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Anastasia does her best to wash up in the morning. Affording Raban a respectful distance, but still glancing over as he conducts his... ritual? She was not much for religion herself, focused so intently as she was on alchemical pursuits. She eats a sparing amount of eggs, washing them down with water as her stomach was a bit queasy this morning.

"Much as she is familiar to you, there can be no hesitation before those who take in with demons." Ana tells Lann with a hard tone to her voice, "She will take advantage of you if you let her. Cultists always do."

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I'm enjoying the conversation even if not a part of it.

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Anastasia had to work to eat the fish herself. She had seen and eaten all kinds of odd looking fish growing up on the Andoran coast. Including a fish that had it's eyes and mouth on opposite sides of it's body. This was somehow much worse. She tried to focus on cutting her meat and looking not at the fish itself, but the flesh of her bite. That much was mostly normal. As an Armat she would have been chastised to be fussy about her food.

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"I doubt I could ever call any place home but the shores of Andoran." Anastasia replies to Raban, "But perhaps I could meet your people one day and learn from them."

As he volunteered to be the first to sample her future alchemy she laughed aloud. Not having expected such an eager test subject. "You'll be my first subject." she agreed with a wide smile. Her spirits were high as they finished their rounds and were ready for a night's rest.

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Ana paused briefly, her focused gaze shifting to her new companion. "Alchemy is the study of the world." she stated as matter of fact, "Just as wizards study how magic can remake the world, alchemists study the building blocks of the world itself."

She stopped a moment to carefully draw out a small paper packet with some powdered iron filings in it. "Iron combines with carbon to make flexible steel, the air mixes with it to make brittle rust, and your body uses it to create healthy blood." she explained as an example, "By knowing the building blocks you can duplicate anything. Even magic." She then took a small dropper and added a few clear droplets of something to the iron. The mixture starting to make a thin plume of white smoke.

In an instant she was dropping the mixture into a teal colored vial. The smoking reaction stopping as the iron went entirely inert and dissolved into particulates too fine for the eye to see. The liquid shifted to a darker blue in an instant, and then purple over the course of maybe five more seconds.

She capped the vial off as the clear violet permeated her extract vial. Smiling to herself as she set it down next to the other, identical, vial she had prepared for the next day. "I haven't refined my craft enough to have others drink it. At least not without getting sick." she explained with a bright smile. Her eyes looking at the light through the prism of the vial. "But I'll get there some day. I'll be able to let people experience my alchemy themselves. Then they'll have the same strength I have. They'll not have to fear demons." she continued.

Something in her eyes changed as she mentioned demons. While her expression hadn't changed her eyes had become almost imperceptibly harder. As if she wasn't looking at the light, but something beyond it.

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Anastasia will carefully weigh the odds before she heads to bed. Approaching Chief Sull, but then thinking better of her course. While she believed she could avoid the risk of offending him if she asked about the nature of their mutations in a purely academic sense, it was still likely she might upset an ally. Something that would not help anyone.

"Thank you for your kindness chief." she said instead with a short bow.

Anastasia will shadow Raban as he works with the people of Neathholm. Being able to help with less mundane forms of strength. "I hope you don't mind me coming along." she says in a low voice, "I think these are good people, but we shouldn't go anywhere alone right now."

To the extent of helping, she still had all her methods for enhancing strength outside of ant haul. Perhaps she might find a chance to make a grand show of her power to the locals by lifting or breaking something of ponderous size.

Once they retired for a rest she began to carefully mix the next day's extracts and mutagen. "Always room for improvement." she reasoned. This time brewing a double batch of enlarge person.

Still have enlarge person and daily mutagen if I am not misremembering. That would put her strength and size into pretty impressive areas. Updating prepared extracts for the next day.

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"The bravery of crusaders is known across the world." Anastasia remarks to the chief's fiery speech, "Those of Neatholm should show the demons they have erred to ignore the crusaders below."

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So many wonderful things to see and my girl has blinkers on! ARGH!

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Anastasia stared wide eyed as they traveled through the village. So many sights catching her interest she didn't know where to begin. The location itself was breathtaking. An underground lake with an island, and luminous underground flora as well. Did they cultivate it? Were there fish in the water? Were there other things?

Her duty as a crusader didn't fully escape her, walking with the group and hovering protectively near the civilians. Yet her gaze was often not directed at potential threats. More she was looking for anyone handling caught fish or working exotic materials.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

"Lann..." she began cautiously, "I know you don't find your affliction and living space to be a benefit, but I see the potential to learn much from your people.

