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James Jacobs wrote:

That'll be up to you to decide. If you want to start Savage Tide as soon as you get the first magazine, you'll probably want to buy the print copy. If you can wait a bit, the free download might be better.

However, the print copy has a heavy cardstock cover that's not attached to the booklet (think the old-time module style), with the map of Sasserine printed inside; it could work pretty well as a DM screen.

Touche, Mister Editor, touche.... :)

Now, is there going to be anything additional in the Player's Guide that will make me want to spend money on this? It may only be $5, but why bother spending the cash when one can just get it for free later?

Well, here's the latest incarnation of my AoW group, set in Eberron.

Echiro- Warforged Monk 15- Permanently Enlarged+Battlefist= Horrendous damage, the party's main tank.
Falon- Human Cleric 1/Favored Soul 14 (of Dol Arrah)
Engel- Human Warlock 14- fey-blooded
Jaren ir'Waylan- Human Sorcerer 8/Cleric 1/Silver Pyromancer 5
Fenrir- Human Paladin 12(Silver Flame)- Uses stats from the Warcraft RPG to make an Elite knight, even Thrane and the Flame performed experiments during the Last War.... ;)

Found it!!

http://paizo.com/dungeon/messageboards/ageOfWorms/archives/wCRedMetalPedest al

Reminds me of Red Steel, aka...cinna...something-or-other...I only remember it in passing. Not sure if it's the same stuff though.

Hmmm this is going back a ways....the first one I played in was Skarda's Mirror, I do believe. I spent alot of time playing Basic D&D and alot of the modules just kind of ran together :(.

The first one I ran, however, was definatly Terrible Trouble in Tragidore...aka, the adventure that came with the DM's screen. It's amazing what a group of people can do when you don't have any of the rulebooks :-D

If I'm not mistaken, that was taken care of in another topic. Two totally unrelated things that someone took offense over. The name may look or even sound familliar, but it's not the same, and any attempt to make it so is tacky and offensive. I don't recall where it was, but the problem was quite miniscule and dealt with.

So speaketh a guy who takes his messageboard alias from a bad b-movie starring a guy who goes to work in a skirt :)

Somewhere in the movie....you must have Peter MacNicol doing something, anything!

Sorry, listening to the old audiobooks at present. I think he had some decent ideas for the Companions, especially Raistlin. Ah hell, let him do all the voices...except for Goldmoon...let's keep Lucy working :-D

"He is Vigo!"

Ah yes, King Arthur and the Knights of Justice...as bad as it may have been, it's cartoons like these that shaped my imagination and steered me towards the hobby in the first place. Unfortunately, I don't remember enough of the old D&D cartoon for it to have helped :(

I also loved the Dragon Warrior cartoon :)

It's about damn time!

I just always figured the DLC would be live-action with some great cg effects. Would be nice to see...I would have to keep Lusy Lawless and throw her into the role of Kitiara though ;).

On a side note, if they ever did movies for any of the Drizzt novels, they would have to be animated....Japanese animated ideally. It would just fit the tone and the overall ignorant speed of Drizzt. No human could pull that off, they'd have to add a sucky Matrix overhaul.

From my understanding, being fused with the Overlord has made him one, because he's not Kyuss anymore, he's now Katashka-Kyuss, Demigod and Overlord. It may not look like much on paper, but adding the additions of the Overlord will make him quite nasty. Even if it's not added as part of the conversion, I may add it in depending on how the PCs fare witht he rest of the campaign. If they're walking through it, then he's getting the Overlord upgrade :)

Has there been any word on its release? I run my game in Eberron and I'm going to need the conversion for Kyuss...I'm thinking that if you just add the stats for the Overlords he will be too ignorant.Anyt thoughts people from Dungeon?

Wow, talk about getting the shaft.....

I'm so gonna walk away from this before it degenerates into something worse.....and forcing me to help it along that path :)

Yes, it's for Chainmail sadly :(

Anyone have any idea where I can find one of these? I just need a blank record sheet to keep track of my warbands. Preferably Word or PDF format.

Thank you in advance.

Need something for tomorrow's Pre-Release :-D

Hmmmm, definately Alternity, I still use the rules for certain modern games with the Dark Matter rules.

Villains and Vigilantes, an utter classic.

Basic D&D, wear I got my start, an oldie but a goodie.

The old White Wolf systems, before they made the WoD all hokey.

And old school Shadowrun :)

Here's the thing, Huge minis are only suitable for Epic play. It's right in the rules :)

Hey, if Erik was in fact working on that, I would spend a whole paycheck to get me some of that :-D

On a more serious note....what is it? what is it? what is it?

Evil Kenku druids with their T-rex pets.....*shudder*

Nah, the man's hardcore...look at him...he's a dragon <i>and</i> an editor!

Plus, we're all geeks...and geeks have tremendous fortitudes for staying up long periods of time doing geeky things :).

Yes, it definately is from the same obscure Roddy Piper title :)

Well, that indeed sucks, but thank you for the information. It is much appreciated.

