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Hi there,

So, I' re got a bones oracle, and that oracle has the 'raise the dead' ability. So far, so good.

Now, the summoned skeleton or zombie has hit dice equal to my level. That's not so bad either, but I'm wondering about possible size changes. They can kick in when the hit dice of the original creature doubles, and I'm now there.

Is it my call? Or the GM's?

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So, Im trying to decide what to play in the Core campaign, and so I'm thinking about WHO will play.

1) people who play so much they're out of mods.

My guess is that this group is a bit smaller, but will have good system mastery. I expect to see a wide variety of builds, but that variety might steer clear of weaker options like monks or fighters.

2) people who like hard mode.

This group may decide to go with mechanically weaker options, like small size barbarians, crossbow users, or rogues. I'm not sure how big this group actually is. I suspect that very few live near me.

3) people who are on a budget.

This group makes sense to me, but I don't think i'll see too many. If PDFs are expensive, then traveling to a con and getting a hotel room is probably also expensive. I'll guess this will be common in people's homes and dorm rooms, but tough to get an invite.

These people will build like new players, making whatever strikes them as cool.

4) the beer and pretzels crowd.

Potentially a large group, this could include casual gamers, gamers like myself who now have home and work commitments greater than they once did, or perhaps some 1st edition people who feel that one book is all right if it comes with a community of players.

Here, I'll guess a lot of old favorite characters get remade, and the stereotypes of elf wizard, half king rogue, human fighter...all come back out.

Hey all,

I need some info on the new factions, and I don't know where to get it.

1) Is there a handy 1 page breakdown of the factions somewhere?
2) Is there a converter for older mods, which missions to give to whom?

So, after reading another thread, I've been thinking about how to make sure that I'm running at/playing at a table that encourages diversity, and encourages the hobby to grow, not shrink.

I'm looking for honest advice. This is NOT the place for jokes or stereotypes. Sure, maybe you can effectively tell a joke at another's expense, but that's the EXACT opposite of what I'm interested in.

Please just move to a different thread if you're tempted to do that.

So, what are the things we can do to encourage diversity?

Hey all,

I'm looking for players for PFS games next month.

Nov. 5th = 1-41
Nov. 12th = 6-01
Nov. 18th = 2-15

We play in Providence, RI, from 6:30-10:30pm, message me if interested, or check out our Obsidian Portal site


Hey, when i click on 'pathfinder society' and then on 'factions', it's got all the old factions listed.

Can we get that fixed?

So, I'm really digging this feat, and think it could make for a Summoner that was great fun to play.

But the pre-req is Spell Focus Necromancy, and there are not a lot of Necromancy spells on the Summoner list. What are some ways to put the pre-req feat to use? I'm having trouble finding anything good.

Hey all,

After last year, I realized that we can do one better with the table tents.

Take a photograph of the miniature you use.

That way, it's way easier for the judge, who is looking at the map, to think, "I attack the green guy", and he can look around the table and see what player that is.

And if HQ is feeling generous, they can bring a digital camera, and make them for players.

"But we don't have the manpower..."

Sell them. There are plenty of gamers who would cough up a few bucks for an official Gen Con table tent with picture for a few dollars.

As per the bestiary, any living creature can become a vampire. Does this include outsiders?


Hey there,

I'm looking for a few more players for my Pathfinder Council of Thieves game. We're looking at resuming from our August break very soon, we play on Tuesday nights. We're about to start book three if it matters.

If interested, send an e-mail to professorkraus@gmail.com, and tell me a little about what you're looking for in a game.


Hey all,

I'm becoming a fan of the magician bard. If you're not, move along, it's really not up for discussion. But I would like some feedback on what to do with the bonus spells.

Here's what I'm thinking...

First level contenders:

Magic missile - nice to do direct damage, and remains good for auto-hit and fighting incorporeals

Second level contenders:

haste (from summoner) - great choice, but is it too cheaty?

scorching ray - same as magic missile, nice for direct damage

Augury (from witch) - early divination help

Third level contenders:

Fly - surprisingly lacking for bards until phantom steed gets good

Hey all,

I'm planning to run CoT soon. As a city dweller myself, I find it hard to believe that there would be absolutely no limitations on weapons and armor in Westcrown.

I'd like to get feedback on the house rules below:

Commoners may not carry martial weapons, medium armor, or heavy armor within the city limits, unless in the employ and livery of a noble house.

Aristocrats are not restricted on weapons or armor.

Spellcasting upon another person is illegal, unless the caster has the permission of that person.

Area-effect spells are detrimental to the safety and welfare of the city, and are considered to be multiple counts of magical assault or multiple counts of destruction of property.
What is that going to do for my CoT campaign?

So, here's what I've got in mind...

Storm theme, storm theme...aha!

Lightning is fast. A spell that makes people faster would 'fit'.

We can make a speed of -Lightning Speed-, and rename expeditious retreat. We can even use Haste as -Mass lightning speed-.

Hi there,

The Pathfinder wording for Brew Potion is a little different than the 3.5 wording, and I'm curious if a change was intended.

In 3.5, personal spell potions were not possible.

In Pathfinder, anything that targets one or more creatures is allowable. The exclusion on personal spells is not there anymore.

I've got two interpretations...

a) This saves space, which is valuable for a publisher. Rules work the same way.

b) This is a deliberate change, since clearly 'target = you' qualifies as 'target = one creature'. Personal spells are now available as potions.


Hey everyone,

I'll be running a few Pathfinder Society events at TempleCon, and am looking for interested players and judges.

Event is February 6-7-8. Info available here: http://www.templecon.org/09/

Current plan is to offer Pathfinder Society adventures 1-5, although I will listen to requests.

See you there!



I'd like to run Pathfinder Society games at TempleCon in February, and introduce Pathfinder to Rhode Island. Is there anyone to talk to about convention support?

I'll be back to judge again in two weeks at Total Con, and it would be nice to get some help.

Promotional materials would be better still, and would get Paizo new customers.

Rudolf Kraus