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I like many others have just (within the last week, approximately) submitted my first ever RPGSS idea.

I'm actually not sure if it is RPG Superstar Material. I am however actually looking forward to the 'reject critique' thread as partly what I want to do is learn is how to be a better GM.

Now my biggest fear is that I have done something (spelling mistake, typo, ommission, mis-step) which just takes me out without reference to the idea at all.

Echoing the many others above; Good luck to everyone!

Ok, I had my first game session today.

Everything went quite well, except for having to change my name as another player wanted a letter 'D' name (To help avoid initiative confusion we try and all have different character initials).

Managed to disarm most of the bad guys we ran into with my flail and I only fell over once when I took a critical longsword blow.

Good start to the adventure all in all.

Just so you know the opening fight of book 3 of LoF for my group is going to involve the Son's of Carrion (who its been pointed out hate Pugwumpi's) charging across the desert with certain small screaming figures crucified on their heavy wooden shields with cold iron nails.

Gnoll's don't like them but they hate Kingslayers even more...

Incidentally I may also stat up a Pugwampi Transmuter Lich for book 6.


I am about to start playing Council of Theives after running Legacy of Fire and while I am good on 3.5 I ain't so hot on Pathfinder.

My gaming group doesn't have many 'forward' personalities so I will likely be either the loudest or second loudest player at the table (even if I try not to) and I will probably be pushed into being the 'group leader' role (The other 'talkative' players are the current GM for CoT and our previous GM for Rise of the Runelords).

Given this I have created a 1st level character as follows:
Human Paladin of Shelyn
Stats 15 point points buy
Str: 14
Dex: 10
Con: 12
Int: 13
Wis: 10
Cha: 16

Magical Knack (+2 caster level for paladin class)
Shadow Child (Ignore miss chance for dim light)


I plan on using heavy armour and a heavy flail. Smiting and killing really bad things and disarming and subdueing less bad things. Skill points spent on social skills and a bit of UMD.

Can anyone let me know if they have played/run for a similar character and how it got on/is getting on in the AP (no spoilers please)? Also if I have made any glaring or stupid build mistakes (or you have ideas/comments on the build I would be grateful) could you let me know?


Brain wrote:

Hi All,

He has str 18 and chr 16. He used a nonmagical great axe. He had 2 rounds to prepare and used magic weapon and bull strength. And he also used smite evil.

I think part of the problem is that he's got really powerful stats, on a 15 point points buy (PFRPG 'standard' array) he would have at most 16 Str and 14 Chr (unless he put points in no other abilities and even then couldn't reach an 18 and a 16).

Do all the party have similar stats? If so i would recommend bumbing the dragons physicals up by a similar margin.

Also as others have said paladins are the guys designed to fight a big singe powerful target and comparatively they are less good when fighting either multiples or non-evil targets.

Something you might try is rather than 1 big dragon try 2 slightly smaller dragons (ie a mated pair) forcing him to smite only one of the two. As intelligent foes the dragons can see him doing his paladin thing and the non-smited dragon can bull rush him away , offer cover vs the archerdins or simply eat him.

I like the way that kukri's look and act in pathfinder (as opposed to 3.0 or 3.5) and I currently have a half-orc fighter with two.

Rather than compare with a shortsword I prefer a comparison with the handaxe, a similar weapon in terms of damage and usage.

Perhaps if you want to strike a balance from the above options keep the kukri as a martial weapon but add in a feat that increases the damage dice to a d6 (for that matter call it 'Gurkha Training'). This gives the same overall feat cost as a exotic weapon feat but can be taken at a different point in the characters progression.