Well, since this is here, I might want to throw in my question: I signed up back in May for my MtM, my card was charged, but I have yet to see my first issue...Is there some sort of waiting time on that? I had assumed my first issue would have been this month's, but alas, no Dragon 345 :(

I think my favorite would have to be the Knight. He kicks ass, he takes names, he won't attack flat-footed opponents, at 17th level he won't fail a saving throw (or almost won't), and at the pinnacle of his advancement it'll take alot to bring him down. The D&D game has been lacking a really good Knight adaptation, and now they have one.

If my next group needs a fighter, you're going to see me playing one of these :)

If the new adventure path involves a conspiracy of demons, It hink it would be cool if the PCs get drawn into a pivotal point in the Blood War. It would be amusing to be sent on an "assassination" mission against one of the Archdevils only to have said Archdevil send you back with an even sweeter deal.....

That being said, I would definately love to see a member of Baator's power structure in STAP. One can't have a demonic conspiracy without their arch-rivals coming along trying to sabotage everything :)

Sounds like a very good idea, though you may want to hold back on it's powers and and let them come out as the player progresses in level. We had a paladin with a special holy avenger along those same lines. It basically started at +1 and gained an additional plus every few levels, it definately worked great for us.

The dread lord idea is cool, but if you're running a general campaign, you may want to go with a death knight that's been seperated from his favorite sword :)

Speaking of Old One-Eye, shouldn't he be the only who would know exactly what's going on and what should happen? Where would he stand in all of this? More importantly, how does he feel about the Ebon Triad and what they claim?

I guess only Vecna knows the answers to that.

Damn god of secrets...

Now, I'm all for bringing back ye olde box set, but at a $200 price point...it had better come with it's own serving wench/brothel girl. Otherwise, an Age of Worms box set is a great idea. It can include lots of handy references, handouts, maps, etc. I love the box sets of old, and I would love to see more of them. It just doesn't seem right when getting into a new published campaign and seeing this huge book, all alone without a box to keep it safe and a few softcover booklets to keep it from getting lonely...*sigh* Dammit, just got hit by Fzoul's Fabulous Flashback!

Indeed it is :)

hey, can you re-send that e-mail? I cleaned out my bulk folder and didn't notice it until it was just about to disappear. :(

In being the Eberron fanboy that I am, I would love to see what you have. I would also like permission to use it in my game if it's cool :)


In my groups, we have an even mix. Not everyone wants the light armor...not even the mage :)

That's what happens with an Orc Warmage 9/Blackguard 2 in Adamantine Full Plate. (in my games, I switched out the Advanced Learning for a Cleric's BAB, it just made a little more sense to me this way)

hehe, there's a McDonalds in the mall I work in. It's not the healthiest, but it sure is the cheapest :-D

--You go to the local train station regularly just to get gold dollars and use them at every opportunity saying "Here are three gold pieces for my meal, kind sir." I have done this many times :)

--When you base all decisions on a percentile roll. I knew someone who did this all the time, and it got very annoying.

--You make something like this on TLC's website http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e76/vecna00/nat1.jpg

Seems like a very good idea....now the hard part is converting Kyuss into Katashka-Kyuss....*chills* I think I hear several PCs dying just thinking about it.

Kyuss and his uber-stat-block? Even Erivatus (sp) only had one page, and that's after all of the explanations for his Divine abilities. I can't wait to see this, nor his conversion into Eberron (which will be nasty).

Isle of Dread? *shudder* Maybe they can combine that with Isle of the Ape from way back...I have to stop before I give them any worse ideas.

She did it mainly to start an infestation of worms that would spread throughout the entire tribe, then through the swamp, and hopefully through that area. The carriers need not be full-sized, just be a haven for the worms.

Wow, making a connection between both Marilyn Manson and Columbine to Goth Culture. That's a heavy undertaking...it's like blaming God for George W. Bush.

It's really funny, considering Goth Culture has been around since before both Marilyn Manson and Columbine :)

As an avid D&D player, metal fan, and pseudo-goth-extraordinaire, this sort of thing has always bothered me. Seeing it in medical journal only makes it worse. I sincerely think that some of these people either need to get a clue, or need to have their second-rate DNA removed from the communal gene pool. I've done my own little research on these sorts of things when I was in junior high (which was a very long time ago, I might add). Now granted, my research was geared more towards the whole "Satanism" scare when it comes to D&D, loud music, and even Sci-Fi (oh yes, some groups claimed that science fiction lead to devil worship....I didn't think that Captain Kirk swung that way). All of the research that I had found pointed back at bad childhoods and crappy parenting, not to a game, music, or genre of books. Now, I do agree to the whole "plug and play" theory mentioned earlier, it is something that's often used. But I must say, anyone who has ever been to med school and NOT played D&D is either a liar or a closet geek :-p

I don't have the issue yet myself, but it does sound like you've forgotten the size modifiers. :)

The core-concept of the third edition, in my honest opinion, was character options. The new books that get put out only give you more options. This ensures that fighter A and fighter B don't have to be the same, as in previous editions.

