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Cleric 13 | HP:120/120 | AC: 25/ FF 23/ T 14 | Fort: +16 Ref: +11 Will: +19 | Perception: +20| Init: +4

Don’t forget, Kasimir can raise the dead if it’s needed. Just someone remember to grab the biggest piece. ; )

What are the GM’s thoughts on casting evil aligned spells?

Cleric 13 | HP:120/120 | AC: 25/ FF 23/ T 14 | Fort: +16 Ref: +11 Will: +19 | Perception: +20| Init: +4

I’m fine with PM’s. I’m also fine with imperfect amounts of information, it adds verisimilitude.

Evangelist clerics get some bard powers, so I believe I can inspire courage or greatness and bypass your superstition problems. I’ll grab a breath of life as well.

Would you (Yuri) benefit at all from Bear’s endurance?

I can’t enlarge, sorry, nor can I reliably UmD it.

Works for me. Wild shapey Druid or caster Druid?

Cleric 13 | HP:120/120 | AC: 25/ FF 23/ T 14 | Fort: +16 Ref: +11 Will: +19 | Perception: +20| Init: +4

And yes, I’ll take spell requests if you’re polite about it.

I’m hearing a request for greater magic weapon and magic vestment?

And with this party, it seems that I can focus on buffing others, and don’t need to do much direct damage myself, correct?

Cleric 13 | HP:120/120 | AC: 25/ FF 23/ T 14 | Fort: +16 Ref: +11 Will: +19 | Perception: +20| Init: +4

Sorry, this is my first EVER game on this forum. If you need something from me, I’m not being ignorant on purpose.

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Cleric 13 | HP:120/120 | AC: 25/ FF 23/ T 14 | Fort: +16 Ref: +11 Will: +19 | Perception: +20| Init: +4



I’m playing my cleric, Kasimir, if that works with everyone. As an evangelist, he has some bardic abilities.


Kasimir von Vang

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I am interested. I’d prefer to play with my cleric 13, but I also have an Eldrtich Knight (archer) 12

I’m usually a Myth-weavers person, so I’m new to playing here. Please let me know if you need anything.

This is one of my favorites for ‘TPK replacement’. If the party ever runs into trouble with the law,,or just gets whipped, this is perfect.

They get shipped there as either prisoners or as sold slaves, and then hilarity ensues. And much better than making all new characters.

I’m having a blast with trickery domain and spell focus enchantment.

I saved it in case of TPK. When my players lost a fight, I knew instead of killing them all, I could ship them to Deepmar instead.

If you're Dex-heavy, a one feat investment in weapon finesse isn’t so bad. Environmentally, arrows can sometimes be problematic, and they tend to do piercing damage, which isn’t always effective.

Aside from that:

Mithril chain shirt
Mithril buckler
Darkwood composite longbow (adaptive is great)
Quiver of cold iron arrows
Efficient quiver, full of all sorts of things. You have good aim, so holy water and alchemists fire will work well for you.
Sihedron medallion
Boots of feather step
Underwater crossbow
Handful of utility potions
Spiked gauntlet

(Enchant what you can afford to)
(Cold iron is cheap enough that you can just use it all the time. If it fails, switch to silver)

Set it up in advance. Next time the players are carousing, run into this woman at the bar. Have a lot of 'hey, how have you been', and 'how do you know this guy?'

Bring out their shared backstory. And have her warn him 'don't go to X'.

When the players inevitably go there anyway, then bam, price on his head.

Then, during the fight, she can be all 'I told you, why did t you listen', and they'll have to fight each other even though they don’t want to.

It’s how I would do it.

Guard animals, or a dim but powerful monster nearby that scares away the curious?

Pit traps? Locked gates? Treasure chest with poison snake inside? Alarm?

Have the hideout be along the beach, and have the tide go in and out. If they're not fast, they'll have to swim out.

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Feats are all about opportunity cost. What feat are you giving up to get this one?

What does rogue 6 give you that rogue5/sorcerer 1 doesn't?

Seems like you would still have the sneak attack damage, but it would free up your rogue talents, which could easily make up for the BAB difference.

Gnome stew is dedicated to this, check it out.

Be decisive. It's ok to be wrong on rules, if people are having fun.

