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Cori Marie wrote:

Laughing hard at this one Nath:

- The skeletal horse is once more a horse and not a guard

What can I say- if you can't have fun at your job what can you do?

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This product has been updated to version 1.0.1 which brings the following changes:

- Corrected accidental erasure of portion of wing on Osyluth
- Corrected ring cropping for Shambler Troop
- The skeletal horse is once more a horse and not a guard
- Added the blank token ring in 1024px size
- Updated the file

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So- I wasn't going to respond to your posts on this subject; but I think there's a couple of misconceptions that need addressing in case other users take you seriously.

Mushroom C1oud wrote:
First, I've been following Caeora for a long time and I purchase his maps and tokens whenever there's a pack I like.

That's great to hear.

Caeora provided the token ring we're using for this token pack and we have a very good working relationship with him. We have been working with him for a few different projects, and I am glad to hear you support his work.

Mushroom C1oud wrote:
Taking each art piece and shrinking it onto a token background an amateur artist could do in a weekend is very profitable.

If this were the amount of effort put into the project, sure. However, these tokens weren't created with automated masks, these were created by hand, each art piece placed with care to ensure that the overlap emphasized the art, and in many cases using scaling effects to breach the normal grid square size and make the token truly 'pop'. In numerous cases, the art for these portraits and tokens were not provided on transparent backgrounds, requiring editing to remove those without leaving visual artifacts.

I understand you may be frustrated that the price point we placed this collection at is not to your expectations, but you are sorely mistaken if you think anyone could have processed the organization alone (let alone the token creation) for this product in a weekend. Three people put weeks worth of work into this project, if you think you can do better for less, please, by all means, go ahead.

Shane M.
Project Coordinator
Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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Zene wrote:

(Edit: Found it, in this FAQ Scroll to the question that starts "I already bought the pdf". It still displays misleading info, as of the moment I'm typing this. Paizo, you probably want to have Foundry fix that.)

Hi Zene.

Anathema of Foundry VTT here.

I'd like to start by saying that, to those of you frustrated by the pricing situation as relates to the earlier PDF releases, I'm sorry. I certainly empathize with the situation those of you who bought AV previously are in---For the record, I also bought the AV pdfs prior to the re-release (albeit with intent to convert it for play in my own private game system). I wish there was some middle ground that could be found here, but I also see things from the other side of the checkout counter, as it were, and I understand that there are point of sale limitations that can cause major technical problems which can negatively impact both customers and the business.

I do want to take time to address this particular bit of quotation---Zene, if you had scrolled down just a little further, in the same group of questions discussing discounts and pdfs, there is this text:

Foundry VTT Paizo Partnership FAQ wrote:

Does the discount for Abomination Vaults only apply if you buy the re-release?
The Foundry VTT release of Abomination Vaults is based on the forthcoming omnibus edition and will not be purchasable as separate modules for each book. The PDF discount will only apply if you have purchased that edition's PDF. We feel that the content the FVTT release will contain will make it well worth the price.

As the author of that FAQ, I assure you that question was very much at the forefront of my mind when I wrote the article as a whole, and I personally answered that question countless times on the day we announced the partnership renewal.

I wish we could have done more to make it clear this would be the case from the beginning-- but I don't know what more could have been done. Anyone who asked this question on either the main Foundry VTT discord server or in the development community discord for pathfinder second edition on FVTT received that answer plainly. We told people the same on reddit, and listed it in the FAQ shared in the announcements. Paizo marketing answered the question in the forums and on here for weeks leading up to the launch.

Sorry to have been the cause of so much frustration on this point.

Product Manager
Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Pakishi wrote:
Doesn't show up in my forge-vtt premium downloads but the beginner box is there (purchased at the same time.

Hi there!

Foundry VTT staff here.

Forge uses a cached CDN for their Bazaar which only updates for new package listings a limited number of times daily. You may need to manually install the module using this url: e.json

Hope this helps!

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
fingerzz wrote:
Cori Marie wrote:
They've said the discount will be the price of the PDFs for any modules. What we don't know yet is the full prices of the modules, but we will on Wednesday for sure (if not earlier) when the first Outlaws of Alkenstar volume goes live.
I forgot new AP is released this week. They said that it will contain also VTT part?
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Abomination Vaults on Foundry VTT will be available for purchase on Wednesday. There is no product page yet.

Aaron is mistaken here.

Abomination Vaults re-release does not occur until May, Outlaws of Alkenstar's first book - Punks in a Powderkeg releases on Wednesday, coinciding with the release of the premium content module for Foundry VTT.

Fumarole wrote:
Well that's unfortunate. I use a TV on my table with minis, so low resolution maps are unusable for me. I know I am not alone in this setup. Looks like I'll be creating my own maps (or look to the community at large) if I run Abomination Vaults.

I'm going to slightly walk back my previous post, as well as anything "TJSM" said about pixel sizes of the maps. The discussion of pixel grid on the later maps made us take a moment to reflect and review.

I'll say stay tuned for the release notification once we're closer to AV releasing, when we have a product page up. I'll try to remember to mention the pixels-per-gridsquare we use on the remakes there.

Nickademus42 wrote:
I notice that the preview video shows a number of community modules being used during the Foundry example sessions. Will the Beginner's Box module list which community modules are recommended/required for the content so that a GM can install them?

We aren't planning to ship with module dependencies at all, but there's a couple modules (dice so nice, fxmaster) we used to showcase some things in the video that a GM could do with minimal effort, such as the seagulls on the Otari backdrop.

TJSM wrote:

I can amplify the answer provided above. The resolution of all maps will be 200 ppi (so one map grid is 200 pixels by 200 pixels) which is better than what we can import PDF maps at. The exception is one of the maps in AV because of concerns about old graphics cards. Older graphics cards have a specific limit that a map that size would exceed, so that one map is 100 dpi, or one quarter the resolutions (which is similar or slightly better than most Paizo interactive maps, depending on the map). Obviously this was done to make sure maximum compatibility. It would suck to get through several floors of AV and then just have to stop because one player can't see the map :) That's the type of foresight that Foundry and Sigil are bringing to this conversion!

Fumarole wrote:
Will the maps be of appropriate quality at miniature scale? I see the tokens are mentioned as being high resolution, but see no such comment about the maps.

I will slightly modify this answer as a member of the Foundry VTT staff. At present, all of the Abomination Vaults maps are only being included at 100px per grid square resolution in order to maintain consistency across all scenes (this does include the original maps for the adventure as well).