In regards to the dragon whose CR is equal to the party, the party should have no problem dispatching him. As is stated about CR: "Challenge Rating assumes that a party of that level should be able to overcome the encounter with expending between 1/6th and 1/4th of their total resources." Hate to unleash my inner rules-lawyer, but a CR equal to the party is almost a no-contest for the party. That's just going by the numbers, that's not taking into account various tactics the DM employs.

I like to employ a golden rule: "If the PCs do it, I'm doing it to." That way, the challenge will always be there.

But, if you have a problem with something written in any book, you just have to look back to the ancient golden rule of DMing: "If you don't like it, don't use it."

More true words have never been spoken :)

I guess that's what happens when the original company changes hands twice...we get two new editions (the second of which wasn't needed), the dropping of several campaign worlds, and two pretty lame excuses for Dark Sun....Yeah I think that's why Greyhawk is kinda going by the wayside. I loved all the old campaign settings and have always wanted some sort of offical content for the 3.0 revision. I was never really thrilled alot of the fan-based content, some of it was just too...bad, in my opinion. That's not to say that they didn't work hard on it, I just don't think any of it fits. When the content was finally released, I was very disapointed. Needless to say, the original vision just isn't there. Sure they did a good job trying to make a product without the orginal authors, it just didn't meet my expectations. Maybe that largest critics of Greyhawk are those in WotC itself?

I don't know, I rambled off-topic a few times there, please forgive me. But yes, a company changing hands a few times could do that :)

Personally, I use a mixture of 3.0 and 3.5 rules anyway, taking what suits my style just fine. I honestly didn't see a point to the 3.5 revision, it mainly only nerfed the buffs and made it even harder to play anything non-standard.

Now, the DR ruling for 3.5 I still can't totally accept. The special materials are fine, the aligned weapons are ok, but the DR/magic I have the biggest problem with. I personally see that as being utterly useless. I mean, the converted DR of the deities (and the overlords from Eberron) is like 50/magic....what character higher than 4th-level would not have a magic weapon? Because of this, I use whatever DR is least to the party's benefit, and if it says DR x/magic, well I'm going to the 3.0 version. If there isn't a 3.0 version for some reason, then I make a judgement call on the individual creature.

But, this is just me and the way I run games. :-D

In my games, we usually only have three PCs anyway, and because I always enjoy playing as well as DMing, I usually throw in an NPC to help balance out the party. For AoW, I used a Scro Warmage who was eventually going to pick up a version of the Holocaust Warrior from Dungeon 100 (I do believe it was 100...the Incurison issue). He brought the needed arcane back-up to a group with a human rogue (with incarnum feats), a human ranger/psion (apprentice level), and the human artificer (the same one who chucked a torch into the brown mold *sigh*). The game went very well until that moment. Healing was being supplemented by scrolls and a wand, the ranger was a pseudo-tank, and the warmage played a decent back-up tank (with a 20 str, and ac of 18, and 10 hp, who wouldn't?).

All of these ideas work well for a small group. If you don't like adding to the party, then you'll have to subtract from the encounters...which means *alot* of work for you. Or at least alot more than usual.

Basically, if the brown mold drops the whole party into negatives, they are to kiss their characters good-bye.

Case in point: See Age of Worms Obituaries...and find my post therein :)

There are any number of ways to get the PCs out there: send them hunting schemas through House Cannith, if there's a follower of the Silver Flame, they can be sent to bring the wayward branch back into the fold, they could be hired on to protect an Orien trade caravan to Diamond Lake and while they have some free time can investigate the Cairn. The main thing you have to do, is take a look at the party, check out all their backgrounds, faiths, even family. Anything could be used as a hook to get them to Diamond Lake, and that's all you really have to do, just get them there and let the module take care of the rest.

This is the sort of thing that's helped me in my 12+ years of DMing :)

I'm going to be restarting my AoW campaign in Eberron (see AoW Obituaries to see why :-p). The only issue that I have with any of the conversion notes really is the fact that the Kenku are still in 3FoE. Now, I don't normally have a problem with them...just their conversion over to 3D Ed. So instead of little bird people running about in small caves...I was thinking maybe kobolds instead :). I recently got my hands on Races of the Dragon and I'm eager to put some of the rules to good use. Any thoughts?

It is bad, and the one who threw it was playing an artificer to boot. No real knowledge rolls there....

This marks the death of an entire party. A party of seekers of adventure. A party...with a newbie.

Adventure: The Whispering Cairn
Location: Lair of the Architect
Act that got everyone killed: Chucking a lit torch into the Brown Mold

Needless to say, everyone froze to death.

I do believe it's only the actual size of the mini. But I do have a counter question: Does anyone know what scale the minis are as far as scenery goes? I used to work in a general hobby shop that was filled to the rim with scenery for train layouts, and I was curious to see what would be best suited for them.

As a base though, I do know that the MechWarrior Clicks are N scale...then maybe the normal minis are either O or even G scale....any thoughts?


I don't want to think about Vlaakith (sp) any more powerful than she already is.....but my roomate could probably make it so.