss and a few other recruits. Unsure of where to put him, the cadets unceremoniously dumped his body outside of the gates of the Ridwan Military Academy.

They returned to their daily tasks: carefully scrubbing the floor to make sure the blood stains were visible, and replacing all the burnt out embers with fresh ones to impart a dim light throughout the building.

Anschluss heard some heavy footsteps behind him and he stood up, snapping to attention. The commander strode right up to him, and punched him in the face. "You fool!" he shouted. "What did you do with the human?" Before Anschluss could answer, the commander struck him again, knocking him onto the ground.

"We ... we did as you asked," begged Anschluss. "We dumped his body outside."

"I didn't say to let him leave," the commander retorted. "Now he is gone, and after you receive your punishment, you will have to find him and bring him back." The commander took off his belt, a spiked chain, and began beating Anschluss.


It's been over a year since Anschluss was tasked with tracking down the traitor Emdi Emmay. He's tracked Emdi from the underground raves of the Uskwood to the magnificent city of Absalom, where he discovered Emdi has joined the Pathfinder Society.


LN male liminal fetchling (Nidalese) ranger (precision) 5
Home Region: Nidal (Old Cheliax)
Background: bounty hunter
Senses: darkvision (ancestry), normal hearing
Speed: 30’

AC 10+2+[4+2]+5 = 23
Max HP 8+(10+2)*5+4 = 72
Perception +4+0+5 = +9
Fortitude +4+2+5 = +11
Reflex +4+4+5 = +13
Will +4+0+5 = +9

Melee: +1 striking spiked chain (+14, 2d8+3 S, disarm, finesse, trip)
Melee: light hammer (+13, 1d6+3 B, agile, thrown 20')
Melee: hatchet (+12, 1d6+3 S, agile, sweep, thrown 10')
Melee: dagger (+13, 1d4+3 P, versatile S, agile, finesse, thrown 10')
Ranged: light hammer (+13, 1d6+3 B, agile, thrown 20')
Ranged: hatchet (+13, 1d6+3 S, agile, sweep, thrown 10')
Ranged: dagger (+13, 1d4+3 P, versatile S, agile, finesse, thrown 10')


STR 16 DEX 19 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 16

Ancestry Feats: Fetchling Lore, Clever Shadow
Class Features: Hunt Prey, Hunter's Edge (precision)
Class Feats: Gravity Weapon, Sorcerer Dedication (Shadow), Soothing Mist
General Feats: Fleet
Skill Feats: Experienced Tracker [full speed tracking @ -5], Battle Medicine, Assurance (Medicine), Cat Fall

Skills: +training+ability+level+item =
• Acrobatics +2+4+5 = +11
• Arcana 0
• Athletics +2+3+5 = +10
• Crafting 0
• Deception +2+3+5 = +10
• Diplomacy +3
• Intimidation +2+3+5 = +10
• Lore, Legal [background] +2+0+5 = +7
• Lore, Shadow Plane [heritage] +2+0+5 = +7
• Lore, Scouting [PFS] +2+0+5 = +7
• Lore, Zon-Kuthon [hireling] +4+5 = +9
• Medicine +4+0+5 = +9 (Assurance 10+4+5 = 19)
• Nature +2+0+5 = +7
• Occultism +2+0+5 = +7
• Performance +3
• Religion +2+0+5 = +7
• Society [hireling] +4+5 = +9
• Stealth +4+4+5 = +13
• Survival +2+0+5 = +7
• Thievery +2+4+5 = +11

Occult Spells (DC 20):
Cantrips (Level 1): Shield, Telekinetic Projectile [3d6+3]

Languages: Common, Shadowtongue

Gear: adventurer's pack (backpack, bedroll, belt pouches (x2), chalk (x10), flint and steel, rope (50'), rations (x14), torches (x5), waterskin), +1 leather armor, +1 striking spiked chain (U), healer's tools, light hammer, hatchet, dagger, belt of good health (U), bag of holding (type I)

Pathfinder Society School (legacy): Swords
Pathfinder Society Lore (legacy): Scouting
Pathfinder Society Feat (legacy): Cat Fall
Pathfinder Society Item: lesser healing potion
Pathfinder Provision: 3rd rank scroll of haste

1.0.1. B03 Shadows and Scarecrows
1.0.2. B01 Whitefang Wyrm
1.0.3. B07 Cleanup Duty (GM)
1.0.4. B04 Cat's Cradle
1.2. Beginner's Box, Part 1 (pregen)
1.3. Beginner's Box, Part 2 (pregen)
2.1. 2-00 The King in Thorns
2.2. 3-02 The East Hill Haunting
2.3. 3-05 The Inheritor's Rites
3.1. 3-03 Echoes of Desperation
3.2. 3-01 Intro to Year of Shattered Sanctuaries (GM)
3.3. 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road
4.1. 3-13 Guardian's Covenant
4.2. 4-01 Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder
4.3. 2-06 The Crashing Wave
5.1. 1-13 Devil at the Crossroads (GM)

Item Access:
katana (U, 2 gp)
green wyrmling breath potion (L, 30 gp)
brooch of shielding (U, 30 gp, limit 1)
pyrite rat (L, 32 gp)
wand of heal (1st) (discounted to 56 gp, limit 1)
channel protection amulet (U, 56 gp)
hunter’s bow (L, 60 gp)
smoking sword (L, 60 gp)
storm hammer (L, 60 gp)
demon mask (discounted to 79 gp, limit 1)
belt of good health (L, 85 gp)
wand of widening (1st) (discounted to 94 gp, limit 1)
dagger of venom (discounted to 140 gp, limit 1)
poisonous dagger (L, 150 gp)
wand of comprehend language (discounted to 150 gp, limit 1)
wand of manifold missiles (1st) (discounted to 150 gp, limit 1)
bag of holding type II (Item 7, 300 gp)

Default Advanced Boon: Convention Hero

Advanced Boons:
Convention Hero: You can slot this special boon only while playing a game at a convention. If you do, you begin the adventure with one additional Hero Point.

Chronicle Boons:
Traveler of the Spirit Road: Whenever you would critically fail a check to Hide, Sneak, Sense Direction, or Track while in a forested area, you may check a box next to this boon as a free action to treat that check as a failure instead. [ ] [ ] [ ]

Default Hireling: Handler

AcP Boons:
Hireling: You have recruited a non-combat hireling who can assist you with a certain set of skill checks. This ally performs the selected skills with a total modifier equal to 2 + your level, and they are considered trained in the skills. You must expend any actions and be in range to perform the action yourself, and any consequences of these actions affect you (such as falling when using Athletics to Climb). The hireling doesn’t have or use its own ability modifiers and can never benefit from item bonuses, status bonuses, or fortune effects. Abilities that grant you a circumstance bonus do not grant that circumstance bonus to your hireling even though you are using your action to attempt the check. You cannot aid your own hireling. You cannot use the hirelings skills except recall knowledge in combat, and the hireling cannot be affected by, or affect combat, and cannot be harmed unless willfully endangered, and has no effect other than performing the selected skill checks. When you purchase this boon, you select one skill as well as one Lore skill. The hireling can perform only these skills checks.

Hireling, Expert: When you gain this boon, select one Hireling boon you possess. The selected ally’s proficiency for their selected skills improves to expert, and their modifier to skill checks increases to 4 + your level.

Expert Hireling (8 AcP): Handler (Society, Zon-Kuthon Lore)