It's not ok to stop the game for twenty minutes to look up a rule. That isn't fun at all, at last not for me.

Look up rules between games, not during. During the game, use '1-3’ it works, 4-6’ it doesn't.

You can find shaven minis on eBay. Not pre-painted in quite the way you were thinking, but maybe good enough?

A melee weapon, just in case ; )

Dark wood underwater crossbow

Acid flasks and alchemists fire and holy water. Your aim is probably quite good.

A bola for taking prisoners. Just eat the -4, it's a touch attack.

Always keep some arrows outside any extra dimensional space. Dimensional anchor will wreck you, otherwise.

The boots that allow a 5ft step in difficult terrain can keep you from getting stabbed.

Be able to deal with invisibility, incorporeality, and monks.

I'd give them squires instead. One main character, and an assistant/friend/spouse who is two levels lower.

I find action economy more important that go economy. You could have all the wealth in the world, grab the sword you dropped and stand is your entire turn.

This is especially true if any of the encounters feature the PCs getting really outnumbered, or baddies can incapacitate more than one of them, like, say, a pair of harpies.

One level of brawler can also be effective.

I could see going the other way, dipping two levels of paladin for your fighter.

But I think this might be a case of 'ooh, shiny'. Why do you need more feats, OP? What are you looking at? Sometimes, you can replace feats with gear, sometimes feats aren't as good as they look.

Maybe you can get by without them.

What are your group's chances of getting to the end of this AP? That will make a difference as well.

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Vingorg wrote:
But...but...what if it doesn't bleed?!?

Then get to the choppah!

Wolin wrote:

*echoes above sentiments and fears*

It still surprises me when I realise that a 10 ft. by 10 ft. room is 3m by 3m, and it's actually pretty large. I suppose it's just what you're used to, but it's difficult to care about getting used to the bizarre conversions just within the imperial system. I mean, the number of feet in a mile? Who even came up with that?

Ultimately though, when everything's basically just in units of "Squares" on your battle map, you can call it whatever you like. I admit to just crushing distance a little and using 1m squares instead of 5ft. ones, and calling a mile a kilometre. Everything's (approximately) 2/3s the size in actual distance, but it's still the same number of spaces between things, and that's mostly what matters. Also makes it incidentally more practical in normal use.

The Roman Empire came up with that. A mile is a thousand paces (two steps), and a pace, for them, is just over 5 feet. Ancient Roman roads were set up with mile markers, and it helped them determine how far legions could move in a single day, which was good for planning.

Well, you could be a bard. Or use spells that aren't quite so obvious. Knock might be cast in a quiet alley, but scorching ray will draw attention if they live.

Seems like spell-less ranger would fit the bill nicely.

Go and find an old copy of the first edition rules. Not advanced, but the basic/expert/etc. series. Last one was immortals, if memory serves, and there will be lot of cool ideas in there.

You need to let at least one random dude find a spark. Watching Louis the Potter become an immortal god will make a great motivator, and what a tremendous RP opportunity.

CrystalSeas wrote:
Anonymous Visitor 163 576 wrote:
You know you're blurring the reality/fiction line, right?

There's a certain safety valve in having an entirely fictional game world. If you go bringing in real world theology, you could also introduce real world disagreements.

I know I would find it un-fun if my PFS game was derailed by a theological argument. And because it might involve someone's actual faith, there's potential to offend people.

Be careful, is all.

You know you're blurring the reality/fiction line, right?

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If you dump a picture into Excel, it will 'cut' it, and print it out one page at a time. Just adjust it so it's one square =1 inch first.

Then tape together, or not.

Cavalier with an appropriate aquatic mount.

You'll want a scroll of all the fix it spells, like lesser restoration, delay poison, remove curse, etc.

And a potion of remove blindness, in case you're the guy who gets blinded.

See if you can use the bathtub full of holy water to then summon water elementals.

I did this, worked great


You won't outdamage the barbarian, but you might be more versatile, and therefore still contributing. That's how you'll compete.

For example, the barbarian gets sidelined by a flying opponent, but you have air walk. Or the barbarian has to use hit points to protect vs. lightning, but you can use resist energy.

Look for spells that last a long time, like greater magic weapon. Have them rolling before the fight begins, you should generally cast one buff spell and then move into melee position.

