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Full Name

"Nadir and Apotheosis in Mutability"


Complete Thesis and Spellbook of one Anri Winnowill "Darkspur"


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Special Abilities


About Anri Winnowill Darkspur

Secrets of Magic:

Gale Blast
Gouging Claw
Ooze Form
Warding Agression

Default Preparations
Cantrips @ Daze, Gale Blast, Electric Arc, Ray of Frost, Shield; Gouging Claw
First @ Feather Fall, Pest Form, Truestrike; Jump
Second @ Comprehend Languages, See Invisibility, Resist Energy; Longstrider
Third @ Warding Aggression; Earthbind, Haste, Ooze Form
Fourth @ Vampiric Touch, Weapon Storm; Aerial Form, Bestial Curse


Cantrips (x10)
Chill Touch (X), Daze (even), Detect Magic (3/4), Electric Arc (X), Gale Blast, Gauging Claw, Light (4), Produce Flame (X), Ray of Frost (X), Read Aura (3/6), Shield (3/5/7/9)
Sigil (3/5/7)

First (x19)
Burning Hands (X), Charm (4/8), Chilling Spray (X), Color Spray (X), Fear (3), Feather Fall (-), Grim Tendrils (X), Gust of Wind (-), Magic Missile (odd), Shattering Gem (X), Shocking Grasp (X), Sleep (4), Spider Sting (-), True Strike (-)
Ant Haul (-), Jump (3), Longstrider (2), Mending (X), Pest Form (4)

Second (x14)
Blood Vendetta (4/6/8/10), Blur (-), Comprehend Languages (3/4), Darkvision (3/5), Dispel Magic (X), False Life (X), Glitterdust (-), Invisibility (4), Mirror Image (-), Resist Energy (4/7), See Invisibility (5), Vomit Swarm (X)
Spider Climb (5), Water Breathing (3/4)

Third (x8)
Agonizing Despair (X), Invisibility Sphere (5), Lightning Bolt (X), Vampiric Touch (X), Wall of Wind (-)
Earthbind (-), Ghostly Weapon (-), Haste (7)

Fourth (x2)
Ice Storm (6/8/10), Weapon Storm (X)
Aerial Form (5/6), Bestial Curse

Thaumaturgical Inspiration and Ink:

Zero) Chill Touch, Daze, Detect Magic, Electric Arc, Light, Produce Flame, Ray of Frost, Read Aura, Shield, Sigil
One) Gust of Wind, Shocking Grasp, Spider Sting, Jump, Mend, Pest Form
Two) Chilling Spray, Longstrider
Three) Blood Vendetta, Mirror Image
Four) False Life, Spider Climb
Five) Earthbind, Vampiric Touch
Six) Agonizing Despair, Invisibility Sphere
Seven) Aerial Form, Weapon Storm
Eight) Bestial Curse, Ice Storm

Ant Haul (2.00), Blur (6.00), Burning Hands (2.00), Charm (2.00), Color Spray (2.00), Comprehend Languages (3.00), Darkvision (6.00), Dispel Magic (6.00), Fear (2.00), Feather Fall (1.00), Gale Blast (2.0), Gauging Claw (2.00), Glitterdust (3.00), Ghostly Weapon (16.00), Grim Tendrils (1.00), Haste (16.00), Invisibility (6.00), Lightning Bolt (8.00), Magic Missile (2.00), Resist Energy (6.00), See Invisibility (6.00), Shattering Gem (2.00), Sleep (2.00), Truestrike (2.00), Vomit Swarm (3.00), Wall of Wind (8.00), Water Breathing (6.00)

Subtotal (123.00)