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Secret Wizard wrote:

Hi! I invented a demigod class, notably overpowered but it was meant to be that strong.

It's basically Oracle, casting off WIS rather than CHA, with Heavy Armor and Martial Weapons proficiency, with free, no prerequisites, Combat Expertise. It makes for a pretty great end-campaign boss or a great, powerful good guy.

As for race, what you describe is basically a Skinshifter, isn't it?

And perhaps that's what I'd like him to be endgame - horribly overpowered for a good high CR boss battle, but I'd like him to initially graze the presence of our pathfinder world as a balanced PC in someone else's campaign. Maybe it's ambitious

Not quite a skinshifter. In essence it would just be full bear as per
but with higher intelligence, lower stats, and PC classes. I'm considering giving it a racial weakness that disallows it from wielding weapons but treats it's claws as light melee weapons for the purpose of extra BAB attacks.

So, over the course of several campaigns, characters and DM's with my group I've been trying to casually foreshadow and hint at the existence of this homemade demigod character in one way or another. Glimpses of him here, strange going ons there, characters that reference him in passing, etc, etc. I plan on having this big reveal at the end of a bunch of campaigns that this demigod has been behind the scenes foreseeing the growth of the players from the beginning and that they were all chosen for this great destiny to...something. Fight a Tarrasque or something. Haven't gotten that far yet.
Anyway, for this latest character I'm going to make an everyday average black bear who, unbeknownst to him, was 'chosen' by this demigod as a disciple and given sentience as per something akin to an advanced "Awaken" spell. I've got a race made up, but I'm indecisive about what I want to do with the class.

I want this Bear to start out as a high Wis/Con, Low Int instinct driven creature trying to find his purpose, and eventually grow him into a wise philosophical seer who now completely understands and lawfully believes in a purpose of serving this demigod.

On one hand, a Lore Mystery, Wrecker Curse Oracle works well for the unravelling mystery, 'chosen'-ness and the 'mental acuity' revalation having that growing intelligence effect.

On the other hand, Monk provides a similar enlightened creature effect with a more bearish style of fighting (sort of), and the Constitution based 'Body' line of superhuman abilities plays well into the whole Bears-have-a-spell-that-increases-constitution-named-after-them thing.

I've also considered the Ranger and the Barbarian, but I'm not quite sold on them for one reason or another.

Any suggestions? Archetypes that fit?

Thanks for reading