This is the difference between low level and high level. For two first-level characters, the difference between the wizard and the barbarian is mostly the roll.

At higher levels, there are feats, bab, hp, and equipment, all of which push the two farther apart in terms of combat effectiveness.

The forum could provide more help if we knew what you had for feats and gear and spells already.

Acrobatics is also the counter for certain spells, like Grease.

Whoa, with that same 4000, you could buy a lot of scrolls, which would extend your ability to 'go long' for those 'no time to rest' situations, and still have coin left over for something nice.

I recommend Summon Swarm. My reading is that both swarms damage each other. If neither damage each other, they'll at least keep each other busy for the duration.

Learn Haste. It's ALWAYS useful. Scrolls are for rare circumstances, like swarms.

Also, wind wall is great, also defends vs. gases and archers.

A base is a perfectly good idea, and all the best heroes have one. I'd suggest moving the players, not the base. Give them a word of recall item that's useable X1/day.

This means: you can have them detail the base, add things for everyone. The neighbors can become npc's, or the local lord or tax collector. You can attack the base (but just once, or it gets lame) as a fun twist.

It also means that if they recall back, they might have to leave someone behind, or might have difficulty getting back to the dungeon. Decide who carries the key, it matters.

I've done it, with a 3.5 rogue/ranger/shadowdancer. It's...not perfect.

Some of the time, you can float through an encounter or two, and no one knows you're there. It's great, but you -are- asking the rest of the party to stand around while you have your fun.

Some of the time, it seems great. But you learn that Erinyes have true seeing. Or that tremorsense is hard to beat. Or that life sense is hard to beat. I don't even want to discuss half-dragon striges.

That's when you realize 'oh, I'm here by myself' or 'oh, oozes grapple really well', and sometimes, you die. Overall, I'd not do it again.

What I might do is play an investigator, a generally smart career Crimean who can pick locks, forge documents, and bribe officials. Or, I might say I'm a ninja, and play a ninja2/sorcerer X, and just choose spells like spider climb and mirror image and knock instead of enlarge person and magic Missile. You still get to do ninja-y stuff, but you get better with high levels, not worse.

Blackblade arcanist, so you can use your magus abilities with the sorcerer spell list as well, then eldritch knight.

Do you get higher level spell -slots-? Because that's when goofiness like quickened disintegrate can show up, plus a full attack.

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I think you've missed something: why does the rest of the party want you around?

I think your best bet is to make a character who doesn't kill anyone. You could easily make an illusionist or a sap-wielder.

Otherwise, other players might just say " wait, that's just more work for me? "

Make it. Find a musket figure you like, and cut the head off. Replace with cat folk head.

Can you fly, turn invisible, deal with invisibility?

Have you thought about overcoming the various kinds of DR and SR?

Is your AC =20+level for a tank, 15+level for a support fighter, 10+level for a back ranker?

Divide your hit points by your level. Is it at least 6 for back rank, 8 for front?

And selvaxri, while +2 star won't hurt you, the other benefits of alter self are way more useful, like temporary gills when you find the room filling with water.

I like Displacement more because it works on others. One alternative when faced with unbeatable SR is to boost the party instead. Protection from evil and displacement allow that, as does some kind of resistance to energy and fly.

Dim door is also extraordinarily good, and it's verbal only, which is lifesaving. You can also deliver comrades into position: at your level, it makes a real difference if the barbarian gets a full attack or not.

Would you consider wall of ice over wall of fire? You can still substitute it, but wall of ice is solid. Anyone loses at least one turn smashing through, maybe more. Wall of fire isn't, and you'll see devils and rogues and crazy people just charge through and hit you.

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It's no less logical than being a talking rat person.

Feats are the most precious and limited resource you have. You should try to accomplish with skill points, or with gold first.

So, scent is very difficult to replicate elsewhere. Take that. You can just shove skill points into the other skills, and +2 isn't so much that you'll notice after level three. Buy eyes of the eagle if you need.

Pack rat seems like it could be entirely replaced with better planning. I say skip it. Buy a haversack if you want, and fill it with all manner of useful supplies.

If you're going natural attacks, you need strength so you can do damage. Nothing else matters as much. And hey, you can skip weapon finesse now.

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