After Raban spoke to the chieftain Ana added her own introduction and two pence.

"Indeed, we were saved by the great dragon Terendelev." she adds, "It is a pleasure to meet you cheiftain. My name is Anastasia Tiragen Armet." She swept her dominant arm in across her torso and bowed politely to Sull.

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"It's just a few volatile chemicals that react to air... violently." Ana explains with a wave of her now empty hand, "But it is a family recipe. You'd have to marry into the family to learn it. Or pay a dowry's worth of money." A wry smile crept onto her features as she said that. Her mood brightening from the familial pride.

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Anastasia is quiet to Raban's comment, but as Elise slips a hand across her shoulder she dips her chin. "I don't get to have my revenge." Ana explained sadly, "The cultists cut each other to pieces when the ritual failed, and the survivors were found soon after. They hau- I get my revenge on them by becoming stronger."

As the bodies are prepared for a fiery burial Ana looks to Elise preparing a spell and shakes her head. "Allow me." she offers as she draws a prepared concoction and gives it a light toss. The fragile shell of it breaking before a fiery bomb erupts and sets the dry material and dead flesh alight.

Using a bomb.

"I'm not one to show a cultist mercy." Ana adds at the general dislike to let any they encounter live, "But I'm a team player."

As they travel the rest of the way she will let Angahaar serve as guard and use her strength to assist the civilians with them, even if Anevia didn't particularly like being reduced to such a state. As Raban tried to reason with the guards she straightened herself up, likely bringing Anevia onto her toes if she was leaning on Ana.

"Do you refuse the wounded and vulnerable safety?" she added.

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"Not with this ilk specifically." Ana explains as she returns the potion to Raban, "But I had demon cultists try and perform a ritual on me as a child. I probably hate them more than their masters."

As their charges speak their peace about the cultists Anastasia considers the thought of dragging the bodies back. "If we dragged them back we'd have nothing more than the bodies of two crusaders with the claim one carried this symbol." Ana remarked, "Hardly much in the way of proof. It would be just as easy to say we planted this symbol on them."

After a pause she sighs. "But I could carry them for an hour or two without much difficulty, if that's what you want."

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Ana went through several different emotions as they discovered the dead creature and it's mutual victims. First surprise at the dead creature, and then concern to follow shortly after at the human bodies. Of course, as they were revealed to be cultists another emotion crossed her features. A familiar one. Rage.

She gave a firm kick to the corpse that had been clutching the icon of Baphomet, and not being satisfied with that, another kick. Crying out in fury and lifting the body from the floor as she sent it rolling over a few feet.

As Raban went to hand her the potion she was glaring angrily at the body, panting in now barely restrained fury. "Damned cultists..." she muttered. A moment later realizing her outburst and the potion. Her cheeks flushing and the anger draining away.

"...I will take a look at that." she said with a hesitant nod. Taking the potion, she would step away a moment to try and identify it. Her adrenaline still pumping even as she brought her focus to bear.

Craft: Alchemy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

DC is given as 15 + caster level from what I read, if that saves the DM a moment. I know I certainly didn't know that off the top of my head.

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Better to have a standstill during holidays and new years than a dead campaign! Excited to be back. Ana can finally AM SMASH!

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Ana briefly considered the enemy they would face. "It sounds like it has good reach." she reasoned, "So yes, we would be best dealing with it at range. Though someone will need to engage in melee if it closes. Let us stack up as close to it's lair as we can, and then I will have a surprise for it."

Ana will ready her extract of enlarge person, waiting until they can perhaps see the creature.

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Ana frowned as Lann once again went dour on the group. Though the thought of approaching a dangerous creature knowingly gave her something more important to focus on.

Knowledge (Nature): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

Not sure about what I can gleam from a knowledge check, but given the name I would want to know it's special abilities and weaknesses.

"I would want to be in the front." Anastasia says flatly, "I can make myself stronger in advance of a fight, and take it's attention." She couldn't help a wry smile that came across her face at the though of just what she could actually do with time to prepare.

"Do you know the terrain of it's lair Lann?" Anastasia asks.

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Anastasia favored the dwarf with a wry smile. "Hopefully the demons are as impressed when they see me." she remarks, "Got a few tricks for them as well."

