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The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

About Amelia Oliver

Name: Amelia Oliver

Playbook: The Exile

Charm: -1
Cool: 1
Sharp: 1
Tough: 1
Weird: 2

Playbook Moves:
Warrior: When fighting with (or against) old fashioned weapons take 1 less harm.
Confused: Mark Experience when being out of time causes problems.
Take a Move From Another Playbook - Ancient Fighting Style (The Initiate): Inflict an additional 1 harm with ancient weapons, and add +1 to Protect Someone when using them.
Take a Move From Another Playbook - Unholy Strength (The Monstrous): Use Weird instead of Tough to Kick Some Ass.
Learned: When Investigating a Mystery, ask three additional questions: Did this creature exist in my time? What defences are effective against this creature? And what do I know about this creature that has been forgotten?

Collapsible Shield - 2-Harm Hand - 1 Armour - Cannot be used with a Heavy weapon.
Folding Sword - 3-Harm Hand Messy.


A Hunter from the 19th century who was part of the inspiration for the song Polly Oliver. Hunting the Succubus Naamah for killing her brother.


- Female (dressed to pass as male)
- Tattooed Body
- Old Fashioned Clothing
- Gem-Inlaid Armour