She remained a bit confused why Angahaar had not simply taken the rope, but since her question was perceived as offense she let it lie. Not wanting to create discord where there was none.

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Well, took me a bit longer to get net at the new place then I liked. Back as well!

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Going to add to the absence of posting by being gone a few days. Between moving and visiting relatives I cannot guarantee my ability to update over the next handful of days.

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Ana balked as Angahaar opted to simply jump rather than use the rope she had so kindly provided. "Trying to prove something?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

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Ana does all she can to aid the others crossing. Holding the rope was simple enough for her that she could offer a hand to Anevia as well as Horgus and Aravashnial. All three were likely ill suited to climbing.

Looking to the others she waved them to come over as well. "Don't slow use down now." she called.

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So I was sick last week, have been working overtime with the holdiays, and am also working on moving. Sorry that it delayed my posting.

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"Heh, looks like I get to use this after all." Anastasia says with a wide grin. She undoes her tabard and lifts it from her scale mail, before she starts to work out of her armor. As she lifts her armor over her head her tucked up sleeve reveals a thick bicep. She casts a look to Anevia and then turns to her pack, pulling out her hemp rope and pulling it up onto her shoulder.

She looked to Anevia and Elise an flashed them her same confident smile. Then, she drank her extract from earlier and turned to the open chasm, running ahead and leaping to try and clear the gap.

Acrobatics (Jumping, Running Start: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Taking her extract for ant haul. If she makes her jump she can brace the rope and hold triple her normal weight. Which is a fair amount.

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Anastasia perks up at the chance to take point again, following a step behind Lann as he leads them along. She fiddled with a vial of some extract in her shield hand as she did... having missed an opportunity to use it earlier.

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Ana's expression clouds at Lann's comments. "Well, perhaps they don't have to be random and horrific." she returns with a soft tone, "I happen to have a brother with claws and scales, and he's an absolute charmer." She gave the man a sly smile and then looked to Raban as he put his hand on her shoulder.

She also smiled at the dwarf and dipped her chin in the tiniest of nods. "But maybe this isn't a topic we should linger on." she reasons, "Let us keep moving forward? Get back to the surface and kill some demons?"

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"Ah, no offense meant." Anastasia begins with a blush, "I'm an alchemist, so I'm used to additional body parts, fangs, tentacles, scales... I just assumed." She was quick to help them clear away the rubble, bending low and getting her fingers under some of the larger rocks before lifting with her legs and straightening her back to toss them aside one by one.

"Do you think alchemy could be used in a similar fashion?" she asked Lann after the task was finished, "To be able to pass on such useful mutations to children would be remarkable. Are your traits inherited or random?" She seemed to have forgotten her earlier sense of heightened caution with such an interesting person to interrogate.

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Ana steps forward with a bewildered look, but she was more curious than frightened. "What did this to you?" she asked out of concern, "I've not seen an alchemist manage transformations this extreme. Was it a demon that did this to you? Are they still here?"

She briefly looks around, as if her cursory scan had somehow missed a threat.

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Ana steps forward alongside Elise with a wry smile on her face. She assumed these two were not demons. Hanging back just off Elise's hip she lets the other woman get a step ahead of her as she stoops to pickup a rock, then throw it over the pair to clatter against the opposite wall.

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Anastasia pauses to go down to a knee. She unshoulders her pack and begins to rummage through until she withdraws a bundled length of rope. "I'll go first." she says as she starts to unwind the hemp twine that kept it neatly wrapped, "Then I can anchor this rope for everyone coming behind. Should make things easier for Anevia and Aravashnial. I imagine master Horgus should have no trouble either."

She picks then stands and starts up the tunnel, picking her path carefully. She was trying to keep in mind those who had to follow.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16

Once she reached the space where the tunnel opened up (Or the end of her 50' of rope.) Anastasia would duck down to hopefully avoid being spotted by any threats. Then lower the rope and brace it herself. If she could find a suitable protrusion in the rock she would lever the role around it.

Stealth: 1d20 + 1 - 6 ⇒ (7) + 1 - 6 = 2

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Ana relaxes as the man puts down his weapon. She lets her shield arm drop and walks past the camp to peek ahead of the group.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20

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Well, an attempt was made.

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Rather than join in the attempts to intimidate this dwarf Anastasia looks about the small camp. Certainly wasn't much to look at. She raised her hands peacefully and took a step forward.

"We are only guiding civilians to the surface." She corrected, "You are a researcher? You should be able to see I speak the truth. Take a good look master dwarf, we mean you no harm."

Diplomacy: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1

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Ana gives a silent nod to Elise in thanks, pocketing the scale carefully so as not to lose it. A hint of a smile plays across her lips, and she pats the pocket a moment before facing ahead. Once everyone was set she took point and started to lead the group onward.

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Anastasia shakes her head the the mention of a splint. She could fashion a lot of things with alchemy, but in this environment she had nothing to work with. "I'm certainly ready to press on." she states, "We've an elderly man, a wounded woman, and a noble to look out for. That demands we find a safer location."

Female Human (Alchemically Enhanced) Alchemist (Ragechemist) / Barbarian (Armored Hulk) 1

"It wasn't a platitude." Anastasia states flatly before giving another look about, "Be on your guard. Demons and monsters may not be the only threat down here. Not if your rumors of tainted crusaders holds true. Someone had to carve this stone."

Anastasia will sling out her shield and put herself between the nearest passage and the rest of the group as they tend to the others. "How are the injuries?" she asks as she takes up a guard position and keeps an eye out for threats.

The woman had no talent for disguising her motives, so it would be rather easy to tell she was falling back on her "duty" to keep herself from stressing out or panicking.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18

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Anastasia ducked her chin, not facing the others as they did introductions. She did eventually turn about though, casting a quick look back toward the statues as if she was worried she had missed some detail. Or worse, that they might animate and attack.

She gives an examination of those who yet lived, but her scrutiny toward Angahaar was brief. The man's grief making her visibly uncomfortable. "I'm sorry for your loss." she remarks toward him awkwardly, "My name is Anastasia Tirajen Armat. I recently came from Andoran. I was not familiar with Terendelev, but she has my gratitude... we should kill many demons in her name when we escape!"

She then looked about awkwardly, not knowing what else to say.

Female Human (Alchemically Enhanced) Alchemist (Ragechemist) / Barbarian (Armored Hulk) 1

Anastasia abruptly jerks up from her bed of rubble, jerking her head toward the direction of the dancing lights. She dusted herself off as the other two spoke. Then, began to take inventory of her supplies and available extracts.

"Hell of a way to start service." she noted to herself before she rose and went to inspect the statues carved from the stone. Inside, she was dealing with real panic, but she also knew the danger of giving in to that panic. As the other collected and introduced themselves she looked up at the ceiling where the fissure had closed, and then turned her attention back to the statues. "Where is this?" she asked aloud.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
Knowledge: Nature: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

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Can I have a murder pony?

Female Human (Alchemically Enhanced) Alchemist (Ragechemist) / Barbarian (Armored Hulk) 1

I can play on either as well. Please, do not consider my comment a knock on the other characters. I simply think Ana will be the fish out of water. A bit intimidated and maybe not realizing she is just as special as the others.

Female Human (Alchemically Enhanced) Alchemist (Ragechemist) / Barbarian (Armored Hulk) 1

It seems there is a preference for advancing the narrative, so I am good with that as well. I will say that after looking through everyone's sheets Ana is definately going to be a bit bewildered by her companions. She grew up on the Andoran coast and hasn't seen such an eclectic group even after joining the crusade.

Feeling like a country bumpkin is sure to make a noble and learned alchemist blush.

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I went from chain male to scale mail and a masterwork backpack to a common. The reduced weight keeps her in light load despite the decreased carrying capacity from being without the backpack.

Also picked up Bred for War as a third trait. All the strength mods, and all the CMB mods as well!

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I am fine with all of the above, really. They all sound fun. Don't mind me... just redoing gold and adding a final trait now.

Female Human (Alchemically Enhanced) Alchemist (Ragechemist) / Barbarian (Armored Hulk) 1

Looks like it's the same outside number of traits and gold is a bit different. I'll get that taken care of in the morning.

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Greetings everyone! It's nice to see some familiar faces here. Is there anything I need to do to help me get up to speed?


I've had the title for a while and the enhanced edition finally came out. Best time to play it, really. It's a great title.

I hate invite by PM. Sets my OCD and my paranoia into motion.

Vivisectionist is nice, but who can say no to a ragechemist? It's a power fantasy. :D

Anastasia's trait pick fits her like an old glove. That's why I picked it. TBF trickster would likely benefit her the most due to action economy of being able to drink as a swift and/or without provoking.

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@Robert Henry- You missed me!

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